Monday, March 24, 2014


We had a very busy weekend waving good bye to the puppies. It's such a joy in the last few weeks watching these little hooligans grow up and develop into strong little characters. Six of them has gone to their perfect homes and will be doing Agility when they mature. Little Jack is going to a pet home on Friday. I am looking forward to seeing them soon. 

I have never had SO MANY puppies in a litter or even two litters before, having cleaning up after seven puppies is hard work :) They are all good puppies. When we had the two weeks of sunny and dry weather, they spent most of their times outdoor and they pretty much potty outside then. Shamed the weather turns cold, windy and wet again after that. Poor puppies were very angry that they couldn't get out to play. 

First puppy that leave the nest is LICOSATERIA SHADE OF BLUE, aka Mr Blue, now known as FRANKIE, after Frank Sinatra's blue eyes lol. Frankie goes to live with Sam Towe. I am very lucky to be able to see him on a regular basis. Sam and her mum come to train with me weekly, so I will be able to watch him grow :) 

Frankie settled in right away. He has two big sisters Penny and Milly to play with. He is a real crown, he makes everyone that meet him very happy. 

this is Frankie helping Sam studying, Aww ... studying is hard work! Bless!

The second puppy that leave is LICOSATERIA ICONIC DREAM, aka Spot, now known as ICON or IKE. Icon gone to live with Karen James who always have shelties. He will have 3 other sheltie brothers to play with . Also, he is not very far from his half brother Chestnut, aka Fat Boy (a Sing x Sipzie puppy). Ike is one very pushy puppy since he was little, he isn't the biggest in the litter but always the first one that explored everything and anything. He probably is the best tugger (well, all of them all) but he really can easily pull your arm off. 

This is Icon at his new home. Background is two of the 3 big brothers, Harley (blue merle) and Joker (tri)

Soon after Icon left, LICOSATERIA IZ A CHARMER, aka Star (has not got a name yet) went to join his new family in East Sussex with Angie Brooks and a big brother Tobi (a Sonic x Sunny puppy). Star is the smallest in the litter, I mean SMALL but with big attitude! He is a very loving puppy. Always there ready for a cuddle. His favourite toy is a ball. I think he will be a ball maniac when he grows up. It was funny watching him fetch a full size tennis ball which is bigger than him!

 This is little man with big brother Tobi

 These two pictures are little man with Angie's 14 year old Rough Collie Poppy. 
Little man is so taken to her :) Poor Poppy, being so good with him. 

Then, there were four puppies left but yesterday, I have to save good bye to Quey, Quiz and Roy. Quey and Quiz gone to live with Jacqui Wood. Jacqui's daughter Kelsey has a Sing's son Ace bred by the still sadly missed Jayne Bray of Upanova Shelties. 

Madam Quey's posh name is LICOSATERIA BLAZE OF GLORY. Quey (pronounced as "key") is the biggest in the litter, she is a real madam. When she was younger (from the day she opened her eyes and ears until she was 6.5 weeks old), she likes to do her own thing, she occasionally beat her brothers up. When she turned nearly 7 weeks old, she become a very loving girl, she likes all the fuss and attention to herself. She is very agile, she likes to dive from a high point (either on top of a wobble cushion or on the mini DW). She is photogenic like Icon. 

Quiz is the black and white boy LICOSATERIA BI ONIC. He is going to live with his half sister Quey with mummy Jacqui. He has finally come out of himself and being a real bully now. He is a very cheeky boy. He was born the smallest but he soon catches up. He is quite an adventurous little boy.  


 This is Quiz and Quey in their new home together :)

The last of the big boys to leave is Roy, LICOSATERIA ROY TO THE WORLD, aka little Mouse. Oh yes, little mouse is not so little anymore. He is one very neat puppy :) He has always been very polite, he plays nicely with his siblings, he was very calm but not until the last week, he became very bouncy, always the first one to get out of the puppy pen and conquer the playground :) He gone to stay with mummy Joy Goh-Mah, I am sure he will give his mummy a lot of fun times. 

Roy in his new home :)

 Quiz and Jack

 Roy and Icon

 Icon and Star

 Jack and Quey

 Quey and Quiz

 Quiz and Jack

 Roy and Icon

 Frankie and Star

 Frankie and Icon

 Jack and Quiz

 Quey, Star and Frankie

 Jack and Quiz

 Roy and Star

 Quiz and Jack

 Frankie, Roy and Icon
Star, Quey, Icon

Jack, LICOSATERI JUMPIN JAK FLAZ is very lost without all his playmates. He will be staying with us a bit longer before joining his new family in Basingstoke :)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Birthday month ... 2nd Birthday - Super SONIC

I am another day late to post this ...

Happy 3rd Birthday to my Super Sonic 
and his sister Brooke Bean!
what a special litter this is!