Thursday, October 29, 2009

yummy puppies!!

aren't they gorgeous?

these two are Ypra's little girls, you can see the boys here

they are doing very well, almost double the size now!!


These autumn photos I took last weekend at Mitcham Common made me smile:

The KNIGHTs Shelties are always happy and cheerful
crazy Samber likes to bounce!!

she is always so agile, maybe is a little too agile at times!!

the above picture is from our drive, the fallen leaves make my drive very autumn!

my golden boy

always happy and loving

Saturn's autumn look!

and this is autumn Titan

we saw this kestrel in the Common looking for mice, then had a fight with seagull, my pictures didn't come out too well, so not going to post the photo of birds fighting

these are the bees that attacked Sizzle


Last night was very tense! I kept thinking about the caravan. Two community police officers came to knock on the door about 7pm to ask how do I feel. You must be joking! I told them I fell insecure and I WANT PROTECTION! The caravan park right close to the house (we are very lucky to be able to park the caravan in our front garden, you don't have much space in London), can you imagine someone (or more than one!) that you do not know are in your compound! They told me it could be just a one off because there is some form of pattern that some foreigners got so drunk and they live miles away so they will just hang about at someone's property and my caravan became their target! WHAT?
I was ready to sleep in the caravan with Sing and Seagull and a baseball bat (sorry, I am a fighter!) but Colin reminded me that the CSI said I need to clean the caravan with strong detergent before using it ... so this option is out! How annoying!! I also told my nephew off for being so NOT alert, his bedroom is just above where the caravan is park! He told me he was far asleep at 9pm the night when the intruder broke into the caravan!! Arrrrgggghhhh ...
I was still unwell, my cold and cough is still very much bothering me but I didn't want to take anymore Night Nurse. I tried to stay alert but it just got me very tired at the end ... but I didn't hear any dog barking.
First thing I woke up this morning was to run straight to the caravan to check it out. Thank God it is safe!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I rang the police again, I am not a patient person, I would like to get things done there and then, I hate waiting! I managed to speak to the police operator and she put me to my loval police station. I gave my statement through the phone and asked them to send someone here to have a look.
After an hour, I've got a phone call from the Police, they asked me a few more details questions regarding the caravan. The Crime Scene Investigator turned up pretty soon after I spoke to the Officer. He spent an hour working on the "crime scene", taking finger prints, blood, checked everything inside and outside of the caravan, taking photos ...
I also got to speak to my neighbour, she said she and her husband heard someone very loud and noisy in the front garden last night, maybe between 2am - 4am. I don't know if that is a clue.
The Investigator can't find any finger prints on the window, the interior wall inside the caravan are not smooth so it is harder to find finger prints too. The only evidence they could take is the blood from the door and on the bed. Then, later, he found a bunch of key with a TV remote control as a keychain not far away from the caravan. He wasn't sure about that but I told him that is definitely not belong to us, so he took it in as well.
Just before he left, he told me to use glove and strong detergent to clean the caravan, because he is worried about the blood, just in case the person who left it carries hepatitis. That got me worried more!! I don't think I would want the blanket with the blood, I would prefer to chuck it away!! YUK!!
Hopefully, I will get the result from the Police as soon as possible!!
One thing, when the police called me back this morning, she did ask if I would like consult. Well, when I got my brand new mobile stolen from home many years ago (we had a plumber in then), I reported to the police, they also asked me if I need consultancy. I think our police are funny!! I don't want any consultancy, I want PROTECTION!!!
If you remember a couple of weeks ago, I said I was sad? Well, I felt uncomfortable to live in this area anymore. When we moved in about 6 years ago, it was very quiet and peaceful. Eventhough we live by the main road but the traffic isn't very bad or busy all the time. There is only a certain time when it is busy for half and hour and that's it. The neighbourhood is safe and friendly. The Common is only 3 minutes walk from home, it is a fantastic location for us.
I guess it all started about 3 years ago when the Common got disturbed by the yobs. They raced motorbike on the Common. Saturn and I got nearly ran over by the biker when he was about 5/6 months old! I challenged the biker by standing on the track to stop him from racing through the track as Sing, Seagull, Saturn and Titan were behind me! Every Summer, about 5pm, they will be a group of biker, all young kids with their bikes riding on top of the hill then race down the hill where the pond is. I go out three times a day to the Common in the Summer so many times we were so close to get run over by them. I rang the police when I saw them but the police nevers turn up or when they turn up with their siren on, those kids had gone!
Then, last two years, there were a lot of burnt cars left in the Common. I don't know how they drove the car into the Common. Well, the gates are lock and there is no easy way to drive the car into the Common. We always found one burnt car every week! It is very unpleasant. I have taken some photos but I am too lazy to find them.
Then, gypsies camping on the Common!! You can't imagine the mess and rubbish they created!! The council blocked off the road where they camp with big cement blocks but they still be able to park their caravans on the road!! Walking the dogs are not easy!
Just recently, people started to use the Common as a houshold dump! See photo below:
To me, this kid's bike looks new:

