Sunday, July 31, 2011

grumpy weekend :(((

Well, nothing is going my way this weekend, I am grumpy. First of all, the weather is turning hot and I am suffering from the heat. I know a lot of people enjoys "the summer" weather but my body just could not cope with it. I keep having migraine and try to stay away from the sun. I can only take the dogs out very early in the morning and late in the evening when it is a bit cooler; during the day, I just stay at home and not wanted to do anything.

We went to Agility Club show yesterday, Sizzle had his Champ runs, Crufts Singles and Team run. We started with the Champ Jumping. It was a handling course. For some reason, I just could not register the course in my head straightaway. I had to walk it 7th time then I beginning to see the pattern. I never thought I could get around the course as I struggled to remember it. I am glad we ran clear and smooth.

Sizzle's Champ Jumping:

After Sizzle's Champ Jumping, I went to run Sipzie in her Graded 4 to 6 Jumping. I wind her up before we ran, probably too much as we have to wait for the judge ... she got tired and confused. At the end, I have to use the treat to get her going, so she lost her speed there but she was clear until the last jump. Yes, she completed the 6 weaves and everything was smooth but ran past the last jump! I think Colin must have fallen asleep as he missed the beginning of the run!

Sipzie's Graded 4-6 Jumping:

After Sipzie's run, everything went wrong. First, I realised my hand was swollen. I've got bitten by an unknown insect on Friday night standing in the garden to get the puppies to go toilet before bed. I took an allergy tablet as it was painful and put some antiseptic cream and went to bed. Soon after Sipzie's run, I felt like I had a slight fever and the hand got red and sore. I tried to concentrate on my Champ run with Sizzle. As I was getting ready to run him, there were two dogs before us, one of the Champ dog had a go at him. I knew this dog and this is not the first time he "got" Sizzle. He is always unfriendly to Sizzle and I tried to avoid him if I can. He is a castrated male so I am not sure why he is "nasty" to my Sizzle. There is no harm done to Sizzle but it blew my mind. I know I am always over protected my dogs, especially the little ones. Before I could gather my mind, I was asked to get ready to run Sizzle. I tried my best and of course I lost him at the bit that I am worried about, the jump after the DW and got us eliminated. Damn! So no Final for us!
Sizzle's Champ Agility:

After that, I was getting really grumpy, my hand was getting worst and I certainly feel hot in my body. I need some medication. I want to go home but Sizzle is running in the Team, so I have to hang on for it ... after lunch. I walked the Crufts Singles & Team during lunch but by the time I ran the Crufts Singles, I nearly forgot the course! I am not supposed to do a front cross after the see-saw but I did and it looked stupid!

Sizzle's Crufts Singles:

Unfortunately, in the Team run, Sizzle pop out of the 10th pole of the weave! That's such a shock to me. I've never think that he will do that and I couldn't believe he did that. Colin said he have been watching Sipzie too much! LOL!!! Sadly, none of our ESSC Teams qualified for Crufts next year. You can find the Medium Team video at: Brooke's later.

ESSC Small Team:

Because my hand is still badly swollen, I decided to miss the show today and stay at home and moan about it :(

Friday, July 29, 2011

my old puppy

This post is all about Sipzie, my old puppy. Bless her, she is only 21 months. We have been through some tough time together, I mean agility wise. She is brilliant at training and at home in the garden. She completed all 12 weave poles in speed and she can do difficult entries, BUT, she cannot weave at competition! I have tried to relax myself and not put pressure on her ... well, no pressure at all. I have talked to some friends about her performance in the ring to get some advice. A particular good friend suggested "keep going" if she missed the weave or messed up the weave or even any part of the sequences, just keep going, to let her think she win that round. That will build up her confidence and take pressure of her. I have a good think about it and realised that she is RIGHT. Maybe keep correcting her weave in the competition is actually putting on pressure on her. From now on, I will try to ignore all the mistake and keep her happy in the ring for the rest of the season. I am sure whatever mistakes we make, we can fix that over the winter.

I also decided to go back and retrain her Dog Walk contact. Maybe running DW is not suitable for her. She easily get excited and when she gets excited, she leap off miles before the contact area. I have been trying to fix the problem over the last few months and we are getting worst and me getting frustrated. She is not a slow dog, so a stop DW hopefully won't cost us too much time and hopefully when she is more confident, we can convert the stop contact to quick release, we will see.

