Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

tricky T'day

Sorry I haven't been blogging much! Gosh! I am so busy. I thought living in the country will be so quiet and relaxing; instead I am up 6:30am every morning and chaos start, all the way until 10pm and I am dead! My Internet connection is so slow and I tried to watch the videos and none actually play smoothly, they hang! Sigh ~ so much of country life! 

Sorry I didn't left any comments on friends' blog, I was trying to catch up with what's going on ... hopefully I will be on track again soon. 

Not much of a tricky T-day, our new bi-black girl Sen (or Seny) arrived a couple of weeks ago from Czech Republic. The first week, we didn't do anything, just get her to used to the family and surrounding. She is doing great, apart from one problem ... LEAK! OMG! Can't she leak? Excited, she leaks! Nervous, she leaks! Any movements, she leaks! Luckily, our ground floor is all tile but she likes to jump up on the sofa and she leaks when I call her! If any of you out there can give me a good suggestion on how to stop her leaking, I will be grateful! I have in the past a few bitches that leak when they get really excited but none of them leak like the way she leaks! When she sees food/treat, she leaks! Oops!

this is me trying to do some clicker with her, you can see she is one very happy girly!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Chestnut, aka Fat Boy

Today, we wave good-bye to Fat Boy. He's off adventure to his new home in Dorset. He has been a great puppy in the last 8 weeks. Always made me smile with his little antics. He is very much like his daddy Sing, very forward and outgoing; nothing fears him and is keen to explore to new environments. We wish him ALL THE BEST and hopefully I will see him again soon. 

Licosateria Iz AmuSing, aka Fat Boy, aka Chestnut
having a good run on the Ridge on the weekend:

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rona & Fat Boy 7 weeks!

Finally, we are back to civilisation :) We got our landline and internet fixed on Tuesday! One problem living in the country is the Internet is very slow, although we've ordered the "best". I guess the country life is very relaxing and everything has its own speed! I really enjoyed my country life, no complaining apart from trying to watch any video and it keeps stopping! I can't even watch a small clip without hiccup :(

Lots of updates coming up ... but firstly, Sing x Sipzie's puppies are 7 weeks old today! OMG! Where does all the time gone? They both have their eyes tested on Thursday and as expected, they are both CEA clear :) These two puppies are very active, they are wearing me down all the time! Thank God Flint was a good little boy to help me keeping them busy from time to time. They play and play and play ...

here are some fairly recent photos of the puppies:

Wednesday, October 10, 2012