We haven't have any serious crime happened to us (touch wood!) but we do have druggies tried to break into our back garden and kids as well. Our two doors on the left, it was a petrol station before when we first moved in here. Then, they demolish it. The gypsies quickly moved in with their caravans, so we had a few months of hell life next to them. They slept during the day and sang/shout during the night. They dump their rubbish in our garden and made shits everywhere! It was very nasty and walking the dogs pass them was a nightmare!!
Finally, they got kicked out and they develop the place into flats. During the contruction period, we have some druggies slept in there during the night and they climb over the fence and start intruding our back garden. It was quite scarry at that time but luckily it didn't last as Sing and Seagull were very alert, their bark probably had scared him off, instead he broke into our neighbour!!
Then, another time, I woke up one Sunday morning to find a black kid standing at the bottom of our garden. We had a very long garden, 180 foot. I was very stupid then, I saw him from the kitchen window, instead of sending all the dogs down in the garden to frigten him, I lock all the dogs in and went to confront him myself in my pyjamas!!! Luckily he was very frightened of me and ran off after I show my aggressiveness towards him!!
I hope the police can restore the peaceful of this area, I do like where I live, so convenient to take the dogs for walkies!!
Also, I forgot to mention, we have two bicycles stolen from the train station. My nephews ride the bicycles to park at the train station so they can go to Universities by train, by the time they came back, there were gone!!

New type of caravan thieves!!! Beware!!

Well, I have heard so many of our agility friends' caravan been stolen for the last two years and I have always been careful about ours. We only had a tiny little caravan that is big enough to squeeze into the front garden. Colin said those gypsy only want big carvans, so we should be alright but I always make sure I will leave a car park right in front of the caravan to block it to be removed.
This morning, as usual, I have to send Colin to the tube station. When I open the front door, my vision is always looking at the caravan but I noticed something different. The silver blind on the window facing the the house is lifted. I pointed it to Colin, he said: dont' worry, just the wind! I thought the weather was quite calm yesterday, indeed we have a beautiful sunny afternoon, where was the wind?
After dropping Colin, I came home and took my caravan key to investigate the mysterious window. When I turned the key, the door lock! Mmmm ... I got suspicious, I am a very careful person, I never leave the door unlock. So, I turned it the other way to open the door, the door open but only the top part of the door open and the bottom part was still shut. This means, the lock that lock these two parts have been touched! I've got more suspicious. When I open the full door, I know someone has been in there. I have a piece of towelling blanket on the floor near the door for the dogs on the wet weather, it wasn't straight, it look like someone has walk on it, if you didn't walk carefully, the blanket will move or twist (didn't I sound like a good investigator?). Well, I know my things. When I walk in, I can see the beds have been touch. I wash/clean all the beddings (human and dogs) when we finished our last caravan trip. I pile them all up on the beds (we have two separate beds), other than the two sleeping bags still on the beds, the other dog beds are ontop of the garden fencing. The two sleeping bags have been used/touched. I also found some blood staines on Colin's bed (the window that got broke in). The blood still look red, so it must be just so recent, either last night or this morning. I checked the window, 3 our of the 4 clips that lcok the window together are broken, so it is definitely a FORCE break in!
I cannot see many things missing, a dinner plate and a drinking glass are missing so far. I rang the police this morning but no one there to pick the call, so I left a message, hopefully these lazy cows will call me back! I thought Police is 24 hours?
I was very ill last night, my cold has turned into nasty cough, so after having the Night Nurse I was in deep sleep, I didn't hear the dogs.
I also have a good around outside the caravan and I found a piece of car aerial by the window they broke in and a Gingster Large Sausage Roll wrapper!!!
Mmmmm ...