I have done a lot of ground work before this, basically putting a target out there and send her to it. Today is the first time I transfer the target to the DW:

Sipzie will be running with her mama Ypra and sister Chiqi and brother Ronin in the International Sheltie Agiltiy Show in Belgium in October. I am getting really nervous about it. Her mama is represent Belgium to compete at EO this weekend; her brother and sister are great agility dogs, pressure on, I suppose. All I want is a clear round, so we are training hard to get her weave and DW contact.

This month, I called it "interactive month", all our dogs, all seven of them are fed with an "interactive" toy. I would like to get their mind busy and active. I have about 15 different types of interactive toys, mainly they are those Nina Ottosson toys, Premier's Busy Buddy and some different shapes of food dispensing balls. They all have a different toy each meal, so they have to use their brain to work out how to get the food out. The above photo is Sipzie trying out one of the food dispensing ball. She insisted to hold the ball very tight with her two front paws and used her tongue to lick the food. It has been going on for 2.5 hours and she hasn't change her position ...
... I even tried to get the ball out from her crate to roll it BUT nope! She insisted she should lick through the hole!

Her relationship with Sonic has massively improve since Scara joined our family. Its very funny how she prefers Scara than Sonic to start with. She soon realised Sonic is more fun than Scara and now she and Sonic are best buddy. They play very well together, although a bit rough but he is a tough little man and he can managed.

pups-date ... and other news

Our pretty girl Scara is 26 weeks old today! I can't believe she is with us for 9 weeks now! She is a joy to be with, always happy and crazy. There will be NO still moment when she is around. She only do cuddles with daddy but when she is with me, she is always on the GO. We both love her very much, she made us laugh a lot with her little antics.

It is not easy to take a still picture of her, I have to wait for her to run and run and run ... when she slows down, she may stand still for a second before she goes again. This picture was taken when she is 24 weeks old. Not much changes in her apart from she has more coat now.

At the age of six months, she is under 12 inches, she hasn't grow much since we have her! I thought Sizzle will be the smallest sheltie that we ever own but now Scara is even smaller than my little man, not alot though.

 this is more like the "usual" Scara, always bouncing away

Our trick training is improving ... I have to wait for the right moment to train her. WHY girls are so difficult to train? She is always too enthusiastic, too eager, too keen ... isn't that sounds good? But, I need her to "settle" and be quiet for a moment to look at me and offer me a behaviour. Anyway, I finally found a way to train her! YEAH for myself and GOOD GIRL for Scara!

She is still extremely car sick! We have been travelled everyday, even just a 5 minutes journey, she will be sick all over. I have tried putting her in the car for 5 minutes and not even start the car engine but she will drool and drool and drool ... at first, I thought it was her teething but now all her adult teeth are coming through now, so I am not sure why she is still sick. I even feeding her in the car. She ate all her food while drooling and then she threw them all out. Mmmm ... I think our Scotland trip will be fun!

this is our two crazy girls after racing up and down the garden!

Mai boy Sonic will be 19 weeks tomorrow, he is all legs at the moment, no coat, lanky! He is still teething. I was playing tug with him at training yesterday and somehow I managed to pull one of this tooth out! He looked "shock" and I saw his tooth on the ground. He must be embarrassed of himself as he wanted to swallow the tooth but I was quick to pick it up! Poor boy! I thought he will gone off tug for a while but he turned around and ask for more. That's my boy!

 this photo was taken at 18 weeks old in Mitcham Common

 his retrieving skill is getting better each day and he loves his toy very much, any toy!

Our Caerphilly trip has been a big stepping stone for him. He is nothing like his daddy Sing, he hates water just like Brooke. Whenever we walked through a puddle, he could slam his break so hard to avoid the puddle and he never go near the pond or any open water! At Caerphilly, he saw his daddy, uncles and Scara in the river and he decided that's fun, so he went in with them. This picture was taken on Monday, the day after we came back from Caerphilly. Daddy Sing as usual, dive into the pond (when he is allowed) and he just could not content himself anymore. This is the furthest he will go but hopefully when we go to Scotland on holiday next week, daddy will teach him how to swim!

 father and son

 the boys' game

 Sonic: hehehe ... I've got it!

 watching the birds ... another bird chaser!

lanky stage

I woke up 4am on Wednesday to drive up to Norwich to pick up Sunny. Its 3 hours drive each way, so I am dead tired after we got home at 4:30pm. We met up with Sally who has Tig (Sing x Samber's first litter) for a nice walk in the forest. Tig is more and more like daddy Sing. Her coat colour is changing, she used to be a pale sable but now the colour richest and her marking is just like Sing's. Oh and she has a big coat just like Sing too. Poor Samber has no coat, hopefully she will grow in time for the winter.
what a perfect family!

