Friday, August 01, 2014

"visiting" July

This July seems to be a visiting month for us. In the beginning of the month, we have Jolanda, Joost, Hidde, little Elin and Skye & Rona from The Netherlands came to spend 10 days with us. It was very good having them as I have someone cooking for me everyday lol. I don't often cook, so I will just eat anything that is available. It's good to start eating healthy as I needed it. Joost had taught me how to cook simple and yet healthy and I have been following his recipes and I really enjoyed it. 

Skye and Rona are Sing's babies, Skye is Sonic's full sister from the first litter of Samber, she is the spitting image of her mama. Rona is Sipzie's baby from her first litter and she is another spitting image of her mama. 

Here are some family pictures, if you have not seen them on Facebook already :)

 maam Sipzie, daughter Rona, Sonic, daddy Sing and Skye

 Sipzie, Rona, Sonic, Sing, Skye

 Rona with mama Sipzie and daddy Sing

 Sipzie, Sing and their daughter Rona

 Sipzie, Sing, Rona

 carbon copy mother and daughter :)

Then, we have Sally & Paul and their Hobdell doglets pop in for a quick visit on route to Tuffley show. It was good that Skye got to see her mama Samber again before heading back to Holland. 

More family pictures!

 The wind swipe family :D

 Tig, mama Samber, daddy Sing, Sonic and Skye 
In this family picture, we are missing Sadie from the first litter and Brooke from the 2nd and last litter

The smiley family, apart from Skye lol

In this picture, we have some of the dogs, the others are camera shy lol

Soon after Jolanda's family left. We have some sheltie friends staying :) Frankie's mummy was on holiday, so Frankie and his two sable sisters Milly and Penny came to stay for a week. It was a bit of chaos and but after they settled down, they just blend in with my lots. Such a lovely big sheltie family. 

 this is Milly, she is such a pretty little girlie. She does agility with her mummy Annette

 Milly making herself at home :)

the gorgeous Milly enjoying her afternoon nibble

 this is Penny, she loves me very much :) she's such a funny girl, loving her sleeping posture. How can she gets comfy? 

Penny enjoying her afternoon nibble :)

Mr handsome, gorgeous, blue eyes Frankie. Love him so much!

Here are Frankie getting Penny to play tug with him, clever boy :)

Here are some pictures of Frankie playing with his mama Sipzie:

 Sipzie and her two kids Frankie and Rona

And here are some pictures of Frankie having fun with his mate Ski:

After Frankie, Penny and Milly gone home, we have Colin's family coming to stay the next day for a few days. It's lovely to see mum, dad and Vanessa's family. Since we moved, we don't see them very often enough. The only time we travel down south is Christmas; so it's lovely that they now visit us in Summer when the kids are on holidays. I'd love to see them more often. 

 my boys on the newly bale hay in the sunset

Family effort :) We rent a field out to a sheep farmer, his sheep can't graze the grass quick enough. We have such a good year for grass. At the end, he has to move the sheep out to harvest some hay in the field. He got 25 bales of conventional bale of hay in an 8 acres land. There are quite a lot of loose hay after the baling. I got the family to help me to collect as much hay as possible for the chicken bedding. We have hatched some baby chicks and duck, the hay will keep them warmer then the wood shaving and is definitely cheaper :)

 Boys loving the kids!

That is one busy month :) Now, my agility month begin! We are off to The Kennel Club International Agility Festival in Rockingham Castle. Will update you, hopefully with good news later on ...