I guess I have to sleep in the caravan tonight to see if he or more than two comes back again!!! Maybe I will have my dogs all sleep in there to chase them off or protect me! Real Bastard!!!

this is the window that got broke into

the broken clip that lock the window, 3 are broken

this is the only one that is not broken!

when I open the door, it came as two parts, the clip that lock the two parts together is not attach

it should be like this to be able to lock the door

first blood staine I noticed is by the door

this is the dog towelling which has been walk on

someone has slept on this bed

the bedsheet is cover in blood staines!

Monday, October 26, 2009

500 miles of Craziness!!

We went to Shrewsbury on Friday evening, after picking up Colin from work. It was pitch black all the way there (well, the evening get dark very early now!). It was more than 200 miles each way. We did stop half way to get something to eat and gave the dogs a quick toilet trip. We arrived at Travel Lodge slightly pass 11pm.
I was still not 100% in fitness, this cold can drag on forever, after 4 hours drive, I was exhausted, so we went to bed almost immediately for an early start tomorrow. I think it was a big mistake as Sizzle has never been in Travel Lodge before. I didn't give him time to settle and turn the lights off straightaway. I can felt he was uneasy and he barked when he heard the noise from outside. I was too tired to comfort him either.
We woke up 7:15 (the showground is less than 10 minutes away), I took the dogs to toilet while Colin collected all our stuff from the hotel room. I thought we will be there by 8am but we spent some time at the petrol station, filling up the fuel and stuff some breakfast ... so we got there 8:15. Oh yes, and it rain! It was wet, but not so cold! I was soak through my skin!!
I have two classes to walk first thing, one is the jumping pairs and one is the Graded 6-7 Agility. I have Sizzle pairing with Bracken in the small pairs and Saturn in the medium pairs with Seamas; Saturn in the Graded 6-7 Agility.
I like the Graded 6-7 Agility course. When I walk it, I thought it is Sing's course. I know Sing will handle the course very well, shamed that he was not fit enough to run. Saturn was his naughty self that morning. I have learned from this year, if he barks at the start line (silly bark, not the one that I asked him to "speak") or in the queue, I know he is not with me and he will do crazy thing in the ring, like taking his own line and ignore me. He did his crazy bark when I asked him to "set up", he wouldn't go between my legs (for the set up) and when I got him in between my legs, he wouldn't sit! I know straightway we will get eliminated and I was right. It was a jump to see-saw to start. I want to recall him from the see-saw, so I have enough time to do the diagonal box but he broke his wait, when I turned and looked at him, he already stand up and stood right in front of the timer, so the run was a disaster!! Not worth mention further!!
After the disaster run, I have to run over to the jumping pairs as there were only a few pairs left to go.
The Jumping pairs have 20 obstacles, each dog does 10 obstacles and there is a baton changeover. The first part of the Jumping pairs is all jumps (and a long jump), the second part has weave and tunnels. I walked the two parts and felt I am more comfortable with the second part with both Sizzle and Saturn. It has a very difficult weave entry, I find it challenging, also the WET and heavy cloth tunnel is my worried, I wasn't sure if I should put Sizzle through that. He just only started to compete and I don't want him to get stuck (and he did stuck in the cloth tunnel!). I had a word with Matthew, I told him if he is happy for me and Sizzle to make mistake in the weave, I will take up the challenge!
As we were a bit late, everything got tense. I've got Colin to bring Sizzle to me while we were quieing. I don't know if it is the cold or wet or what, we were about two pairs to go, I picked him up, he was all shaky, but the jumping went very fast, we were next to go and I was still unable to calm him down. It is definitely not the excitement shake. Before I could do anymore to help him, it was our turn to run. My plan to handle this run is to have him on my right to start with, hopefully with a pull, he will pick up the weave entry. I told Matthew this is his first pair and I do not know how he will react watching Brax runs, so the best way maybe is to carry him until the baton changeover (safe and lost time in the baton changeover). Matt is very understanding (this is why I like to pair with him, there is no pressure between us), he told me to do whichever way I like. When Matt and