 I treid to get a picture of Sing & Samber and their pups from two different litters. As you can see, not very successful, why the parents are obedient and their children are not?

you can see Tig's coat is like Sing's.

 father and son! Oh, I forgot to mention, Sonic seems to forgot Samber is his mama. He used to glue to her but when he sees her, I was really surprised that he is not interested in her at all. Samber didn't even think he is her son! Weird!!!

 Water baby Scara loves every puddles!!!

 what Lily likes the best? Jump into every puddle and play with it. Look at her?

Sunny is back to mate to Sing ... hopefully we are expecting some beautiful babies from them.
 who fancy who?

Monday, July 25, 2011

snake-out, cake-out and sun-burnt!

I love Caerphilly Show, its one of my favourites. Although its a long way to go but its worth it. The first time I went to Caerphilly was in 2007. That was Saturn's first season of competing in Agility. Super Saturn won me the most beautiful Welsh Dragon Trophy by coming 2nd in the Grade 3 Jumping. It was a big class and he was behind the World Agility Champion Natasha Wise and Dizzy then (am I proud?).
Unfortunately, the beautiful dragon got chipped on its arm before it was handed to me, sadly I cannot exchange it as they were all label, so I considered myself a little unlucky and determined to come back to win a "complete" dragon.

We were back to Caerphilly in 2008 and 2010 and has to miss 2009 due to our first litter of puppy Zap born in June then. In 2008 and 2010, we kept missing out of winning one of those dragons. They give the dragon trophy to 1st place only in small & medium classes and we came 2nd all the time!

This year, I was hoping Miss Sipzie or Saturn could bring back another trophy but it was just not meant to be! We got two dragon slipped away on Saturday morning. Both Sipzie and Saturn did a cracking Graded 4-7 Jumping but both dropped a pole! For once, Miss Sipzie was a good girl, her Jumping round was so smooth and she even completed the 12 weave in speed (these are the widest weave pole they used here, so we thought that probably made her complete her weave but I was wrong as this is the only time she can weave, so its not the width of the weave then!) and such a shamed that she dropped the 2nd last pole. Arrrrggghhh ... her time was the fastest in all the grades and she beat the winner for a very good margin! I was really gutted! But at the same time, I was so happy that she finally did a fantastic round! Sadly, it didn't last. That was the only good round from her all weekend, after that, everything went down hill.

Sipzie @ Saturday, Graded 4-7 Jumping. Sorry about crazy Sonic barking at the background and Colin asked someone to strangled him!! I thought it was good to take him out to see the agility and possibly get Sipzie jealous and it worked though. Look at the result:
Saturn also ran the same course and also dropped a pole, 3rd from last. His time was a good margin quicker than the winner in his grade. To my surprised, Sipzie beat him by a good full second! Again, I was gutted. The judge even feel for me! Well, it is just not meant to be!!

Saturn ran the same course as Sipzie and is one second slower:
Its funny how a dog run a class, in the Comboined 4-7 Circular Jumping, Sipzie was one second slower than Saturn. There was no weave and I thought she will do well but obviosuly she wasn't. Saturn just managed to squueze into a placing.

Sipzie's circular Jumping. Please excuse Scara and Saturn barking at the background:

Saturn's circular Jumping, please excuse Scara barking at the background:
We have to wait for a long time to do our last class with Sipzie and Saturn, it was nearly 6pm when we ran. Oh dear oh dear! I wish I have not run the class at all. Both Sipzie and Saturn were a "nightmare". We had six sneak (serpentine) sequence to start and the spacings were wide. For Sipzie, its all down to inexperienced, she missed all the jumps and only did jump #1 and jump #6 and of coruse she forgot how to weave. I would not post the video here as it was horrible to watch. I think we took about 2 minutes to complete the course!!! Saturn was good but he missed his Dog Walk contact so I asked the judge if I can put him back but it was a long day, I was asked to leave, so I put Saturn back on the DW and quick release and left the ring.

this is my own draft of the course, margin may not be right but just give you an idea what we ran. Jump #3 to #4 was a big gap and a lot of dogs missing out and went around the back of the #4. There were a lot of faults and eliminations. I am not sure how many clear rounds but surely not many. The weave entry was putting a lot of dogs out as well. I wish I could run the full course with Saturn. Oh, and it is a big course, you just have ot RUN!

