Sunday, October 31, 2010

pup TWO weeks

 can you resist a cute photo?

Salute/Silk is two weeks old today. She is gaining weight everyday, she is now a robust and strong puppy. Her eyes are beginning to open yesterday, I saw a tiny crack on the left eyes and this morning, both eyes are open. They aren't fully open yet but I am sure it won't be long until she will see us clearly.

We have fun taken some halloween photos yesterday with the pup and Saturn. Saturn is such a calm gentle soul, it didn't take me long at all to take a few good photos.

these photos are taken today @ two weeks old:
 already a poser :)

 eyes spy!

 hello granny! 

 taking my first step ...

... and I fall

Being Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night in the corner, fireworks are everywhere this weekend. Skye didn't cope well with the fireworks at all. She was petrified. She couldn't settle and each time the fireworks went, she jumped in the air, she sometimes trot on the pup when she jumped out of the box. At the end, I have to take her and the pup to sleep with us in the bedroom. Luckily she was calm staying with us. My other dogs didn't bother by the fireworks, so it probably helped her to settle. 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Trick or Treat?
Happy Halloween to ALL

ROCKY has been reunited with his mummy!!

A big thank you to everyone who involved in searching for Rocky's safe return. He came back to the agility field where he lived with his mum's friend while his mum busy with moving house.

Rocky is safe and sound and is looking very well.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Terrible Thursday

Please help finding ROCKY!!
Rocky went missing in Glemsford, near Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 area

Rocky is our dear friend Linda Henming's blue merle sheltie. Linda is moving house, so Rocky stayed with her friend. Unfortunately, he slipped his collar, so he has no collar or tag on him but is microchipped. Rocky is fearful for strangers and should not be approached. He was last sighted at 5:30pm yesterday.

Anyone lives in and around that area, 
please help finding Rocky!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Silk - ONE week old

I can't believe the little girl is one week old today! She has a proper name now, SILK.

She continues to put on weight everyday, she is now a robust 358g (12.6oz) little girlie.
Like mother like daughter ... 
mama Skye is a good mama, she cleans her baby and taking care of her very well. 
I am so proud of her.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

introduce our first tri colour Singlet

Day 3, Salute is doing well, she put on weight each day. Mama Skye is a good girl, she is a devoted mum, although she is still clumsy but she is trying hard to be a good mum to her baby girl. Salute is a noisy little girl, sometimes she squeak louder, that will upset her mama but most of the time, she is a content little baby.
I am calling her Salute for now, Salute is a teeny weeny rose.

Skye adoring her baby ...

 a good mama trying to keep her baby clean

Monday, October 18, 2010

memorable Monday - Happy Birthday to Sipzie

Today is a day to remember ...

Happy 1st Birthday to my special girl, Sipzie

 also Happy 1st Birthday to Chiqi, Ronin, Ice and Ike

... continue from yesterday SAD Sunday

Yesterday afternoon, our beautiful girl Skye gave birth to two tri colour pups. It was a very stressful birth for her. She is s first time mum and poor girlie just don't know how to handle herself. She became restless at 7am but her first contraction wasn't until 3:25pm. All I could do was to offer the comfort to her.

The first pup, a gorgeous tri colour boy was still born. It is very sad for us. The part I hate about breeding is to lose a pup. I am a very emotional kind of person, losing the beautiful boy nearly take everything out of me! The second pup, another gorgeous tri colour girl came so quickly after the boy. She took my attention away from the boy.

I had a restless and sleepless night, a lot of people say to me, now you can go to sleep but that is not true. For the next few days, I have to make myself alert all the time to watch the pup, make sure she is suckling and also make sure didn't squash her by mistake.

So far, baby girl is suckling well and mama Skye has learned not to squash her. I cannot believe how clumsy a mother can be. I recall Gem and Samber were the same. I think they tried to protect their babies but didn't know they could easily squash them.
this is the tri colour girl, born 4.6oz

 after a long stressful day, Skye finally close her eyes and rest for one minute!

