Thursday, April 28, 2011

Boyz and pupz

Colin is off work this week so we have been busy taking the boys for some different walks locally to admire some beautiful blossom; we also got to do a lot of gardening, mainly tidy up the garden as well as painting all the garden furniture with the puppies help. Pups love to be out in the garden especially Sonic. He is so bold that he ventures the whole garden on his own and he met the wicked cat at last! Friends who followed my blog knew how much our cat Vindi loves Silky (Sing x Skye pup from October 2010); Vindi only just realised that we have some puppies and she stick around the house more :)

Brooke is a bit taken a back with Vindi's roughness but Sonic like it. The funniest thing was that when both pups saw Vindi for the first time, they immediately ran up to her and tried to find her nipple to suckle! Poor cat got shocked and started to "attack" them but in her gentle way.

We also got to take the pups out to socialise, we went to the local garden centre tea room on Tuesday, as you can guess, they attract a lot of attention :) They both did very well, loved the fuss from people ... last evening, we took the pups to visit our sheltie friend that live around the corner. Sonic went exploring the whole house and played with the shelties happily where Brooke prefers the fuss and fell asleep in uncle Jimmy's arm :) ... more outing for the pups tomorrow. We are hoping to get down to Brighton to visit my in-law tomorrow and they are throwing a Royal Weddig BBQ in the garden, that would be very good socialisation for the pups as there will be some children.

Shamed that Sipzie is in season, so she didn't get to go for walk, so this week is purely the Boyz Days Out :)

and here are some of the pupz:

and here is a little video of Sonic:

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter everyone!

Happy Easter everyone!

puppies are busy hunting for some Easter eggs :)

 and here is a little video of Sonic hunting the eggs, shamed that I couldn't get Brooke on the video, she was too funny and I was busy laughing and forgot all about video until Colin asked me if I filmed it, doh!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

pups 5 weeks, already?

I can't believe I haven't got some spare time to spend on computer for the entire week! The pups are getting VERY active, they won't sleep for long now. They will awake (especially Sonic) if they heard any noise. When Sonic is up, he will scream to get out of the puppy pen! I couldn't get anything done in the house (what a good excuse!), let alone spending time on the computer. The pups are fun though but very tiring.

They get to go out in the garden almost everyday. Sonic likes to explore new surroundings, he loves the garden a lot and he met the cat early this week. Vindi likes puppies, she and Sonic were chasing each other in the garden and everytime I get my camera out, Vindin stops! Eventhough Brooke is the bravest of the two but she takes her time to explore new places.

They both been travel in the car every morning this week while I sent Colin to work. Brooke is a brilliant traveller, she went to sleep when I put her in the cage while Sonic, being a typical puppy, he scream all the way!!! They also been out to see some traffic and they both handled the noise very well. We had our window cleaners came this week, so they got to meet some strange men! They had a big fuss from these big men :)

We had our first BBQ of the year yesterday. We had my brother in law Russell and sister in law Kyung came over. That was very good to get the pups to socialise with more people. It was very hot and we have to build a gazebo to be able to hide from the very hot sun. All the dogs, apart from poor Sipzie (she is in season and she is a moody cow at the moment :((( ) were out in the garden with us. Sonic and Brooke were so happy running around on the grass, chasing the dogs and cat, occasionally have their own BBQ (drinking from mama Samber). It was really lovely, everyone is happy.

here are some random photos taken this week:
 gorgeous Miss Brooke :D
meeting daddy Sing who is far more interested in his tennis ball then his pups
 this is Brooke's favourite toy, she will carry it everywhere she goes ...
 ... but she still play with other toys
 play catching up with Sonic
 Sonic is really cheeky, he likes to pull his mama's tail and telling her mama off
 look like he is going for an action!
 not really! I just wanted to pull a cheeky face
 and steal the toy off Brooke and RUN ...
 what are these two up to?
 travel in the car
 play fight in the garden
 they are just too funny just to watch, quite entertaining most of the time
 trying a new big toy in the garden :)
 can't resist not to post this photo, too cute!
 not easy to take a "stand still" photo of him, this is rare!
 watch out Brooke, cheeky Sonic is coming to get you!
 Sonic in action!
 first time meeting the cat!
 Sonic: did you know who I saw just now? the cat!
Brooke: really? let's go and check her out!
 Sonic says I'M  A SUPA DOG

Other than pups news, I went to Easter Celebration Agility Show this morning. I wasn't planning to. Sipzie is in season, so I cannot run her, I only enter two classes with Sizzle and it will be hot and I was drunk after drinking a whole jug of Pimms to myself last night! The alarm went off at 6am and I decided I want to lie in, so I woke up at 7am. Done the pups and fed the dogs, it's nearly 8am. I know Ardingly is only about 45min if I drive fast and the road is clear. Colin said I should go to distress myself, so I went. I knew Sizzle and me are a bit loose, we need some practice. I got there just in time to watch a couple of medium dogs ran. The course was ok, not very difficult but the starting is jump - weave (flat entry), that put a lot of dogs getting fault in the weave. I saw many handlers recall the dogs and straighten into the weave but I thought Sizzle and I have been practicing some hard entries and I want to prove that we are able to do it. Sizzle was a good boy, he pick up the entry with no trouble at all but maybe I didn't give him the clear direction/clue, so his weave was slow. I forgot to praise him for getting the entry (bad mummy) until I thought he look very unhappy weaving. I don't want to rush him so I let him finish the weave in his own time. The other bit that cost us time was on the see-saw, Blimey! It took him nearly 2 seconds just to tip the see-saw. As this is the beginning of the season, I don't want to break our good see-saw. We ran clear but unfortunately not good enough to stay in the placing. We were just one place out but I am very happy with my boy. This is the first time I ran clear with him since last year! No video as Colin is at home puppy watching!

this is the course, the scale might not be right as I tried to trace from my memory for those who are interested, as I can remember the pin wheel after the Dog Walk are very tight:

I didn't stay for the 2nd class, it was very hot already when we finished our first run before 10am so I decided we should go home to play pups :)

Colin and the dogs. Don't worry, I haven't got a new addition to our sheltie family, the little gorgeous sable girl Lily is Sally's new pup (Tig's best friend now!) that I went  to pick up for her, so she stayed with us for one night. I wanted to steal her! She is such a good puppy, she loved the puppies and she and Sonic were playing so well together, maybe I can ask Sally if she can come and stay with me for a little holiday? I don't think she will let me, she knows I am gonna steal her :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

pups 4 weeks

Pups are 4 weeks old today. This week, the girl is more active than the boy. Sonic is very lazy, spent most of his time sleeping, trying to catch up on growing up. On the other hand, Brooke is catching up. Eventhough she looks smaller in size but she is only 10g lighter then her brother! She is very active this week, she spent longer awake and play with toys. She is happy to pick up any toy and shake and made grrrrr ... noises, very cute. Many times, she tried to pick up a toy and ran backwards :) When Sonic is awake, he did the same. Poor fat boy had a bad day yesterday, uncle Saturn was grumpy and he got told off, then he got his fat self stuck in between the gap in the puppy gate :( Didn't he scream! Luckily Colin was at home to help me to get him out!

 handsome fat boy Sonic

 little Brooke learned to roll the mini tunnel
 pretty girl Brooke