Sizzle was a good boy, we did our Graded 4-7 Jumping first thing in the morning, there were pull throughs and snake sequence. I was very proud of myself to be able to handle the pull through from behind as I was miles away from him. He ran clear in that course, sadly no video as Colin forgot the camera. He was one place out of the placings. They only place to 2nd. 

Then, later he did the Graded 4-7 Agility, mmmm ... naughty boy missed his DW!

After all the runs on Saturday, we took the dogs, all SEVEN of them to walk down to Wye Valley. The scenary is so beautiful. We got there late on Friday night and I was too tired to admire the surroundings. The dogs enjoyed a lovely walk and we cross over the bridge and went down to a field. We were the only people there and all the shelties having chasing each other. We even gone down to the river and all of them, apart from Seagull were in the water. It was good for the puppies. Scara is a water baby, Sonic dislike water but he was jealous about the others having fun so he was IN with them. WooHoo! Big step for my boy! I wish I have brought my camera. These photos are taken by my iPhone.

Colin and all our seven shelties:
 Sonic in the water with daddy and uncles:

We were out walking and playing for more than an hour, you thought the puppies would be tired? Nope! When we got back to the exercise area, Sonic has his FRAP moment! He was teasing Scara and to play but poor girl was too tired! He then tease Sipzie and she also tired! What's wrong with all the girls? Now, Colin calls Sonic "power puppy"!! Hehehe ... I like it.

Sunday was a late start for us, we have no first class in the morning. I like my morning run! For a change, Saturn ran clear in the Graded 4-7 Agility. Well, it wasn't pretty but he was clear. He was leading all the way ... until the last dog came and pushed him down to 2nd place. Oh dear! Dragon ran away again!

Saturn, Graded 4-7 Agility:
Well, Sipzie forgot how to weave on Sunday!!! And we need to fix her Dog Walk contact as well!!
Later in the Graded 4-7 Jumping, I am not sure why Saturn wouldn't come to me to do the jump #3! 
As for Sipzie, she forgot all about the weave again!
So, my dragon dream gone again! I didn't expect Sizzle to win me a dragon as there were a few good small dogs which are so much faster than him. Sizzle is a funny litttle guy, the ground wasn't the best ground to run and the grass was actually quite prickly for him. He refused to go to walk and I have to carry him or drag him to go to the ring ... so asking him to run, maybe I am asking too much from him?
We ran the Graded 4-7 Agility after lunch. It was a fast blasting course and I never dream he will win it. We ran quite early as I wanted to be able to leave around 4pm. You can see in the video that I slipped my foot at once, luckily I managed to stay upright. He was leading in his grade for a while, until I saw this little JRT. Eventhogh he is small, probably about the same size as Sizzle but hey, his speed is incredible! He ran fast and so do his handler ... they went all the way round clear but clipped the last pole! I feel for him but my hope went up. I was so nervous waiting to see the final result. Sizzle won the dragon! WooHoo! His time was also the fastest amongst all the grades and he beat the 2nd place by one full second! I am so proud of my little man! Finally, a complete dragon comes home!

this is Sizzle's victory run:
Then, we messed up our Jumping. I saw many dogs took the wrong jump in the box, instead of turning left, all dogs took the last jump, so I thought I will have to keep calling him and turning him but instead of taking the last jump, he took the right jump! Arrrggghhh ...
This weekend, apart from the Circular Jumping, all the courses we ran have sneak sequence! Then, I forgot to bring food, so I bought a couple of big cakes, home made at one of the trade stand, oh dear! Can you imagine me eating 2 big cakes? And for once, the weather was lovely, too hot for me though and I got sun-burnt and I am that sort of person that don't deal with sun and heat, so I am feeling a little poorly at the moment :(
Will do pups-date in another post later.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Working with the puppies ...

Well, I have not teach the pups any new tricks this week. I'd like to give them a break every now and then, so we spent a lot of times playing different games (mainly tuggy and them chasing me in the garden) and going out walking on the pavement, watching traffic, school children marching ...

This week, I decided to stimulate their minds with Nina Ottoson Interactive toys ...

Both the girls, Scara and Sipzie are terrible eater, they eat so fast that they basically gulp down the food instead of enjoying their meal. I have tried feeding them with the special bowl design to slow down the eating habit but these shelties have tiny face and pointy nose, so it didn't really slow down a lot. I even tried adding water and it only slow them down by a fracture of a second! Mmmm ...

This is why a food dispensing ball is coming into use! I have four diferent food dispensing balls, I first tried that on Scara, she just stared at the ball and didn't know what to do with it. I started rolling the ball and let the food spilt out and she quickly learned that by rolling the ball, she will get her food! Clever girl!

And for Miss Sipzie, I have to say I was really shocked with her. I gave her the easiet ball to start with, it has a big hole and what she did is using her two front paws to hold the ball tight so it won't roll away and started to lick the hole. God! I got worried that her tongue will get longer after she tried so hard to get the food out! I have to change three different balls and at the end after 2.5 hours of trying, she finally got the idea!!!

Sonic has the Nina Ottoson "spinny" toy because I have gave him the food dispensing ball when he was younger and I would like to try something new with him. 

And the others were very jealous that they didn't get any of these toys!!!

Here are some videos of the girls and Sonic getting busy with their minds ... first up, Scara and her food dispensing ball:
and this one is of Sonic and his "spinny": 

and lastly, we have Sipzie struggled to get the food out. Sorry I did't managed to film the successful part. By the time she realised how it works, she was too quick or desperate to eat her breakfast!!! I also include Sonic with his food dispensing ball in this clip:

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Agility ... Rugby

Weather forecast for last weekend was rain all weekend and for the first time, the weatherman is right. I was soaked to my skin before Saturday afternoon. I have changed my cloth twice and at the end I have to wear short as I have no more dry pair of trouser!!

After looking at the weather forecast, I had two minds whether to camp or travel on the day. Travel on the day looks like more stressful as it takes us at least 2 hr 15min to get there with good trafic. Camping turned out to be a better idea, at least we have the awning to shelter when it rain. Camping at Rugby is also stressful as the camping area is quite tight. After putting up the awning, it left us no space for the garden, poor puppies got no way to run around and Sonic kept hitting himself running into the caravan! I guess he is growing up fast now. All legs and no fur!

Agility wise, Sizzle had the Champ on Saturday and Team on Sunday. We had quite a big class of Small Champ dogs, probably the biggest so far. Sizzle was draw to run late and unfortunately when we got on the startline, the rain turned heavy. As this is a Champ class, you have to run according to your running order. Colin couldn't video the run as the rain is too heavy. There is a cloth tunnel where a lot of small dogs struggled to push, some got stuck there for a good few seconds as the cloth is too heavy (rain non-stop all morning) and some came out to have a good shake (Sizzle is one of them!). Despite the heavy rain, he ran well but slipped his footing at the 3rd weave pole, so we got 5 faults on that.

Then, later in the Champ Agility he got marked on the see-saw. It was a "naughty" see-saw. I think I need to train harder, maybe Sizzle and I need to go to "see-saw" Camp :D

here is the Champ Agility run:
With 5 faults each run, we didn't get a place in the Final. I don't know how the Finalists were drwan as I knew someone with 10 faults in one round got into the Final and one with 2 clear rounds didn't get a place in the Final. 
Apart from the Champ, I also ran Sizzle in the Crufts Singles first thing on Saturday morning. He ran well but we got a 5 faults, I guess that came from the Dog Walk contact. Hius time was very good in that run and I am pleased with that.
Sizzle's Crufts Singles:
On Sunday, we have three runs including the Team. First up for Sizzle was the G5-7 Jumping. My silly handling cost his the elimination. Poor boy deserves a better handler!
Sizzle's G5-7 Jumping:
Then, straight after that, we had C1-7 KC Olympia. Again, the pull through let us down big time! I think I need to go to "pull through"  Camp next!!!
Sizzle's KC Olympia run:
And, the Final run for Sizzle on Sunday was with the Sheltie Team. We had to call in a reserve Sophie to replace Louise who is unable to come due to work commitment and bad weather. This is the only clear round from Sizzle this weekend :)

