Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Sipzie's puppies are 2.5 weeks old now. Didn't time just flew by! Oh, I have done nothing but just sit and watch them grow and of course handle them a lot :) Poor puppies. I don't think they really like being disturbed all the time. They are just too cute, don't you all want a cuddle?  

I am so lucky to have so many people popping in and out to help me socialised the puppies

The puppies are getting more mobile now. It's so funny to watch them run before they can walk. They wobble and they fell, all learning curve for them. I started weaning them off yesterday, the two little boys immediately lick my fingers like they knew what to do. Mr Blue and Girlie needs a lot of encouragement :) I guess they probably had all the milk from Sipzie already. 

He looks like he has two melting your heart blue eyes 

Girlie still the biggest in the litter, she's too tired to have her photos take lol

Spot, the most photogenic puppy :)

Star, such a charming puppy

the smallest boy, aka camera shy boy :)

We are also proudly introduce Seny's new arrival on Saturday, 8th February. Two black boys. She didn't show any sign of whelping, in fact, she went past her whelping date. I was getting a bit worried. Her temperature started to drop on Saturday morning and she refused her breakfast. Her contraction started around 2:30pm and the first boy appeared at 4pm and the second one an hour later. All went well and smooth. Poor Seny was in shocked, she didn't know how to handle the boys. It took her 3 days but mama and babies are well. 

 Seny's two black boys <3 p="">
 First born, Tri Colour boy

Second born, Bi Black boy

Seny and her babies.