Brax on the start line, Sizzle was still shaking, even worst than he was, so I decided to put him down but holding his collar. He was better when he was on the ground, he watched Brax but the pocket rocket did the 10 jumps in seocnds, I wasn't sure how he will react when Matt run to me to pick the baton but I didn't let him go until I am sure he is with me. Thank God, he didn't even look back and did all the things I asked him to, even the hardest weave entry, he did it beautifully. I think we lost time in the cloth tunnel, we came 3rd, the time wasn't far behind, the first three places were all in the 27 seconds. I was very happy with Sizzle handling the pairs so well. Thanks to Matt and Brax for pairing with us!
In the Medium pairs, Saturn nearly miss the cloth tunnel! Phew! Thanks to Brian and Seamas for pairing with us!
The classes seems to finish quite efficiently, there were four rings. I only have to wait for about half an hour (in the rain) for my next run(s). Yes, unfortunately, Sizzle's three other classes all happened at the same time.
I ran him in the Graded 4-5 Jumping first. I thought it was a very nice course but he missed the weave entry! It was a jump, tyre to weave to start. When I looked through the tyre at Sizzle's level, I could see the problem, the foam of the tyre has blocked the vision of the poles. I thought if I recall him in between the jump and the tyre, I could tell him "weave" but I was wrong, the weave was set further right after the tyre, he went into the 2nd pole on the wrong side. Maybe if I were to recall from the tyre and call him towards me and send, he probably would pick up the entry. There is something I could work on! Also, the pipe tunnel was set close to the two jumps which he got eliminated by going into the tunnel twice! And, our pull through still need a lot of practise!!! Our first pull through I can see my shoulder was turning the wrong way so he wrap around the wing instead of doing the pull through!
His second jumping round (combined 4-5) was so much better. I thought the course was harder than the graded and he handled the beginning part so well. It was a very difficult start; jump, jump, tunnel and sharp left ... a lot of dogs took the jump in front of the tunnel but Sizzle didn't even look at the jump at all. He responsed to my call very well and I managed to put a front cross to do the "go around" the jump, he also picked up the weave nicely, everything was so smooth until I lost him in the box where he took the finish jump! You can hear these people said: ohhhhhhh ... I know!! It was a shamed. I have watched other dogs ran this class and I have to say, other than we took the finish jump to get eliminated, Sizzle was the one that ran this class smoothly.
I am very proud of him. He is only a baby and he is allow to do baby mistakes!! I have been thinking about the silly mistakes he made in the jumping, the graded class where he went into the tunnel twice and the combined class where he took the finish jump. I have been teaching him to take anything in front of him, so that is a good behaviour but now he is up at the Novice Level and he needs to do something not so straight forward. I am actually a little confused. He is only 18 months and I would rather he can do something straight forward to gain the confidence and speed.
Our Agility was another disaster! It was also another "run straight from one class to the other" case. I have watched a few handlers and they all starting their dogs from the left and there were a couple totally missed the DW. It was an odd angle from the jump to the DW so I ran Sizzle on my right and he missed the DW by quite a margin. I saw him leap off straight into the tunnel (more homework!!) and he picked the weave entry nicely but I wasn't aware he missed the last two poles until the judge told me! You can see me tried to run away from him to the A Frame because I was afraid he will take the jump in front (from our last jumping experienced) instead of the A Frame but I forgot he prefers the DW, hahaha ... His see-saw is improving! At least he stays on the see-saw for as long as I asked him too (eventhough not very long)!
Oh dear me! Sounds like I have tons of homework with him! I'd love running Sizzle, he is so different to Sing and Saturn!
Saturn was also naughty at his Graded 6-7 Jumping. It was another challenging course, I was hoping he will get place in that but he decided he will miss ONE jump! Other than that, he did the course beautifully!
We finished the day with Saturn's combined 6-7 Jumping. His only clear round of the day! I didn't wait til the end of it, I was very wet and uncomfortable and all I want is to go home as soon as possible!
our runs on Saturday:

Sing update

Thank you to everyone who sent best wishes to Sing. He is better!
the above photo was taken on Sunday in Mitcham Common, the happy Sing is back!
I still haven't got a clue of how Sing injured himself on either Thursday evening or Friday. When I sent him on the DW, he walked really slowly and he did the jump and weave becuase he wanted to pleased me (I am a CRUEL mummy!). I only noticed he is not right when I threw the tennis ball for him to chase!! He just stood there watching the tennis ball landed and roll away; then later I realised why he didn't follow me up and down the stairs was because he can't climb the staircase!! Then, I knew he was seriously injured!! I have to carry him up and stairs and on the bed! Luckily when we lodged in at Travel Lodge on Friday night, we had a room on the groud floor so he could just walked in but I have to pick him up and put him on our bed! I gave him a lot of arnica over the weekend to help easing the swelling bit or bruise (if there is any). He was very grumpy that he didn't get to run at Shrewsbury, he was winding everytime I took Sizzle and Saturn to the ring and left him in the car! I spoke to Kevin, my vet about him this morning, he said as long as he is not in pain, give him a good rest!

Friday, October 23, 2009

poorly Sing

I don't know what's wrong with Sing. He pulled his shoulder many weeks ago and I have been rested him for at least three weeks doing absolutely nothing at all other than walk and play a little bit of tennis ball.
He was fine yesterday, happy and playing tennis ball but today he is very quiet and DO NOT want his tennis ball at all! This is very unlike Sing, no matter how unwell is he, the minute he saw the tennis ball, he is like he hasn't been unwell. I only noticed this an hour ago when I tried to remind him on the Dog Walk, he took nearly a whole minute to walk the full length of the DW, I was shocked, so I threw a tennis ball, he just stood there watching the ball roll on ...
Look like he is not going to run at Shrewsbury tomorrow, poor boy!

poorly Sing

you choose the puppy or let the puppy choose you?

I read Susan Garrett's training blog on Wednesday and have a good think about what she said in this post and I thought I agree with her; but yesterday morning, I read Diana's blog, what she said is also make sense, and I agree with her too! How confused am I? Then, today, I read Susan's another related post, so what am I thinking now?
... I think I am still confused!!! I have a dog related to all the issues.

When I wanted to add the 3rd dog to our family, I searched for a long time. I thought I knew what I was looking then. I have two sables (Sing is a Shaded and Seagull is a Golden), so I want either a blue merle or a tri. You know a blue merle is so hard to come by so I was down to tri. I saw an ad on epupz and arranged with the breeder to go and see him.
As usual, we were all excited about this new puppy that we are going to see. It was quite a long drive to get to see him, (I am not complaining as all mine come from miles. I will travel to anywhere to get the right dog!) in the good old days, we haven't got a Sat Nav, so we got lost in Wales, can't read the Welsh names and map doesn't match and we were circling around Cardiff for hours and hours! At the end, we have to ring the breeder to come and fetch us, Ha!
Before seeing him, I have never thought that any sheltie puppies are not gorgeous. There were four puppies in the litter, 2 tri girls, 1 blue merle girl and he is the only tri boy. We knew we are going to see him when we spoke to the breeder then, as I only want BOY. For some reason, I haven't have the "special" feeling when I see him, I had seen his picture before making this arrangement but when I was there, looking at him, we just cannot "click". I was waiting for the "sparkle" to happen but after spending two hours in the breeder's house, I whisper to Colin, I want to leave this puppy and go home. Colin was shocked, he thought he was so cute, extremely gorgeous and cannot understand why I do not want him!! He determined he wants to take him home. I told him I have no feeling for him and he nevers come to approach me for all the time I was there, Colin said I was being sensitive and he was only 6 weeks old. He then said to the breeder, he will take him there and then!
So, this tiny tri boy comes home with us as a 6 weeks old puppy. I thought, that's faith and I have to accept him and he will accept me in no time. I was wrong and I am still wrong! Once he got home, I started to love him. Well, you cannot NOT love a puppy, he was so tiny and cute. He was very cheeky too, so I DID fell in love with him after a few hours!
When I have a puppy, I expect him to follow me everywhere, but he never did! When there is someone else present, he always go to him/her. At home, he always run to Colin, my nephews and Ling for comfort/cuddle. When I took the dogs out walking, if he spotted someone else, he will follow them instead of me (that happened everytime when he was young but he is ok now, he understand he belongs to my pack). I am ALWAYS the last person he wants to be with. I feel HURT, really hurt. All my dogs love me, adore me, they think I am the most wonderful person to be with, they don't even have their eyes set on anybody else but not him.
I voice this out to every single person I met, all they told me is ... be patient, he is still very young, gives him time, he will love you like the others.
When he was about 6-7 months old, I started taking him to our club to do some puppy foundation training, you know what is going to happen, aren't you? All he wants is to run to Eleanor (my trainer) for a cuddle or to say hello to other doggies' mum. Then, Eleanor suggested I need to bond with this dog. HayHoo! I have tried so hard, I gave him special treat so he could come to me and not run to Eleanor (Eleanor tried to help me by ignoring him and not giving him any treat) but NOPE! Other is still the best! When Eleanor ignored him, he ran to the other doggie's mum! How do you think I feel? At one point, I thought these people must think I have been cruel to him at home so he dislike me. Do you know I cried and cried and cried ... but no one understand our relationship!
I was so helpless and thinking of given up on him but Colin and I agreed, all our dogs are not a gift, they are our children, our family, they are for life, so we need to stick with them whatever they are! Then, a disaster happened at training. He got bitten by an aggressive Border Terrier TWICE. That put him off from agility, so it seems to be the right thing to give him a break then.
If we have visitors (friends or sale person or gas reading man), instead of barking like the others do, he run straight up to them for a cuddle! I always worried if one day we had a robbery (touch wood!), he probably run up to them and give them kisses!!! This is another reason why I didn't run him in agility. I train him, other than he is still cannot weave on his own, he can do all equipments. He is very fast with no fear at all. His best obstacle is the see-saw. He could run up in speed, honest, very fast and stop dead and wait for the see-saw to tilt! He is the only dog in my pack did the most beautiful see-saw. I have tried to compete with him to get some experience, every single time, he has to go and greet the judge, the scrimer, the ring party, the photograher ... etc. Like, jump, jump, jump OFF he goes, jump, jump, jump OFF her goes ... At first I thought all baby dogs do that but he carried on like that at every single show! At the end, I gave up running him, so Ryan ran him for a little while. They loved each other so much, they have fun together but once Titan get used to Ryan, he started to do the "saying hello" to ring party trick again! It was very stressful and frustrated for me to watch his bad attitude towards Ryan.
I have learned over the years, he likes new people, he will work beautifully for someone NEW, once he get used to him, he will play his party trick. He has been running for quite a few people, the beginning bit is always so good but it didn't last. He definitely like everyone excluding me! He would be a wonderful PAT dog. Anyone who knows him know how loving and affectionate he is. If we have visitors, he will be always be the first one to push to have attention and never want to get off your lap.
Don't get me wrong, I love this dog, but not the same way I love the others. Now, you tell me, what situation I am in?