ESSC Small Team:
As for Miss Sipzie, she was working so much better this weekend. She still cannot weave at competition, don't know why as she is brilliant at home and at training. I sometimes wonder if I put too much pressure when she pop out of the weave at competition? Should I continue running and ignore the weave problem or should I reinforce her to finish/complete her weave everytime she makes the mistake? At least, this weekend, she didn't bark when I tell her to weave, good sign, isn't it? Everything went really well ... we had three runs on Saturday and three runs on Sunday. She did very good unitl the last run on Sunday. It was the KC Olympia run, her only agility run on Sunday. For some strange reason, she looked pretty uncomfortable on the startline and after she took the first jump, she got spooke and ran off. Oh dear! I hope this is not a new problem!!! I am very upset as I do not know if I done something stupid to spooke her or she got spooke by something else. I cannot believe there is such a big change within 20 minutes. She ran well in the Jumping and I praised her like craazy and gave her a lot of treats while we were queing for this run and I just cannot figure out why she suddenly lost herself? Also, because I cannot put pressure on her, her startline wait is getting very bad. Ideally, I want her to go between my legs and sit & wait but she keeps breaking it. I tried to make her sit & wait and she looked worried and woudn't sit. I thought to get her going, I will not put pressure at competition but we will try to do more practise at home. Unfortunately this is not the case. I am getting very frustrated myself. I find it very difficult not to be able to achieve something simple like that at competition.

here are her runs on the weekend, Saturday, G1-4 Jumping, in this run, she nearly got all the weave but I was pulling away too early so she pop out at the last pole:
Saturday, C1-4 Agility:
Saturday, G1-4 Agility, in this run, stupid me blocking her way up to the Dog Walk, I can kick myself for that stupid handling!!!
Sunday, C1-4 Jumping:
Sunday, G1-4 Jumping:

Friday, July 15, 2011


A quick pups-date ... Sonic is loving his "training", I continue to do a lot of switching from treat to toy and toy to treat games with him, so far, so good. He has no problem going from treat to toy, he is enthusiastic about the toy as well as the treat. I used treat to teach him a new behaviour then when he master the trick, I will change the reward to toy instead of food.

this is one of my many favourite tricks SHY. This photo was taken by a good friend of ours Priscilla when she came to visit. Since then, Sonic does not need the tape on his nose anymore to perform a perfect shy trick :)

 this is "in the box" trick, to get him to aware of his four feet instead of the two front feet.

 Oh, and we love this, the Rocker Board ...

After training 5 shelties of my own to do agility, I knew our weakest contact is actually the see-saw and not the weave. So far, my successful ones are Sing, Titan and Sipzie. Saturn after so many years, he is still worried about the big bang and I think this applied to Sizzle too. He could be too small for a big drop, it probably hurt him but we never give up, we still continue to do our best.

I started to teach Sonic the big bang this week. I think it will be a good idea when he is young, I found the older you get, the harder to teach. We are not going into doing the full see-saw for a long long time but I just want him to learn not to be scared of the big bang. We continue doing the Rocker Board/Wobble Board ...

I raised the tip end of the see-saw about 6 inches and click & treat, I spent the first 5 minutes to get him to hit the see-saw and go from there. I spent 3 short sessions on Monday just to get him to get used to the banging noises, each session is not more than 5 minutes. By the end of the 2nd session, he was one confident little pup.

Then, I started to teach him the position, instead of him jumping off, I want him to have four paws on the plank, I don't mind him sitting or standing but I want the pause. Yesterday morning and this morning, we only did 3 on the left and 3 on the right and that's it. I think that is good enough for now but I am not going to push and rush as he is still developing. We may do that once a week from now on but at least he learned not to be scared. Here are our little clips from Day 1 ...
Sonic's early see-saw training, Lesson 1:

Lesson 2, getting confident with the big bang:

Lesson 3, reinforce the position:
Lesson 4 & 5, looking good :))))
On the other hand, Scara continues with her socialisation. She is getting braver each day. We still go out to meet a lot of noisy children at the schools before they break up for Summer holiday; also to walk at different parks to see different dogs ...

videos update ... from East Lothian

Here are some of our agility runs at East Lothian kindly captured by Rhoda, Brooke's mummy. Thanks Rhoda.

Saturday, Champ Agility:

Saturday, G5-7 Agility:

Sunday, G5-7 Agility with table:

Sunday, G5-7 Jumping:

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Little Scottish Holiday Final Part

Sadly, all good times has to come to an end. I checked out quite early so I can take the dogs for a good walk before another long journey home. The weather has been very good for us over the weekend and now it begiining to show the real Scottish weather, cold and rain! Luckily, both Sonic and Sizzle are tough shelties.
Sizzle is leaving his paw print ...

I took them down to the beach again on Monday morning, they have a good running around chasing birds. Sonic has learned his chasing crow skill from Sizzle this trip. He was so into it.

We left Gullane around 1pm and I got home at 11pm. I really miss Scotland, what a beautiful place to be. I can't wait for our proper Scottish holiday in August!!!
before you ask, these are Brax & Brodie's sheltie butts!!! I just loved this photo!

 Goodbye Scotland, til August!