Monday, July 28, 2008

kool kidz

Isn't he cool?
We went to the Derbyshire show and the weather was too kind to us (where are the rain that they promised?), that was our very first HOT HOT HOT agility day of the year and none of my boys were happy to work, I don't blame them! Just imagine shelties with huge coat running in the heat! There were so many dogs out there were suffering too, so we all in the same boat. The worst thing was I had a sun stroke on Saturday evening and was very sick after the BBQ!
I have no agility luck lately, poor Sing is still unwilling to work, he is definitely slow down a lot since we have Sizzle, so I put it down to puppy stress!! Saturn is still on the rest but I let him do a jumping round which he came 2nd in it, not a fast round but it is good to see him coming back slowly, so nothing much to report, agility wise.
Sizzle is great, I've taken him to the ringside to meet other dogs and people and he is getting so much better with different people handling him and he showed great interest what's going on in the ring. He even had a good play with Zev, Zev was such a good boy, he was so gentle and he always lie down and rollover with Sizzle.
Other than the heat, we had a great weekend at Melton Mowbray, we camp with so many shelties families (they were 18 shelties among the 4 families!). We are glad to meet up with Rachel and Brian (and their four lovely shelties) who run the Sheltie Agility League and a big thank you to them who save us a camping space.

ah! Bless!

Friday, July 25, 2008

sheltie ears for you!!

Sizzle's ears are driving me crazy at the moment!!
I am considering myself lucky with my shelties' ears. Sing is my first sheltie, so I was ignorant and didn't know how to deal with his prick ears then, when Seagull came along, I have learned but I failed to make his ears perfect! I am very lucky with Saturn's ears, they are natural and they are just perfectly right, so I make sure Titan's look as good as Saturn. I watched him when he was teething and I was glad that I managed to tip the both ears and they look good now. Skye also comes with natural ears but his are a bit too heavy, so it looks a bit droopy but a lot of people told me most blue merles are like that. When we went to see Sizzle, he was 14+ weeks old and his ears look very nice and I was told they are natural too, so I am hoping his ears will stay like this so I don't have to worry too much about it. Eventhough I don't show any of mine but I like them to look good and handsome.
I took Sizzle for his 2nd vaccination, micropchipped and frontline him on Monday and for some strange reason, after the vet trip, his left ear dropped a lot and that really worried me! (the both ears were ok on Sunday, if you see my earliest post of him and Ziga sitting together) I have asked so many experienced breeders about it and they told me it could be the vaccination that cause the trouble and also he is going into this teething stage, so I will expect his ears like a yoyo, up and down a lot!! I am actually quite happy if the ears go up because I know how to tip it down but I can't manage a heavy ear!! Just yesterday, his right ear was still in the right position and today, it started to drop as well!!!
This is sheltie for you!!! Never know what to expect!!
hope his ears will go up in the right position

a cute photo for you

this post is nothing to do with Titan but I know my little friend in Malaysia is missing him terribly, so this picture is specially for her.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Little terror

My little Sizzle has turned into a little terror!! Didn't I get all worried that him being a bit shy and reserved? Well, I am all wrong!! I never thought an older puppy will take a little longer to adapt compare to those 8/9 weeks old pup but Sizzle is great! I think he has come out of himself now. He is outgoing, "naughty", playful ... everything a pup should like.
He has a few bad habits ... namely, TUGGING on your trouser/socks really hard!!! Every evening, when Colin comes back from work, he has his eye set on his daddy's socks!! He will tug and rattle when we sit there watching the tele or eating our dinner!
I took him to the Vet this morning for his 2nd vaccination, I have to say he was great at the Vet. I went there early so he could get to look around before putting him on the table. He was wondering around the reception and watching the deliveryman piling up the food. I also took the opportunity to see if he will play with me and yes, we had a little play there.
He was very good on the table, he has his microchip done today, no yelping at all, acted like a good little man. After the vet finished with him, I let him wonder around the room while Kevin examines Saturn, guess what? He went to tug on Kevin's trouser, really HARD!! Good litte terror!!
We went to Caerphilly on the weekend, Sizzle was a real good boy. We left home around 11:30 and the poor little chap was holding his toilet for as long as he could. I did explain to him that we are not going home for the weekend and he better learn how to use the big field for his toilet. He was a good little puppy, he didn't mess up in the caravan at all and he finally realised he has to go in the big open space for his toilet.
He love chasing those Border Collies!! I wonder if he thinks he is one of them? I've tried to encourage him to play in the garden to start with and we have a good game of tug and retrieve which I am really happy with. I am hoping he will play with me when we are outside, I am trying hard.
He also get to meet a lot of people and he took fancy on Karen (Ace's mum), he was tugging on Karen fleece (sorry Karen!). Elizabeth & Ziga dropped in on Saturday evening, the two pups had a real good play. I can't tell you how much fun they have but just watching these two tearing around is never enough!!
when I managed to get all the dogs to look this way, why their dad had to turn away?

