Wednesday, April 23, 2014

AGILITY ... catching up

Well, I haven't been competing much with the shelties, the boys were rested most of the time throughout the winter, due to the amount of rain we had, we haven't been able to go outside to train either. Our Farm lives up to its name, if there's no rain, it's always windy and I would not risk training them. I've only done only one of the Bitz N Bobz winter series last October, the first show of the series and Sonic won all his classes and he got into the Final of Midlands Master in March. Poor Sizzle was avoiding and measuring some jumps.

Sonic @ Combined 4-7 Agility:

Sonic @ Combined 4-7 Jumping:

Sonic @ Combined 4-7 Steeplechase: 

Sizzle @ Combined 4-7 Jumping:

Sizzle @ Combined 4-7 Agility:

Then, in December, Sonic was in the UKA Final. He was in for two events, the CSJ Grand Prix and The Beginners Steeplechase. I've posted the event in my earlier post and I am very proud of mai boy winning the Steeplechase. 

Our first agility competition of the year was about 4 weeks ago at ABAA show where Sonic was in for the Midlands Master Final. I've managed to enter him and Sizzle for a couple of Agility runs as well. At this show, you get to run the same course twice and they will pick your best time. This is my first time doing the show and I find it very funny and different. I rather enjoyed it as I get to tryout both ways to handle the same course. Well, I intend to but my timing was wrong and at the end I have to run it the same way :)

Sonic side by side Agility run at ABAA:

Sadly, in the Final, I let him down with my poor handling, my timing was out and I drop my arm too early for turn and him being a good honest boy responded to my body too well. I have been thinking and reviewing about my handling skill, I have to admit, it's gone all rusty! Since I started to tryout for ketschker turn and I forgot all about the old pivot turn but I really like the ketschker turn and I would like to handle it better. I think poor Sonic is confused in what I am asking him for. Or, maybe he really does not understand the ketschker turn. He turns more naturally on the left but the right. 

Sonic @ Midlands Master Final, Agility round:

Sonic @ Midlands Master Final, Jumping round:

Last Saturday, we went to UKA Easter. I was hoping to give Sonic and Sizzle a couple of runs before IFCS. UKA heights are the same to IFCS, both boys will jump their own heights. According to the running order, we should be finished by mid-day but sadly, things always gone out of its way, so rings were running behind schedule. I've managed to do 4 runs with Sonic but only able to do a Gambling with Sizzle. I so wanted to do the Champ Agility with him but I've asked Emma of Pet Rehab to come and treat the boys at the showground, so I can't keep her waiting forever. Both boys were very tight in various places, they both have been adjusted and also massage by Gemma Dorman of Full Stretch Canine Massage yesterday. Hopefully they are all good to GO now. 

This is Sizzle's Champ Gambler, he didn't do the "Gamble" in time. We are definitely out of sync at the moment as I don't train him as much. At home, he is reluctant to work away from me now which is very unusual for him. I am really worried if he has underlying health issue. After our IFCS trip, he will be semi retired and just do some fun runs every now and then. I rather him enjoy being just a normal pet then doing Agility if that hurts him. It is so sad not to know if he is unwell or if he is not motivated. I personally don't think he is unmotivated but you just don't know :(

This is Sonic's Novice Gambler, the course is the same, they have not move any of the obstacles but change the Gambling to slightly longer time and sequence. Sonic won that class and presented his daddy with an Easter Egg, Colin is a very happy man :) I didn't like the opening sequence, I don't like how the judge place the DW, the plank (either end or beginning) is so close to the ring with a pole nearby holding up the rope. Not so much of a problem for stop contact dogs but with running, I find it a bit risky. With superb running contact dogs, the dog probably won't travel as far but I am no expert and I know my dogs go all the way. I have to send both Sizzle and Sonic to wrap around the pole to be on the safe side, I am actually very happy that what I've taught them, they put it in used :) "go around" works well here. You can see the ring rope and the pole clearer in Sizzle's video. 

This is Sonic's Novice Agility, I was a little bit disappointed with his weave, not that I want to win the class but I have been working hard on his weave at home getting ready for IFCS and I thought he did so well with all the difficult entries and I have not expect him to look back at me and come out of the weave! Hmm ... more work in progress! Otherwise, I think he ran rather well. 

This is Sonic's Novice Jumping. This was supposed to be a NFC round. I've learned not to carry a toy in my hand as if I have ball in my hand, he will gob all the way around the course and demanding his ball and not even look at where he is going. I placed the ball at the end but we still made a big messed at the course!

When I ran him, I didn't realised this is The Beginners Steeplechase Heat. Oops! Poor Sonic is still in the Beginners in Steeplechase. The reason is he has not run a clear round last year. He has only two clear rounds (one was eliminated well before he started because I carried a ball into the ring; the other one he won that heat and got into the Final). He is not allow to qualify again. He got 2nd in the class and he was announced to be one of the finalist. I have left by the time they presented the result and was not aware until I saw that on Facebook: 
I've emailed UKA to tell them about it and they are calling the 3rd place to be in the Final. 

Side note: One of Sing x Sunny's babies Savannah, together with her "Shouty Shelties" team-mates Rommy and Brodie have qualified themselves to Dog Central Team Tournament at the UKA Final at the end of the year. Good Luck Savannah, Rommy and Brodie. 

Mama Sipzie is slowly coming back to Agility game :) We still struggling to get her to weave properly at show but she is making progress:

I am off to Devon Dogs with the boys and Sipzie tomorrow to have 3 days training before IFCS. WooHoo! I am so excited and I will be watching Tula (a Sonic x Sunny baby) train as well. How proud am I. I need the gorgeous Lauren Langman to push me all the way. She's pretty good to get me "going". I think I am getting very lazy with my handling, especially I've been eaten far too many yummy easter eggs!

Coming up next ... prepare for IFCS

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Birthday month ... 3rd Birthday - Sizzle

Happy very Belated Birthday to my little ray of sunshine Sizzle. 
I can't believe he is 6 already!
on 27th March 2014

I have been distracted by too many things in life and neglect my blog update again. Sizzle has a wonderful time on his birthday. We went for a very long walk and did some fun thing together. This little boy makes me laugh all the time. He maybe small but mighty :)