Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008

I can't wait to say Goodbye to 2008. Obviously this is a very sad year for me ...
TWO very sad things happened this year:
on 1st July, I took Saturn to the vet for his biopsy. The reason being ... the vet wanted to know why he is so easily affected by campylobacter. I was happily dropping him off in the morning, hoping to see my bouncy Saturn in the evening. Unfortunately, when I picked him up later in the evening, he looks very miserable and I was shocked to find out that the vet had operated 7" inches along his tummy, for the three full thickness biopsy!
My "always happy" boy was very miserable for a very long time. The result came back as "VERY SENSITIVE STOMACH"!! After that, we have been sending in fecal samples every month for a regular check up if the campylobacter has returned. The good news is he is ALL CLEAR!
I have been feeling very guilty for taking him to the biopsy for not knowing better what the vet was going to do to him. I know he was on and off catching this nasty campylobacter for 10 months, both the vet and I wanted to get to the bottom of this problem but when I saw how this boy suffered from the opeartion, I just wish that I haven't agree to this biopsy!
He was on steriods since August but I have weaned him off three weeks ago. He is looking much happier now. The fur (from the chest all the way down) that the vet shaved off for the operation does not grow back properly, eventhough they look long but they are very loose, they didn't cover his tummy very well, in this very cold weather is not going to do him any good. I have heard that the steriods may have stop anything from growing. His breeder suggested I could give him some Yumega in his dinner and someone from the Sheltie Forum also have a secret recipe for coat regrow ... boiled the dandelion leaves and leave the "tea" in the fridge for 4 days then start giving a teaspoon of the tea in his dinner. Someone has already tried that and within 10 weeks, the fur is in full groom! Now, where can I find dandelion in winter???
We have a lot to catch up in training but first of all, I need to get him fit before return fully into agility, so we do hill walking daily and we will go back swimming after the New Year, hopefully he will be ready for the new season.
bare tummy Saturn sun bathing

On 10th December, I lost my very brave brother to liver cancer. He is the greatest brother! I miss him dearly!
my beloved brother, photo taken on my 40th birthday family dinner

I have also look back to find out some good things that I have achieved with my boys ...

Sing and I were on the reserved for ESSC TriStars Sheltie Team. The TriStars (Zen, Chi, Ace and Taz) has qualified for Crufts. Zen was whelping and I was told that Sing and I will be running at Crufts. I was very proud of Sing. He took eveything in his on stride.
The TriStars Shelties came 2nd in the Semi-Final and 2nd in the Final
above photo left to right: Karen & Ace, Amy & Taz, Lian & Sing, Lisa & Chi
Sing and I also had a brilliant year together, from 2o/2o to running contacts, he is just fantastic. He won into Grade 5 at Summer Agility Show in August, he then went on to have two more agility wins at Prestbury Park in September.
I am very proud of Sing
Sing also won the Agility Club anuual award ... Medium Grade 4 Dog of The Year 2008

Sing does not look very impress with his crystal but mummy does!!

Saturn won into Grade 4 at Landsdown in June, it was a good win, he was 5 seconds ahead of the 2nd place and I am so proud of him. I know once he gets it, he will win in style.

way to go, Saturn!

Sizzle's breeder sent me this photo of him at 7 weeks and I fell in love straight away! So, this boy comes home with me on 5th July and I enjoy having this little mischief every moment.

lost of words

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Mr dopey

Happy Birthday SEAGULL
6th today! This photo was taken this morning at -5.5c!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

the end

I had a very sad Christmas. My very brave brother has lost his battle on the 10th of December, early hours, Malaysian time to liver cancer. He was a great fighter. He spent his last 3.5 months in China waiting for a liver transplant but the Chinese doctors had let him down not only once but many times. He was very poorly and drifted in and out of unconsciousness when I visited him late November. My sister-in-law then decided we could wait no more and arranged to send him home. A very kind and generous doctor (also a friend of my brother) went to China to fly him home, he survived the 4 hours journey on the air with low blood pressure. Sadly, he passed away after 4 hours arriving in Kuala Lumpur.
He was a great son to my mother and a great brother to me! He took the responsibility to look after me and my mum when my dad passed away 27 years ago. We can never asked anyone better than him.
He was a great husband to my sister-in-law and a great father to his three young children.
He was a great boss to all his employees! He was once President to the Rotary Club, he helped raise a lot of money for charities and the poor.
He was a great person to all his friends and family.
He was very successful in life!
He is sadly missed by all of us.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Agility Club Medium Grade 4 Dog of the Year 2008

Sing and I had a great year together, from 2o/2o to running contact, he is everything I could ask for!
We won the Agility Club Medium Grade 4 Dog of the Year 2008
The award presentation was on 23rd November, the day before I left for China. We received a beautiful crystal jar engraved with my name and his KC name.

Happy Belated Birthday to SKYE

I've just got back from China, some news to catch up... first of all
Happy Belated Birthday to my gorgeous merlie SKYE

He turned 3 on 24th November. The day I was on my way to China. He had a lots of cuddles from his daddy, uncle Jimmy & auntie Joan.