Tuesday, November 30, 2010

snowy pup

Today is Silk's first snow day! I was a bit worried to let her out but she saw her daddy and mama and uncles and aunties played in the snow and she cried and cried ... so, I tried to let her out for 5 minutes. Oh My God! She loves the snow, she ran and ran and ran, chasing the others in the garden ... I love seeing them having so much fun. She also tried to eat the snow! She gets to go out twice today for 5 min each. I think that is plenty, I don't want to get her cold. When we ran back indoor, I have to rub her down and sit in front of the fan heater to warm her up! She enjoyed all the fuss!!

SNOW, puppy lead train and tricky T-Day!

I am soooooooo happy that we finally got some snow! Yipeeeeeee
Eventhough it is not too heavy and I am not sure if they are going lay on the ground for a day? At least it made me very happy for a little while.
 like me, Sing loves snow! You can see how happy he is! He did his FLAP in the snow too!

 like her daddy, Silky is crying to go out to play in the snow!

Sipzie and Vindi playing in the snow

 Vindi's first snow and she is crazy to see the white stuff, she tried to catch them, so cute!

this is Sing, Sizzle, Sipzie, Vindi and Saturn playing in the snow this morning:

There has been a lot going on today, can you imagine I've got so many things done? I managed to start lead training with Silk this morning, we spent 10 minutes to get her to get used to a lead attach to her! I am sure you all remember how hard to lead train a puppy. They surely don't like anything hanging on their neck!
 Silk: I want to chew this lead off me!
 Silk: NO, you are not getting me moving!
 Silk: mama, HELP ME!
SILK: oh well, is not bad after all, I can play tug, can't I?

And finally, tricky T-Day this week ...
Walking HAND in HAND with Saturn.
I wanted to teach him to limp eventually but I think the first step is this:

Monday, November 29, 2010

crazy puppy video

I took this video last evening, Vindi the cat loves Silk pup, she always trying hard to get her to play. Unfortunately, how a cat plays is not how a dog plays. Vindi likes to use her claw a lot, even when she plays with Colin and me! I think we both covered in cat scratches. If Silky sleeps outside her pen, Vindi will go up to her quietly to claw her, I think she wants her to play but Silk pup is too tired. Then, if Silk is up, Vindi will tease her then hide underneath the mini DW (like in this video), Silk got so wound up and this is the noisy game starts ... WARNING! This can be a very boring and noisy, if you haven't got time, you can just leave this page. 

photo taken this morning, when she is tired!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

SILK pup - 6 weeks!

The older she gets, the harder to take a good picture. She moves so quick too! I've added some mini agility equipments into my lounge to get her to associate with them ... when she first saw the A Frame, she run up and down straightaway. She really loves the A Frame. She spends a lot of time on it!

 this is the decent photo taken today

 Vindi cat really likes her, she always tease her to play and Silky is beginning to accept her

 Silk loves the mini A Frame
I've covered the mini A Frame with non-slip mat as when she ran over it, she slips, not a good thing for a young pup, so with the non slip mat, she can do her silly running up and down and be safe :-)

 she sometimes jump onto the mini DW too

 learning target already? No! The 3rd similarity to Sing ... stalking!
Sing likes to stalk a still/dead tennis ball, I think this is from his herding instinct, he now passes this to her daughter Silk. I have noticed this "stalking" from her beginning this week. Whenever I roll the tennis ball, she stood there and watched it stops, then she's moves like the pink panther, gradually get closer to the ball, then jump and grab it! Very cute! Each time I took the video camera out, she attacks me, hopefully one of these days I will get that on video.

here is a series of the stalking process:
 starting with daddy Colin teasing her with the ball ...
 Colin rolled the ball ... and Silk watched it
 Silk: I am going to get you!
 getting closer ...
 AND gotcha!

Good night folk, we are tired Zzzzzzzz ...

Friday, November 26, 2010

Silky pupdate with pictures and videos

Silk pup is nearly 6 weeks now. Yes, I know ... I keep changing her name, hopefully this is the last time! I didn't get many photos taken as I normally do because everytime she wakes up, she is very active; she runs here and there. I need to watch her just in case she got stuck in the puppy gate which she did at one time, that gave me a good fright! Luckily Colin was there when it happened, he is a very calm person and guess what he did to rescue her? Just open the gate and she is free while I was thinking how careful should I get her stuck head out!

With an active puppy, you can hardly take a good/reasonable picture. She moves so quick too! And, when she sees me, she likes to attack me! LOL

We are quite lucky with the weather, no rain and no snow either! She gets to go out in the garden for 5-10 minutes. I have also taken her out. We live by the main road, so by standing in the front garden, she gets to see the traffic going pass. I think she quite enjoy her outing as she turns her head with the traffic going pass and show no sign of stress or being nervous. We have some big lorries and ambulance passing by most of the times ...

 Silk 5.5 weeks

 mother and daughter watching the cat!

 Another reason that I haven't take too many pictures was because I kept carrying her off the see-saw. At one point, she was UP half way and I was busy picking up the dog mess. That gave me heart attack and I rushed to get her off, all the other dogs think I turned into a nutter!

 this picture prove she is well toilet train!! LOL
She has been a very good girl, I don't expect her to pee/poo on the newspaper everytime but she is very good girl, she always go on the newspaper, unless she is far away from the newspaper and she can't get there quick enough as I have caught her a couple of times, she suddenly ran from the kitchen back to her pen, but before she got to her newspaper (only an inch away!), she poo! Ah Bless! Such a sweet puppy!