a SURPRISE is coming ...

a very nice surprise is coming this way ...

picture courtesy of Miguel, Kennel Of The Five Colors, Belgium.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Push Through exercise

I am terrible with pull through but generally ok with push through. We had this push through (picture below) exercise at club training today, I thought I can do it (with Saturn) but I was either too late, shoulder facing wrong way etc at jump #5 to jump #6. I had tried recall the see-saw and stayed wide so I can push Saturn to take jump #3, so I will be in the right place to do the push through. We managed to do the first push through perfectly but never seems to achieve the second push through.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

daddy's girls

I've received an email and some photos from Chris last night. Her email really made me laugh in happiness.
She said: She is getting more and more confident every day, keeps me on the go. I have lost several pounds in weight already. Who needs to diet when you have a puppy to run around with? She is quite a little rascal. She loves to run around the garden, loves to chase the tennis ball and is also quite good at digging!! Our once flat lawn is now covered with upturned flowerpots to try to stop her digging her way to Australia!!
The above statement sounded so much like Sing when he was the same age! He loved chasing the tennis ball (and still does!) and the digging business!! Colin was teasing him by saying he dug up the tunnel for me to escape back to Malaysia, hahaha ... I remembered we have to hire a landscaper to cover the holes after a few months!
here are some lovely photos of Sadie:

having her first bath

After seeing the above photos, she reminded me so much of Sing. I think she is the spitting image of Sing at the same age. I started to dig out some old photos of Sing when he was a puppy. In the old days, we haven't have the digital camera, so I have to scan them and put together some photos of Sing around the same age to compare with his pups:

Sing and Sadie

Sing and Skye

Sing and Tiggi


It is getting closer to Halloween (31/10/2009) and Guy Fawkes Night (05/11/2009), so almost everynight we can see/hear the fireworks from the neighbourhood. There are so many posters about dogs/cats get very stressed about the fireworks. I am very lucky that all my boys are calm with the fireworks going above them. We bought some fireworks three years ago, Colin wanted them for his birthday, so we took the dogs (Sing, Seagull, Saturn, Titan and Skye) to the Common along with my nephews to light some fireworks for Colin. I thought it was a crazy idea taking the dogs but I was amazed how well they coped with all the banging noises and light shooting up. I started putting them on the lead, keep them close beside me when the kids light the fireworks, there were all qurious about the fireworks at fast but no stress in them, they think the fireworks more like a game than anything scarry.
For the last two years, Sing, Saturn and Titan love to sit by the french window watching into the sky for fireworks; Seagull and Skye normally lie down on the settee being comfy, they are not the type of adventorous like the others.
Sizzle saw his first fireworks last year, he again was very calm, didn't show any sign of stress or fright at all and this year, he joins the other three sitting by the french window. We only have Samber early this year (14th Feb, St Valentine's Day), she is another great dog, didn't have a fear at all over the fireworks.
One thing I dislike about the fireworks is I always found some "left over" in my garden! It is very dangerous, especially this one (photo below) I found thi morning is so close to the house! I do not mind people playing fireworks in the Common or Park but in the garden always scared me!