Sizzle & Ziga having a fab time

Two handsome chappies

THREE in a row

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

who dares WIN

it all started like this ...
eye to eye tease
Titan: come'on you!
Sizzle: are you sure?

Sizzle: I am determine to get this ball!
... eventhough I rollover but I never give up!!
scroll down to see who wins!!

win in satisfaction but tired!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

who is EVIL then?

the EVIL tris!!!

He is growing fast

The little puppy is growing fast, as I am with him nearly 24 hours a day, I didn't realised he has grown but Colin told me he is A LOT bigger than we first picked him up, that was a week ago! For me, he is still so tiny!! I can't remember any of the others were this tiny when they were at this age, not even Titan!!
He is full of characters. He finally came out of his timid self and started to venture further. He loves to play in the garden now, the noisy kids in the nursery next door didn't bother him anymore, if they are too noisy, he will tell them off by barking like a sheltie should!! He is not spook by the willow tree when the wind blows! He is getting naughtier each day!! One thing that he is not like a sheltie is he is not greedy, he is not "dying" for food!!! That bit is very much like Sing!!
a series of photos of him dashing to his toy and fetch:
he is a little bouncer and he always dash too fast and
it always turn out like this when he reaches to the toy!!
I really like this photo of him fetching the pinky bone!!
there he comes!!

as happy as Larry

Saturn: I TOLD you, this is mine!
(they were after the same tuggy ball for 20 minutes and Sizzle did gave up at the end)

handsome boy

the cool, the cheeky and the happy shelties

Friday, July 11, 2008


I like to see my pup grows, everyday is a new chapter. When I saw him at his breeder last Saturday, he was lively, playful, crazy, haywire, mad, bonkers, lunatic ... and cuddly and kissy. I'll never hesitate NOT to bring him home eventhough he is an old puppy then! As he arrived, he became timid and nervous and it took him a good few days to get used to his new family, new environment and a brand new world to him. He is a great puppy to start with, his toilet/house train is perfect, he has not mess indoor and I'm always in time to take him out in the garden. I finally see the naughty self emerge, he is more confidence now and he started to play and will take treat off me. Well, it is time for me to clicker train!!
Thank God I haven't have any show to go to due to Saturn's op. I have missed a couple of shows but that is not important compare to my poor baby Saturn but to be honest, I can't afford to have NO agility weekend, see what happened? I've GOT a puppy when I don't go to show!!
the cheeky side of him

Sing teaches Sizzle how to catch a ball in the air

Sizzle: I'm practising now, I'll catch up one day!!

He is getting more and more confidence and surely like a sheltie now ... BARK!

I'm going to catch the ball!!

Titan finally take notice of him and they are playing madly now!

Titan: I'll let you have it this time

Sizzle: Yes, it is mine!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The KNIGHTs Shelties

I thought I will try to take a new family photo with Sizzle in it. As I have not done any training with him (he is not food orientated and clicker training is on hold at the moment), so I do not know he will do a STAY for me but he is an excellent puppy, I can't ask for more!

The KNIGHTs Shelties ...
picture above from left to right: Seagull, Saturn, Sing, Skye, Titan and little Sizzle
(mmm... do you think I should rename Titan, what about Sitan?)

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Sing and Sizzle

I took Sizzle out to our pet shop in Carshalton a couple of days ago, so he could meet more people and also there is a small park opposite the pet shop, we sat there for 15 minutes so he can see the world goes by. I bought this chewing ball for him because I can't remember when is a puppy start teething but best to get him one to encourage him to play. What you do with this toy is to wet the ball thoroughly, squeeze the excess water and put it in the freezer, then give it to the puppy, that will ease the pain of teething.
So, I did all that and took it out from the freezer last night and gave it to Sizzle, poor little lad, he wasn't keen on it, and I just left it in there just in case he likes to have a go. This morning, after their breakfast, I usually take him into a separate room to play with him but today, Sing and Saturn came with us. Sing discovered the ball and really taken on it, he acted like a puppy that is teething!!