 And Silk puppy loves her musical cot mobile, she goes crazy whenever she hears the tune! I thought it is a lullaby, should makes the babies/puppies sleepy but each time she hears it, she jumps up and wanted to catch the little toys. This started when she was only a tiny pup and it carries on ... I thought I asked Colin to video it, please ignore our silly conversation, just watched the pup, she is more interesting LOL

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sipzie training update

It looks like once I get started, I will keep up and make sure I do it ... I mean training Sipzie in the garden! Luckily it has been dry for the last few days, so I managed a bit of training with Sipzie. I dare not try training the see-saw on my own until I know she is comfortable of doing it. I do not want to mess up with another see-saw again. If you were to ask me what is the hardest obstacle to train, I will tell you it is the see-saw!

I have film a little training on the see-saw and introducing the table to her. In the see-saw part, it took me longer on the startline because I want to strengthen her startline wait and also stopping her from snatching food off my finger!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

our first tricky T-day

At long last, I finally got time to teach the dogs a trick or two. Since I have the skate board out for the pup to play, I thought I will teach Sipzie how to surf! I have taught the boys to surf but it is also a good time to remind them the trick. Sizzle has a good memory and he surf really well but Sing and Saturn taught the skate board is another "elephant circus" trick, they made me laugh!

In this video, this is first time I introduced Sipzie to the skate board, although she has seen the puppy playing with it but she has not interact with it before. I am very happy the way she knew what to do already. She is one greedy sheltie and she is the only of my dog that snatch food off my hand. I have been trying very hard to train her to take food off me gently but it didn't work. The first time, I used treat and she made my finger bled :-(, so I have to change it to squeeze cheese, so she has no chance to take my finger off :-)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Brrrrr ...

It is so cold today, barely above 10c! The heating is on full at the moment, unfortunately my "doggie" car's heating just went today! Why? Why everything has to break down when you needed it most? So, we drove back in the freezing cold car to and fro training, brrrrrr ...

Sipzie is definitely back to her old self now because she is getting so excited ... we managed to fence half of the garden off yesterday, at least to make it poo free so I can train Sipzie whenever we are up for it. We have not done much of weave pole at training, we did some very basic channel weaves and it is still open fairly wide. I know I always say I am rushing it but I think I am getting a bit impatient with just Channel. I have done some V weaves with her but because of her after season blue and the wet weather we had recently, we haven't done nothing for 6 weeks.

It is good Colin was around to film us so I can see what need improvement, I think our startline wait/stay definitely needs strengthen. Also, Sipzie is very different to the boys, she get so hype up and excited, so I need to be calmed with her to get her focus and concentrate. I am so used to motivate/encourage the boys so I need to control myself to start with. I need to do some "control" management :-)

Also, it is interesting to see how Sipzie kept missing her A Frame contact. I have raised the A Frame in the garden yesterday but she has done the full height A Frame at training for nearly two months but she has not miss a single one eventhough she only have 1.5 stride down sometimes! She has done that quite a lot and everyone just ohhhhhhhh ... at her!

here is a little video of her weaving and A Frame, please turn your volume down as Skye is barking annoyingly at the background :-)

 teaching "hold"

Oh, puppy is so cute! She begins to take notice of me, she wanted to play and she wanted to jump on my lap and the 2nd similarity to Sing ... she loves to lick you ... to death! She is a gentle licker like Sing but not give up until she gets tired, that is just like Sing! One good thing, the puppy breath is not bad, so I quite enjoy her lick.

 every morning when I wake up, she gets to join the gang (please ignore my un-comb hair!) and she loves being in the pack!

I have done some clicker training with her last week, today, after I came back from training Sipzie, she screamed to come out of her pen, so we had a good play, basically she is mad, she ran like a lunatic and tried to tug everything, very cute indeed! Then, I had my clicker out, this is her 3rd time interacting with clicker and I think she is brilliant. I can see her offering me some behaviours already, such a clever little puppy. And, her balance on the wobble cushion isn't bad either :-)

 little Swing pup and her clicker:

Sunday, November 21, 2010

weekend, part 2 - Swing 5 weeks old!

Time just flew by when you have a puppy to raise, I cannot believe Swing pup is 5 weeks old already! Where does all the times gone? Swing is a joy. She is such a lovely puppy with character :-) The older she gets, the more she is like her daddy in many ways ... the most obvious thing is she does not like me to pull/touch her tail. Sing would not allow anyone to touch his tail, so that is similarity one! So, guess what I am doing? Pull/touch her tail everyday til she get used to it! 

 Swing loves her Doner Kebab pizza :-)
She is mostly wean off from Skye. She is eating very well on her puppy food, she is a good eater but sensible

We have a little do to celebrate Colin's birthday last evening, we have some guests around the house, little Swing pup has so many auties and uncles to meet, everyone take turn to make a fuss of her and she played with them well. She showed no sign of stress or nervous which is fantastic. This is the first time she get to meet so many people in the house with the busy noises, people walking around, talking, screaming over the X Factor ...
 she loves her dental chew

 5 weeks old already

 play with mama Skye

 bullying her mama

both tired out  Zzzzzzz ...

I managed to take two video of Swing play today, this is her playing tuggy, I like the way she makes this little growling noise:

and this is the one she trying to kill the pink pig: