Friday, July 31, 2009


Sizzle is turning 16 months old, old enough to do some UKA shows but not old enough to do the KC shows. I have entered him the Beginner Steeplechase & Nursery classes this weekend. I am dying to see how he performs himself in the open field. I know he is one great little dog at home in the garden and at club but he has not has any experienced in the open showground. Hopefully he will stay with me and take no notice of any distractions, we will have to see. I am going to have some fun with him, I want him to be happy and enjoying himself, if he goes wrong, we will finish the course in a happy mode. I am hoping to use the toy in the Nursery class. Believe it or not, I am very nervous (silly me?), this is a very bad sign, I shouldn't worried at all, whatever it is, I should just treated it as our training run! I can't wait to get there eventhough the weather forecast for tomorrow is RAIN and RAIN and RAIN! Arrrggghhh ... I guess we will ended up muddy! Oh yes! It is a three hours drive away for us!! This means we are getting up at 4am and leave home at 5am the latest to be able to get there in time for the first class. And, we have not book anywhere to stay tomorrow night, the adventure is about to begin!
my happy boys!
Sizzle's tummy problem is still on and off, some days he is full of energy and some days he has a bad tummy and stay quiet, hopefully he is up for the challenge this weekend.

Sizzle is one lucky boy, he has too many collars and leads!

these two are his daily/walking collars and leads.
The "BAD TO THE BONE" is a gift from his uncle Dennis and auntie Bernadette. We always save that for a special occassion to wear. He looks very smart wearing that lead and collar.

I was doing my shopping at the shows recently, I bought him the "AGILITY" (blue and red) collar+lead set. Last weekend, I bought him another agility collar (with the orange word sewing on the black collar) and I bought him a metal plate (right on the picture) last year when he was 17 weeks old. Which one he is going to wear this weekend? I don't know!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Zap 7 weeks

Zap turns 7 weeks old yesterday, I didn't get a chance to post some photos. The weather was lousy and can't get any decent photos of him. Also, we have Ann and Ailish and their three Terriers visiting Zap. Zap was very good with Ann and Ailish and at one point, he even try to play with Fizzle (we think she is a little JRT x Sheltie).
I took Zap with me to Pachesham this morning, this is his thrid time at Pachesham. He got to run in the field with his big brothers and he is very brave, he saw the horses and ponies and they didn't bother him.
with dadday Sing on the logs
Kieren is playing with the boys
daddy Sing got the ball
Zap: uncle Saturn, I want that ball!
Zap: wait for me!!

meeting Igloo

Zap: I bet I can get this off you.

Zap: I am going to try harder!

... but here comes Saturn

three ways tug

Zap: nevermind, I found a piece of rubber

and this is a very sleepy Zap

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Zap & a bit of agility

Time flies! Zap will be 7 weeks tomorrow and he will soon join his new family. I didn't take too many photos (I lie!) over the last few days to post here, we spent a lot of time playing and going out to different places, meeting people and see new things. He is one brave little boy, nothing frighten him at all. I am getting fatter over the last few days, too many cakes and coffees in the town!! I blamed this on little Zap!!
little sheltie in a basket

he likes to chase moving object, so every morning when my mum has her mop out in the kitchen, he thinks that is his playtime

sorry, these pictures are a little blurry, he moves too fast!!

I think he is a little wild child, he likes outdoor so much, when the weather is good, he spends most of his time in the garden

Titan is getting so much better with him, he started to tease him to play but this photo can tell you who wins!!

we had a relaxing Saturday, he joins us on your bed for a little lie-in

father and son

my superb boys! They are so good to take photos with and they will sit there all day for me to take silly photos and do not dare move an inch!

My gorgeous Boyz!!

Now, the boys with my little girl

We went to Agility Club on Sunday, that was the last Crufts Team qualifier of this year, unfortunately, the ESSC Medium Team didn't make it again but all the shelties did their best and ran superbly! Sing and I are very proud to be on the Team.

Sing was a very good boy, he has 3 runs and 3 clears out of 3! Eventhough he didn't get a place but I was very pleased with him, he has put up a gear in his two agility runs.

Saturn was a good boy too. He has a nice speed in his jumping round, unfortunately I moved too quickly before he committed the weave entry, that was entirely my fault but I have homework for him now. I am so glad to see he is all happy again. In his agility run, I didn't insist him to do his 2o/2o on his contacts, reason being, I want him to be happy so I will restrain his contacts in the winter but at the meantime, I want him not to hesitate going down the A Frame. He surprised me with a 7th place.

here is a little video, at the end of the agility runs, I included Sizzle's running dog walk:

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sizzle & Zap playing

I thought I will post this clips of Sizzle & Zap playing:
(please turn off the volume if you do not want to hear my silly voice)

Zap 6 weeks

How time flies! I can't believe he is already 6 weeks old today! He is getting more and more impossible to take a good still photo, he nevers stop, he is always on the move, so me and my mum always play "find the pup"!
My mum thinks he is so cute and is very happy to look after him while I am not around. To be precise, I actually caught her playing with the pup! See, I told you, sheltie will melt your heart! My mum called him "Chooo-B" (in our mother's tongue means CUTE).
He has been out for a short while, doing little thing for the last few days.
in a deep thought!
(I think he was watching Titan and plan how to attack him)
do I really have to sit pretty for you to take a photo?

found a tennis ball

can I be a flyball dog like my dad?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Zap has visitors!

Zap has uncle Russell and auntie Kyung to visit him yesteday. He has a good time playing with them and most of all, chew their fingers!!! hehehe ... I did warned them that his teeth are very sharp!

meeting autie Kyung and uncle Russ

playing on the dinning table?

he is a "working" sheltie, working hard to chew that piece of tissue paper!!

it is about time to learn a trick or two ... give me PAW!
... I rather attack grandma!
I can be sweet sometimes to giver her a bity kiss!
please play with me, Seagull?

or Titan?
why nobody wants to play with me?
this smells nice
I can be very cute sometimes!
Sizzle showing off
Look! I am not FAT, I can climb the A Frame!!!
mother and son playing

Now! STOP taking my photos!!!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Zap had a busy day

Zap had a busy day today. We had a bit of lie-in this morning, the little monster didn't wake me up by screaming but I got up at 7am just to make sure he and Gem is alright. He spent quite a long time in the garden this morning, exploring further and getting braver, he actually went away from me and go all they way down in the end of the garden on his own. We had a good play in the garden and he did tried to climb the A Frame, unfortunately he is too fat and roll down on the A Frame, luckily he wasn't too far up!
too fat to climb the A Frame!
exploring the jumps in the garden
found a stick to kill the time

what was he targeted?

ready ... steady ... get set ... GO!

Zap: I am gonna get you!

Sizzle: I WARN you, do not disturb me while I am weaving!

can you imagine he was a dog that do not know how to tug before?

always a happy boy!

Zap: that looks fun, can I join in Sizz?

my handsome young man all grown up now!

This afternoon we took Zap out to Wimbledon to have a coffee. We wander in a camping shop, a book store, a charity shop then sat outside Morrison for a nice cup of coffee and some cakes! There were a lot of people coming up for a fuss and good little Zap took everything in his stride. Thanks to him, I got some opportunity to eat more cakes! Yeah!

watching the world goes by ...

he is so little and he gets tired easily.