Wednesday, March 28, 2007

broken in

I went to training with Bernadette this afternoon and after that, I took the boys to Southwater Country Park for a quick walk as usual. When I got to Southwater, I saw 2 suspicious looking men, one with yellow flourecent jacket. They look like workman/labour to me. I was not very comfortable with them when I saw them as they were wander around the main car park, they do not look like parking attendance to me. Anyway, I park the car outside the overflow car park as usual. I took the boys out for 25 minutes, as I returned, the front passenger seat window has been smashed! They have taken my Satelite Navigator and my bag full of dog stuff. I am very upset especially they stole my dog stuff, the bag was full of the boys' favourite toys which I used for training.

Monday, March 26, 2007

good with children

We went to visit mum and dad on Saturday and have a nice walk in Stanmer Park. It was windy but we enjoyed the walk especially the boys, they like somewhere different to go to. After lunch, we went to mum and dad's house and Vanessa and her children came over to play with the dogs. I am so pleased to see how well the dogs cope (beside Seagull). They have not seen much of young children but they were calm and gentle with the Daniel, Matthy and baby Toby.

This is Skye "inspecting" Matthy. Luckily he is not a licky boy like Sing does.

baby Toby enjoyed throwing the ball for Sing and they have a good time together

Saturn has a stroke from Daniel

This is a funny picture.
When I asked them to "cheese" before I snap, my nephew Boy put up a peace sign while Seagull gave us a grin. Gosh! I've been teaching him to smile since he was a puppy and this is the first time he did it naturally!! I know he is a slow learner but it took me 4 years!

Seagull is not good with children so he has to be under control, we let him sit with my nephew. My nephew came to visit a few days ago, when he first arrived, Seagull barking at him non-stop and would not go near him. Everytime he moves, he will bark and bark and would never let him touch him but he was a good friend to him when we were at our parents.

Isn't he so handsome? I thought mum's carpet match him well!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

singing to Emmerdale

I've tried to tidy some old files and found this funny one. Starry's mother Tilly and sister Daisy singing to Emmerdale. Tilly's owners are the big fans of Emmerdale and everytime when Emmedale is on, Tilly will start howling. They thought it is just a one-off but Tilly "sings" every evening when Emmerdale is on and she now pass it on to her daughter, Daisy. Well, from Monday to Friday, 7pm, you can hear two shelties singing!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I received this photo in the post this morning and I thought it is lovely one of Sing weaving.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Happy 5th Birthday to Sing!

Happy Birthday to my very special boy, SING!

Time flies and I cannot believe he is 5 tomorrow!

I choose Betty Midler’s “Wind Beneath my Wings” as a background song to this montage because this is one of my all time favourite and I think some of the lyrics are just like what I feel the bond between me and Sing. He is always my HERO and thank God for him, the WIND beneath my wings! I would be nothing without him!

He is my very first own dog, he taught me positive training and my love for shelties begin …

He is everything, everything I wish I could be!

Saturn's swimming clip

This video clip was taken this afternoon at Saturn's second swimming lesson, isn't he clever? He managed the swim on his own and the beautiful assistant was amazed by him!

Monday, March 12, 2007

I am sorry ...

I feel very bad to run Sing into the wing. He is not looking good and I am worry.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sing's pre-birthday ups and downs

We have a good times and bad times at C Side yesterday. The good news are Saturn has his first clear round in Agility and his speed is improving. The second piece of good news is Sing won 2nd in Open Jumping, that was out of my expectation, he was really fast and accurate. Unfortunately, we had a "big" accident in Agility ring. We were flowing nicely but got eliminated (I forgot the course!!), then nearly at the end (2nd last jump), due to my bad handling, poor Sing crashed into the wing very badly and got himself injured. His eye was swollen and he was limping. I feel very bad and my heart hurt when I saw my precious boy suffering.

Well Done, Sing

Sing has a good run at Open Jumping, he finished with 2nd, his pre-birthday present!

Saturn's first clear round in Agility

We went to C Side yesterday to compete with Saturn in the morning and Sing in the afternoon. I think the Snowdonia break do them good, both of them are eager to go around the course with good speed and I am very pleased with their speed yet there are still a lot of improvement to catch up.
Saturn has his first clear round in Agility and this is only his 3rd show. He seems a bit lost after coming out from the Cloth Tunnel, hopefully he will be more confident next time. Also, he looks a little worried on the Dog Walk but I will make sure he will increase his speed on the contact soon.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Sunday, March 04, 2007

my handsome merle

Here is my handsome merle, Skye. I've just realised that when we went to Snowdonia last Easter, he was 15 weeks old and last Saturday when we arrived at Snowdonia he is 15 months old, is this a conincidence?

15 months old at PADARN country park, same spot at below when he was 15 weeks old. He is a handsome little chap, beside the hair grows longer, nothing has change.

We realised he is the same colour as the pebbles!!

me and my CSI crew

When we were walking in one of these country paths, I found some skull, beside Sing, none of the dogs are interested in it, so here we go, Sing and I form a CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) team and we are going to find out who got kill and who is the murderer!

LOST in The Lonely Mountain!!

The Way to Lonely Mountain, SIABOD.

We got to Snowdonia last Saturday late afternoon, after unpacking all the stuff and putting the new awning up, we were all exhausted and didn't want to go out for the day. We have a quiet night in enjoying our new caravan eventhough we struggled how to get the heater to work and been cold all night! We were not very organise so we could not have a spanner to tighten the gas bottle, so no cooking; no screw driver to tighten the battery but it didn't affect us at all as we were all hook up.

On Sunday, we went to explore the local area. The campsite is located right in the heart of Snowdonia so there are many places we can go walking but we have to put the dogs on the lead if we see any animals in the field.
Saturn, The Lion Sheltie!The Evil & Wicked Combinations!
Always the dopey one, Seagull.
He is the boss, Sing.

On Monday, we were all ready for our first mountain hiking. I printed out some walks on the Internet and before going Colin chose to visit the Lonely Mountain, SIABOD ( We took it easy and didn't go out till 10am. By the time we get to the bottom of of Siabod, it was nearly 11am but according to the map, it is only 6 miles and it said allow yourself 4 hours. We thought we have plenty of time, so off we go, following the track. The first part of the walk was perfect, no problem at all but when we got to the ridge, we didn't know which way to go and the map isn't very clear either. We cannot find anymore food path or track and it started to get dark. I started to get panic and at the same time, Seagull decided he wanted to go a different way, suddenly everything seems wrong. We lost Seagull and most of all, we lost our way back!! I guess why it is called The Lonely Mountain. I don't think I will want to go again!! Anyway, after losing the track and fighthing the get the way out for one hour, Colin suggested we go back the way we came. Looking at the sky, I have to agree with him, the going back journey is very stressful. Sing, now has another new name, the Otter kept running to the lakes, we didn't lose him but I like him to be in my sight as the day is getting darker; Seagull still tempeted to run off (I don't know why?), so he has to be on the lead. Both my foot got stuck in the swamp and finally had a good fall and got myself all wet and muddy!! The weather is getting freeezing cold ... oh dear, not a good choice. We have to do a few climbing to get over to the other side of the lake to get back to the track, by the time we got back to civilisation it was dark but still we don't know where the car park is!! Colin spent another half an hour to find the car while I stay with the dogs at the local Inn for a cup of tea, well, of course we have to stay in their beer garden and stay freezing!
Stop for a quick snack to refill the energy level
This is the lake where we started to lose our track
Was he really happy after struggling to get to civilisation?

We are back from SNOWDONIA!

The week flies, we got home yesterday evening and we missed Snowdonia already! We had a good week with our new caravan, she is now known as POSH. The dogs love the outdoor and all the space we have at the campsite. It was nearly empty and we were the only camper there for the week. The boys have a few acres of field to run around and nice clean river to swim, what a wonderful world it was!