Tuesday, October 31, 2006

agility training

We have a very busy weekend, a lots of good agility training from Johanna...

On Saturday, Johanna from Denmark came over to England to give a puppy introduction and Skye was one of the puppies. We had a fun day learning from Johanna, not too much of jumps involved but a lot of motivations games from her.

Picture above is Skye with his pause table. I bought this table from ebay and it arrived on Monday, Skye master it almost straight away.

On Sunday, we went to the Sheltie Club Agility Training Day in Downe. It was a long tiring day but I absolutely enjoyed it. Johanna is always full of energy, she is a great motivator too!

I am concentrating in training these 3 dogs, will definitely competing with Sing and Saturn next year, hopefully Skye will join them in 2008!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

stolen cat

When we got back from holiday in Lake District, we cannot find the cat! We've been calling high and low, up and down and there was still no sign of poor old Tikka. We have not thought much about it that night as we were so tired after the long drive. We expect to see him the next morning. Morning comes, still no sign of him, we got a little worried and could not do much but kept calling him name all the way down to the bottom of the garden. By noon, Colin was very upset and decided he wanted to leave work and come home to serach for his cat. I promised him I will take Sing to investigate the alleys, so off we go ... taking Sing and Saturn to hunt for the cat. We started from where we live, along the way, I kept calling Tikka, Tikka, Tikka ... and no sign. I looked into the bushes, hope to see a lively cat suddenly pop out to say HI but to no avail. Saw a few neighbours and they said they have not seen a Silver Tabby Persian. We then moved on to the back of the block, into the local park and then to the alleys, still no sign of him. As we turn out from the park where he normally goes toilet, I almost gave up but Sing seems unsettled and I can't see anything, so I started to call his name again and again and guess what? I heard my gurmpy cat howling, I recognised his howl immediately (mind you, he has the worst howl in the world!!) but can't see where he was, As we walked pass a house, the howl became clearer and I almost certain that Tikka must have trapped inside somebody's house. For a second I don't know what to do, should I go and knock on the door at the midday (where I thought everybody should be at work) or should I come back later but the his howl seems desperate, so I rang Colin on my mobile to ask him what should I do, as I was speaking loud, I saw the door open and the cat was shooting out from the house. I questioned the Indian woman why is she keeping my cat but her answer didn't satisfy me and she looked guilty, before I question her more, she started to run to the main road. I was furious but the cat is more important than anything, so I picked him up and the 4 of us went home happily.

he is an evil, wicked dog

I always wanted a Blue Merle but has not think of getting an "English" Tri . I fancy the American one. Anyway, Titan came to me when I failed to get a Blue. He was so tiny when he first came home. I have problem feeding him, he was not eating well and at one time I thought I could have lost him. He slowly grew stronger and become more and more wicked and evil. He is full of energy and charge around the house and wanted to be at the top of the pack of the others. He is a little yapper too, he will bark when he see any dogs in the Common, the one he knew or the one he doesn't know.

runaway dog

Seagull is a timid and nervous sheltie. I would categorise him as a difficult dog. He took 2 years to toilet train at home and his training comes along very slowly and every now and then he just lost all of them. I put these down to his nerves. Recently he tried to "runaway" again on the Common. He is a dog friendly dog and he loves to meet other dogs and most of the time he will walk away with the other dogs! The more you call him the more he will ignore you. I had enough of him running away and disobedient and was talking to people to find out what is the best thing to do with him, some suggested I should put him on the extension lead and train on the recall again and some said I should castrate him. Well, he is on the lead for more training for sure and I am not sure if castration will stop the running away?

epilisey dog

It is very unfortunate but I do have an epilisey dog, Starry. He has his frist fit at 15 weeks old. I took him to the Vet and the Vet told me he might grown out of it. He is nearly a year old now and he still has odd fits here and there. I am very scare to take him out for a walk, just in case he has a fit and I don't know how to handle the situation. He has a quiet life during the week, he stays at home while the others go out as normal. I only take him out when Colin is around so there will be 2 of us if he needs help.


Skye is the youngest among all my shelties and I always think he is the most handsome among the rest too! He has a beautiful marking and a lovely blue eye on the left. He has a superb temperament. I'm training him in agility too. At 10 months of age, he already measured Medium, so we have to work extra hard to get him over the higher jumps.


Saturn is 16 months old and I am very pleased with his agility training. He is quite a laid-back dog at home but when comes to training, he can be bouncy somethimes, I hope he will carry on with his bouncy personality. We could not practice much at home lately due to the weather. I hope he would be ready for the December show.


I don't know why tic like my Sing so much!! I have found 6 tics on him for the last 2 months!!! He is 4.5 years old and this is the first time he has tics!!!! He has his usual Frontline Combo every month for the Summer and every 2 months in the Winter. Why tics like him so much? I have 5 other dogs and they have been out walking together at the same time as Sing and they have not got any!! Grrrr......