Thursday, May 01, 2014

IFCS ... prepared and getting ready for the journey

I can't believe we are ready to hit the road to IFCS in The Netherlands. Both Sonic and Sizzle were good boys to qualified and picked to represent Team GB. I am one very proud mummy. Although I have whole lots of training plan planning for the winter, sadly, it was too wet and windy and I didn't get to train on my own field. Thank God, I have booked The Dog Barn once in January, once in February and once in March, at least we got to do something. 

I have not done much with Sizzle at all, we are very rusty as a Team partnership. He is one good little boy and I am hoping he will run well at the event. I have noticed that he has pulled off jumps very often at training. Although we don't do much which worried me but he's up to date with all the physio, chiro, massage ... finger crossed he will be running well.

As for Sonic, he is still the gobby ginger monster :) He is always UP for agility. I have done more on the weave and not much on the contact which is a bad thing :) For a DW crazy dog like him, he now will pull off to do tunnel underneath the DW instead of DW. Oops! Do I have time to fix the problem? Probably not. I am just happy that he is part of the Team and we will do our best and that will be a great experienced for him. 

Sonic, Sizzle will join The Burdett Shelties Bracken and Brodie competing in IFCS

We went to Devon Dogs last weekend to do some training. Friday was the weave and contact workshop. Sonic did some fab contact works, I am very happy with his performance. I think I know what to expect from him and I am ready for the challenge. Our main problem at the moment (always the problem) is we can't run a clear round for a full course. I am always too slow to tell him where to go and he gets frustrated and he barks at me. 

On Saturday and Sunday, it was a handling weekend. The exercises were very basic, so I only work my young dog as I do not want to change and messed up my handling with Sonic and Sizzle. I think that's unfair to change a dog in a week. 

We are travelling out to The Netherlands on Sunday midnight. I now missed Mitcham where it's much closer to the Tunnel crossing. Hopefully, it will be a nice and smooth long journey. I just wanted to get there and settle, stretch the dogs' legs and get used to the surroundings. It's all about me, not the dogs lol.