Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Name, please?

Can anyone please tell me what is the name of this toy?
It is very funny that all my shelties like this fluffy squeaky toy, eventhough the one that does not play will associate with it. I use it as a training toy for all of them and it has been very successful and over the years, it starting to drop into pieces and I would like to buy a new one to replace it. Anyone know the name, please tell me so I can look up on the Internet and even the best, you know where can I buy it?

Monday, October 27, 2008

lovely autumn morning

It is a lovely morning and I decided to take the boys to Beddington Park. I normally take them there during the summer months, so the boys can get wet in the very clear clean water but we haven't been this summer as we had a bit of trouble last summer. There were some children with untrained big dogs (a couple of Staffies, a Terrier X and a couple of other big dogs) and they had a go at Saturn and Titan last summer everytime we went there, so I thought I will not go there during the Summer holidays in future.
The boys like Beddington Park, it is a fairly big park with lots of trees, there are plenty of squirrels and they like to chase them. Also, it is one of Sing's favourite as he can get wet! Sing likes anywhere with water and Beddington Park has a lovely clean clear stream.
Here are the boys (minus Seagull) happily playing in the freezing cold water!!

When I first have Sizzle, he was very careful not to get dirty and he always sat there watching Sing and the other played in the pond/lake, never really dare to go near the bank but now I am very proud to say he is another swimming sheltie! He is not afraid of water and he actually enjoying being in the water other than the bath! Picture above: He gets dirty by chasing the crows and fell in the muddy ditch this morning!! Saturn, my handsomest boy with the softest look. Eventhough he is big but he is the most gentle and softest. We always call him Gentle Giant! He has a very strong sense for squirrels and rabbits and anything he would like to chase. He can spot/sense a squirrel/rabbit from a very far distance. He had caught a few rabbits so far but he is so gentle that he did not kill any of them. He always brought them back to me (drop the rabbit in front of me and put his paw on the rabbit) and I let him sniff for a few minutes and tell him to "let go" and he will release the rabbit and let him go, he has not draw any blood on them at all. What a gentle boy he is! Also, he likes to chase coot in the pond and the coot is normally the one that makes him swim in the open water!

All the boys minus Seagull.

Found this unusual looking duck, he has a different coloring and marking to the others, very pretty.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

some action photos of Sizzle

A lot of friends sent email asking me how is Sizzle? He is great! He is very agile and lively and he is happy little boy! Here are some action photos taken this morning at the Common:
Sizzle being very agile:

He has learned this from Sing! Catching the ball in the air!

Believe me, he can jump very high!!!

Finally, after one hour of dashing around, he will stand still for half a second!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

WHO is the best elephant?

Last night, I had a crazy idea ... I have never try this before but I thought let's give it a go and see if it works?
back in last December, I had Sing & Saturn did the DUO elephant trick, both dogs on the same stool:

... and last night, we tried three dogs on three different stools to do the elephant trick:

Ah! This is fun!!

Monday, October 20, 2008


Well, I've got back on Wednesday afternoon. Again, I have to transit in Dubai, another 20 hours before I arrived safely at Gatwick! I can't wait to feel the fresh air eventhough it was drizzle when I got out of the airport, it is good to be home again and can't wait to see all my boys!

Thank you very much to Bernadette and Dennis who have Sizzle for me and to Jim & Joan who look after the big boys during the day. All the dogs look happy and wonderful!

Before I have a good rest, we left on Friday night to Shrewsbury. I have booked two nights at the Travelodge, shamed that they only allow 2-3 dogs, so Sing, Saturn and Sizzle were on tow. Sizzle was a little star, he travelled so well in the long journey (he actually slept all the way there!). We left home around 7pm, with the heavy trafic and no stop, we arrived at 11pm at the A5 Travelodge. Sizzle again was very good, he didn't mess up at all.

I have never been to Shrewsbury before and I was very surprised to find it a very small friendly show. The show finished at 2:30pm, amazing!!

That was Sing's first Grade 5 show, I think being me away from them and them having a small break, both of them showed a lot of enthusiasm. Sing was a very good boy and he was fast. In his first class, the Grade 5 Jumping, he was too fast into the weave and lost his rythm and came off 9th pole. I knew when he is fast, he will somehow lost his rythm. This happened a few times in the last few shows when I tried to push him for time. Other than that, he was very good, I even trying to do some distance control instead of running next to him.

In the Grade 5 Agility, we cannot have a fast start as it is not straight forward. As I have not been doing agility for three weeks, so I got a bit rusty and didn't handled it well at the beginning, Sing did some wide turns and I think we lost a lot of times there. I am glad that after a break and no agility for three weeks, he still get his beautiful running dog walk. Shamed that we were beaten by o.02 seconds, I would be very happy if he will go up to Grade 6!

I am very happy with Sing's performance, he didn't slow down at all and he was very happy the whole day running around. I think we are up for Grade 5.
my very handsome boy

As for Saturn, due to his condition, he is still not on form, he kepet having some poles down in most of the classes he was entered. He was very happy and enthusiatic, shamed that he knocked two poles down in the pairs with Jean and Scott. Scott went clear. In the Grade 4 Jumping, he came 3rd, not a fast fast round from him but a good round with enthusiasm.

I like the Shrewsbury show, it is like half a sheltie show, they were so many shelties there!

only some of the shelties at the show!!

my little fluffy Sizzle having his adult coat now!! little stunner!!

two love birds ... Sizzle and Breeze (owned and loved by Rachel and Brian Cresswell)

As we finished early, we took the dogs to Wrekin for a good walk; then stop by at a local pub for dinner. I had soup for starter, gosh! That was the best soup I have ever had before but the meal was just a so so, what a disappointment after a great taste of the soup!

Before coming home to London on Sunday, we stop at Poles Coppice and Snailbeach (there is no smail on the beach!!!)/Stiperstone for another walk. We had quite a relaxing weekend, the only downside was I have to leave the other three boys at home!!

Here are some videos from Shrewsbury:

I'm back!

I'm back!

Maybe for a little while ... as I planned another visit to my brother again very soon.

It was a fairly long journey for me. I have to transit in Dubai to GuangZhou, it took me nearly 20 hours just to get there! My visit to my brother was very emotional. The first week was awful, he was very poorly then. I have not seen him bleeding non stop before, so I was very frightened. At one day, he was vomitted blood and at the same time passing more blood from his back end, the doctor can't do anything to stop the bleeding and that was the worst!
I wasn't happy at all with the doctors and nurses, they were not sympathetic to any patients and the environment was terrible. The air in GuangZhou is polluted by heavy smokers, everywhere you go, you will see lots of heavy smokers and they smoke and smoke ... even inside the lift!! There is a big non smoking sticker inside the lift but they've just ingnored it!
My brother was placed in the Intensive Care Unit since he checked in to the hospital, you thought he will be well treated and carefully monitor. We were very shocked that just a few days before I left, they put a HIV carrier patient next to him and the doctors and nurses warned us to be careful! We were stunned!
I think they are ridicolous and can you imagine how my brother feels? One night, they moved in a newly operated patient next to him and within half an hour, the patient died of the operated scar being exploded! How frightening was that?
All in all, I thought we were in the very wrong place for the treatment!
The next day after I left, my brother was transferred to another hospital, according to my nephew who is still with his dad, the environment is so much better but the quality of the doctors and medications aren't that good. Finger crossed for a safe transplant!