Monday, October 19, 2009

weekend and the bees

As Sizzle was stung by the bees on Friday, I wasn't sure if we are still able to compete at Weald on Saturday. I have entered Sizzle and Saturn, that will be their last Grade 3 and Grade 5 show. Kevin, my vet said the antihistamine & steriod jabs that he gave to Sizzle will make him feel drowsy but he should be back to normal the next day. When we got back from the vet, I used the penny to press it on the bite for 15 minutes (the swelling has gone down), then I left him and took the other dogs out for a walk; when we got home, I used the hot & cold treatment on the bite for another 10 minutes. Then, I have a good look at the bite, the swelling has gone completely! WooHoo! I don't know which one works, the jabs? the penny? or the hot & cold? Whatever it is, it's gone!
He bounced back in the evening, didn't see any different in him, he brought a ball for me to throw and we had a little play but he got tired quickly. We all went to bed quite early just in case I decided to go to Weald the next morning.
We did go to Weald at the end. Sizzle looks happy when we woke up and we haven't have an early start, so we set off casually. We got there in plenty of time, the only problem was we cannot find a car park! The parking was absolutely full, we managed to find an awkward place to park the car and thank God nobody complain.
We only have two classes each for Sizzle and Saturn. Both Combined 1-5 Agility & Jumping. Sing is Grade 6 and is not eligible to run there. I didn't know what Time, Fault and Out was, so I didn't enter, how stupid! Our day started with the Jumping first, Saturn in the Medium before Sizzle. It was a nice flowy course with a little "pull in". I thought Saturn should be able to do it perfectly but how wrong was I. He didn't give me his full attention when I set him up on the start line, he wasn't concentrate at all. I should have insisted to put him back and wait but I didn't. I released him and he took the wrong jump and eliminated at the 3rd jump! Otherwise a lovely round.
Sizzle did a beautiful round but we didn't managed the little pull in bit, I thought I have called him and he responded but when I study the video carefully, it shows I didn't hold my ground long enough for him to come in to me to take the jump, so back jump it. My mistake! Now, I have another homework with him. I taught him too much of "out around" (means go out and take the jump) and now the problem starts!
After the jumping, we have to wait a few hours for our Agility run. I have watched others did the Time, Fault and Out and I was gutted I didn't entered. It would be a good practise/experience for little Sizzle. I will learn next time.
Saturn was a little hyper in his Agility, of course he missed his DW by miles! He was very happy running across the DW and LEAP! We must get this sorted for the next season!! His A Frame is so much better, I think released him QUICK on the A Frame helps.
I did a silly mistake with Sizzle in the Agility. I didn't stop to let him take the weave entry. I ran passed the weave and hoping he will learn to pick the weave but I forgot he is only a baby. Also, on the see-saw. Last weekend, we had trouble doing front cross and me keeping him on the see-saw for it to tip. I have gone back to the square one to teach him the see-saw because I have learned that I haven't reward him enough TO STAY on the see-saw. I always reward him after he is OFF the see-saw, so he wanted to get off the see-saw as quick as possible but that is wrong because he needs to learn to wait for the see-saw to tip. I think he begin to know that he cannot come off if the see-saw is not fully tip, so we have a dodgy see-saw there but hopefully we can fix this problem soon. Also, he missed his DW!!! Arrrrggghhh ... we need more practise!
All in all, I am very happy with Sizzle, the more mistakes he made, the better we will be next time. I'd like to see him making mistake so I know where to improve. We also entered the Pay On the Day Helter Skelter. Saturn won the Medium and Sizzle was 4th but they only placed up to 3rd.

Sunday morning, I took Colin and the dogs to the Common where Sizzle got stung by the bees. From a distance, Colin and I cannot work out how Sizzle got stung because the area is absolutely flat but when was walked closer, we could see tons of bees flying around. I be braved to investigate and saw a bees nest underground, the nest is damaged; so my friend Arley is right about the digger has disturbed the nest. I think Sizzle has somehow walked into the hole where the bees nest is and no surprise he was covered in bees! Poor little soul. Since yesterday evening, he went all quiet again, I don't think he has the tummy problem because he is not stretching his tummy, he just very quiet and sleepy. I hope the infection didn't start now! I have heard the infection could come later, within 24-28 hours. Arrrrgghhh .... frustrated!

how could you imagine there would be a bees nest in there? Or am I being ignorant?