Chewing Ball from Trixie (

Sing really enjoyed the ball and he acted like a puppy, mmm... an old puppy!!??

poor Sizzle looking at Sing wandering why he has his toy!

well, nevermind, I'll chew the cushion instead!! Mummy won't mind, would you?

so, the two boys were acting like this the whole morning!!

BTW, I forgot a puppy needs a lot of sleep!!
Saturn is always a comfort bed to all!!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

update on Saturn

Just a quick update on Saturn, thank you to those who asked how is he. He is doing fine and his wound looks good and he is ready to have the stiches remove on Friday morning. The vet suggesting to feed him on ZD but poor Saturn hates the expensive nasty food!! He is back to his normal self and is playing with Sizzle. He is Sizz's best mate, the little man just like him (too much!) and always glue to him. I am still worry about his wound so I only allow some gentle playing until he is fully recover.

raising puppy

Do I remember how to raise/train a puppy? The last time I have a pup was nearly three years ago now, so the arriving of Sizzle is a new chapter! I love raising puppy, especially a challenging one! Not just he will learn from day to day but I am learning with him too! Sizzle is an adorable tiny little puppy, he is very petite and fine, so I have to be extra careful when handling him. And you all know shelties are very sensitive, so patient is the main issue here!
There is no pressure raising this gorgeous little fluffy fur ball eventhough I have received emails and texts asking me WHEN is he able to jump & weave & to do his running contacts!!! Even his crazy dad Colin said to me "you better get him to weave tomorrow!!"! Oh! Come On! I know he is coming up to 15 weeks but he is just a baby and he needs to adjust himself in the new home, meeting new people, new dogs and have to learn the outside world yet!! We have a lot of basic to catch up before I even start thinking to teach him sit, down, left, right ... etc. I AM TAKING IT VERY SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY!!
If you see us around the shows, please do come and meet him and give him a cuddle. I'd love to post some photos of him but he can't stay still for a second or he is too close, so here we have two not so good photos of him:

Monday, July 07, 2008


Please meet our latest addition ... SIZZLE (Sizz in short), Blenmerrow Sizzling Star.

Friday, July 04, 2008

quick updates on Seagull and Saturn

Just a quick updates.
Thank you very much to all who send loves to Saturn and offered suggestions to remove the tic on Seagull's lip. I managed to remove the tic last night with the tweezer and wash his mouth with warm salty water a few times, there is no infection so far and he is looking normal.
As for Saturn, I rushed him to the vet yesterday insisted I want a pain killer for the poor soul. The vet did give him two jabs after I moaned (actually swearing!) about it, one Norocarp and one Vetergesic. He still didn't eat and didn't go to toilet yesterday. One of the jabs made him sleepy and he slept for few hours after we came back from the vet. This morning, I offered him his ID food with a mixture of boiled chicken chop into mince but poor Saturn turned his nose up again. For those who knows him, it is very unlike him. He is not a fussy eater and he loves all food. I then cooked a scrambled egg to let it cool down a little and offered it to him and thank God, he ate it all!! That is the most wonderful time! I was in tear when he finished the egg. You guys must think I am crazy but I am dead worry when he is not eating, I would offer him anything in the world as long as he is eating, I don't care what the vet said! Also, he did his first toilet today since Tuesday!! I am so happy!!
He is going to see the vet this morning for another check up, will update more. BTW, the wound is looking fine but he still needs his T Shirt on to stop him licking.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

damn TIC

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just found this damn tic stuck on Seagull's lip! Normally, I use a bit of cotton soak in TCP and press on the tic for a couple of minutes then use the twezer to pluck it out but now this tic is in the sensitive spot, I don't know how to deal with it!!! Please someone help!!!

poor Sat!!

Everytime I look at Saturn, my heart aches a lot!! He definitely do not deserve this!! I took him to the Vet for the check up yesterday, eventhough his temperature is normal but the Vet didn't give him any pain killer!! The wound is alongside his "thingy", poor thing struggled to go to toilet. I can see he is trying to have a wee but everytime he wants to go, he just can't help with the discomfort or pain and stop immediately! He is not eating at all this morning, that is a big worry for me!! Not like my Saturn at all!!
I give him a T shirt to stop him licking his wound