We have named the still born boy HEAVEN. Colin named him really. I was planning to keep a boy from this litter and already named him Licosateria Mai Dark Prince (if he is a sable) or Mai Black Prince (if he is a tri), and pet name would be PRINCE (yes, I am running out of "S" names!!!). Sadly, he was taken away from me. He will forever remembered by us as Licosateria Mai Heavenly Prince. RIP Heaven!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Senseless Sunday

I thought having a break from agility means we will have relaxing weekends but so far we have a few "exciting" weekends already. This morning, I thought Skye's puppies are coming, she beginning to look restless, wasn't that interested in her food, temperature drop and nesting ... I am getting so excited because I have been up and ready for the last 7 days, I am running out of my patient.

Well, I guess she is testing out my patient, so I decided to take her for a walk up and down the garden. She was pacing slowly in the garden ... then I heard some rustling noise on the willow tree, I thought it must be the squirrel. When I look up, I saw our cat from hell staring into my eyes and said: HELP ME DOWN!

Honestly, I don't know what I was thinking, I was more worried about Skye then in her but my instinct told me I need to get her down from the willow tree. She was meowing in distress! So, I screamed at Colin who enjoying his lovely Sunday Toast for help.

But, Vindi still wouldn't come down, we have tried to put the Dog Walk plank for her but she just climb higher and higher!!!

Doesn't she looks so cute? Don't fool by her look, she is a cat from hell!!

Then, we need my nephew Boon to help, he is younger and fitter to climb up the ladder ...

 what do you think the cat thinks? She thought: are we having a game on the tree, M E O W!

At the end, the men gave up in rescuing the poor cat, I felt really sorry for her and I hate to hear her meowing in distress but I am not going to climb up the tree to rescue her. I decided to use the "shelties" way to get her down! I know how much she loves Sipzie and Sunny, Sipzie in particular, so I first got Sipzie out to get her down, she made a move but not quite make it, so I have to get Sunny out, she looked at her and hang back. Then, I ran out of patient, so I have all of them out playing in the garden happily. She got so jealous to see the shelties running around ... then she made a BIG move, she got down from the steep bit; I knew if I have more patient, she will eventually climb all the way down by herself but I haven't got that patient, have I? I decided to climb up the ladder bravely to get her down. Phew! Rescue successful!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

shelties on holiday ... the boys and Sipzie

Well, Sing doesn't look too good this morning. I have noticed he limped slightly when we got on to the Common. It is not the usual "bad" shoulder but his left hind leg. I watched it carefully and realised he isn't putting the pressure on that foot. He is a tough boy so he walked on his usual phase. Unfortunately it got worst after I started play ball with the others. Sing lives for his ball and water, he chased the ball and that made it worst, so I immediately stop playing the ball with the others. Then, Sunny found the pond again, she went in to her shoulder level, to me, this is a good sign to get her to swim again, so I gave her a lot of verbal encouragement, this wind Sing and Sizzle up. I decided to take the ball out to throw it in the pond to encourage her and Sing dive straight in, follow by Sizzle ...

 Poor Sipzie came off her season last week, I think she is a bit hormonal at the moment. She is off her toy and I have been trying so hard to get her to play again. She will play for a very short time, less than a second. She wanted food more than the toy, is very unlike her at the moment. I have heard a lot about bitches became hormonal after season, hopefully she will get pass this stage asap. Poor girl!

shelties on holiday ... loonie Skye

Skye got a new nickname, I call her "loonie". That really suits her. She is full of energy and run like a lunatic, ALL DAY! I cannot complain, I bred her, hehehe ... she is a puppy that I am proud of! She is the combination of  Sing's intelligent and Samber's craziness! And on top of that, she is "powerful", each time she tugs, she pulls my arm off! I wonder why my arm is sore!

poor girl is losing all her beautiful coat at the moment, so she is basically hairless, hopefully it will all grow back for winter. Her coat is looking more and more like Sing's marking, maybe a bit darker/deeper.

this is what she does for the entire walk, TUG on her lead. I want it that way and her mummy is doing a good job to keep up the tugging work!!  Oh, one thing she is very much like her father, if I do not play tug with her, then she will tug my trouser or my sleeve!!! If you see me with torn trouser, you know why!

like father ...
 ... like daughter!