I crop from the above picture so you can see the bees next, maybe not the best quality as it was taken with my mobile phone

Colin and I went to see a piece of land near us, as we were walking around, we spotted this fox. I have never seen a fox so close before! It was taken with my mobile phone, no zooming feature, so you can see how close we were! Well, the fox found me very scarry, he was all shaken!

here is our weekend agility:

Friday, October 16, 2009

bee stings!

Poor Sizzle is the unlucky victim to this! It has never occurs to me that my dogs will be attacked by bees!
It is a bit unusual for me to take Sing, Saturn and Sizzle out for a walk today and left the other three behind (now I thought about it, I felt lucky not to take the others with me). Not long after we got onto the Common, the episode happened. As usual, I let the boys off the lead when we step in the Common, off they went and I slowly catch them up. There were a digger in front trying to landscape an area of the Common, so I called them off the usual track and hopefully we could go around from the other side.
Sing and Saturn were with me but Sizzle off to investigate the digger. We were quite a distance from the digger, I was worried that the digger might hurt Sizzle so before Sizzle get close to the digger,I called him back to me. I can see he tried to turn back and ran towards me but he kept sitting down and biting his own leg. I thought he got thorn or prickle on his pad. I kept calling and he kinda run towards me in a funny way (limping and weird), when he got to me, he suddenly lie down, like he is collapsing. I can't figure it out why but I saw him biting his back leg, so I had a look, then I saw a few bees (maybe 6 or 7) attaching to his back leg. "Luckily" it was cold this morning, so I have my winter jacket and glove on, I tried to brush the bees off his leg but there were two seems to stuck on his leg, so I had to brush harder to get them off him. Just as I thought that was it, I saw more bees on his body, I started to get a bit panic. I tried to shoooo them off but gosh, these are bees and they were flying around us. I don't know what to do, I was so worried about Sizzle, so I quickly remove my jacket to use it to brush the bees off him. It was quite a scene. Sing and Saturn thought I was playing a game with Sizzle, they barked at us and I was panic that the bees might attacked all of us. I then quickly picked Sizzle up and ran away, Sing and Saturn were good to follow me to the edge of the Common. We then quickly walk home, of course Sing and Saturn on the lead and I have to carry Sizzle. He looked shock, shaky and tremble. Believe me, I still saw a couple of bees flying out from him when we were on our way home!
When we got home, I let Sing and Saturn got into the house, took the car key and rush Sizzle to the vet. I called Kevin on the way (I know I shouldn't call while driving but this is emergency!) so when we got there we got to see him straightaway. I think I was more shock than Sizzle when we got there. Kevin gave him the antihistamine and steriod jabs. He told me to use the hot & cold treatment to help reducing the swelling. I also asked Kevin to give him a good look at, he said the most dangerous parts are the face, throat and legs where there are not much hairs but Sizzle has a big coat, he is well protected. Good news is there is no bite on his face and throat!
I remembered reading a thread about "bee stings" in the sheltie forum, it said if you get a bee stings, put a penny on the bite for 15 minutes, it will take the sting out of the bite immediately. Well, this is apply to human, I am not sure if it works on dog but no harm giving it a try, I thought. I press a penny on Sizzle's bite for 15 minutes. I can feel the heat on his leg but I also feel the lump is getting smaller! I have heard cooper in the penny counteracts many things, well it may well conteracts the bite!
I am not sure if the jabs work or the penny works or even the "hot & cold" treatment works. The swelling in his leg is obviously gone down now. Phew!
can you see the swelling (red circle), this photo was taken after we came back from the vet

this is the similar photo to the above, just to compare the swelling leg and the normal leg

poor Sizzle, needs a lot of hugs and cuddles!!


Tiggi, aka Posh. Sally said Posh didn't suit her, so she has changed her name to Tiggi, TIG for short. You know why? Because she spends hours running around like a loony and maybe bounce like Tigger!!!

This is what Sally said about her: She is funny, cute, naughty and very bright. We all love her to bits. Wow does she keep me on my toes, I think I've lost a stone in weight!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I am a very happy breeder! All my puppies owner always send me news and photos and tell me how much their little friends make them happy. I was sad and feeling very down yesterday (will make a separate post about it later) but these pictures of Skye brighten my day:

checking the cat out

typical sheltie puppy, tearing up the toilet roll

still loves to tug

can you find the sheltie?

for some reason, I just like this bum photo of Skye, I think she looks very cute!

hasn't she grown?