Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What would you do when they get old?

I've been busy sorting through some photos for the last few days for myself and for Jim and Joan. I found some memorable photos of Jim and Joan's beloved shelties ...
This is sadly missed Sammy, they lost her last May Bank Holiday, aged 10.
Very soft, gentle, affectionate and sweet girl.

somehow, we dug out this photo below of Jim and his five shelties,
the Sables are: Mandy, Cathy, Trudy
and the Tris are: Tara and Tammy
This photo bring tears in my eyes, Tara and Tammy were in their old age and Jim had to carry them in the carrier bags when they take the dogs on holiday. I can't imagine when my boys get old but I am sure I will do what Jim did to his dogs!!
This is sweet Tara in the bag:

Now and Then

Ah! Blessed!

The handsome Merle

We have a couple of hours of lovely sunshine here this morning and I took the opportunity to explore my new camera further ... I can't resist to share this picture of Skye, I think he is sooooo handsome.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Nonsuch Park

We had a good day out to Nonsuch Park this morning. We met up with Katia and her girls for a nice walk. We haven't see her for quite a while and it was good to catch up and the boys were missing her and the girls too. Sing and Seagull went to stay with her whenever we go abroad! Obviously Katia is very good with dogs and the nervous Seagull feels comfortable with her.
I don't normally go to Nonsuch Park but it was good to have a change for the boys, they like somewhere different. To my surprised, Nonsuch Park is very busy and full of walkers, with or without dogs.
and ... you met so many rare breeds ... such as this Otter Hound
and this cute Siberian Husky puppy

and this unusual colour Daschund, I think he is called a Silver Tab colour??

and belows we have Katia's girlies:

introducing Shish, the Toy Poodle
and Dodi, a very sweet, gentle Golden Retriever
and her German Spitz, Hebe

As we taking the loop back to the carpark, I saw someone flying a hawk!!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

He is my Champion

I showed Colin the videos of the boys swimming at Greyfriars yesterday and he couldn't believe Saturn was brave and keen at the pool. Since this morning was sunny and bright, he suggested I should take Saturn to the Common to let him try to swim at the open water, so off he took Sing, Seagull, Titan and Skye to the park and I took Saturn to the Common to give him a 1 to 1 attention. I was getting him very excited before throwing the ball further, he was keen and excited everytime I threw the ball ... as I thought he was ready, I decided to throw the ball a little further that he can't easily get, unfortunately it was quite windy, the ball get further when he dash in and he hesitated. As I saw the ball get further and further and I knew there is no way I can get him to fetch the ball. I have to call Colin for Sing's rescue!
When Colin and the boys got to the Common, they were very happy to see me especially Sing. He thought I had a great swimming game with Saturn and got very jealous. As this time, the ball was blown to the other side of the island, maybe about 25/30 yards from this end. I wonder how can I tell Sing to fetch the ball. As it was a long distance and I do not want to tired him out by sending him out there mnay times. I found some sticks and Colin threw the first one which was so close to the ball, off Sing jumped into the water and fetch the stick back straight away but that's not what we want!! I thought for a while but decided I should chuck a stone instead of a stick and I was glad my aim was close too and off Sing in the water again, as there was no object floating, I have to keep telling him to "go on" and "find the ball" commands (until I lost my voice!!) ... he was such a good boy, he found the ball and brought it back. He is such a wonderful boy!!
this sunny morning, it started by taking Saturn to the Common to teach him to swim in the open water ... unfortunately he is a coward!! He was barking with excitment but never get to swim!!
I threw the ball and the wind blew it away and poor Saturn kept barking at it and still won't go in to fetch the ball ... and it ended up at the end of the other island opposite, about 25/30 yards away.

Sing comes to rescue!

Yes, Sing may not be a fast agility dog but he is my Champion!

Friday, January 25, 2008

The swimming Shelties

I took the boys to Greyfriars today, this is the 2nd swim of the year. Sing, as usual enjoyed it very much; today is Titan's first time going into the pool, he was all nervous and timid, not like the evil him at all but he handled himself beautifully; and Saturn has become a very confident young man and I think he started to like swimming as much as Sing.
Here are a couple of panoramic photos of Sing and Saturn:

and here is the video clip of Sing, Titan and Saturn:

Kodak Z1275

I have to say I really like my new compact Kodak z1275 but the only problem I have with it is the life of the battery!!! I remember my first digital camera was an old Kodak DX4330. It was brilliant little camera with all modes including a fabulous video recording mode. I enjoyed that camera so much until at one point I gave up keep buying batteries for it.
The thing is, I normally walk the dogs for at least an hours during the week each day and we go out to some lovely country walks in the weekends and that will be a 2 to 4 hours' walk. If the battery cannot last me for a walk, it would be no good to me!!
I've contacted the Kodak centre about the battery issue and they recommend me using their new battery KAA2HR. I bought 2 of them from ebay and they just arrived, unfortunately my old Kodak EAsyShare Rapid charger could not fit in the new batteries I've just got. How annoying!!! This means I have to spend more money to buy a new charger!! Why can't they make a charger that fit all batteries? Crook!
For whatever the reasons ... I still like my camera, I thought it is a lovely day today, so off we out with the camera but it only last me 25 photos!!!

This is Seagull's first day out after his injury and he was a lunatic, run around with Titan for a while, poor Seagull. Unfortunately I have to put him on the lead again to stop him injures himself.

The Boys on the log, it was cold and windy
Due to the battery problem, this is the only photo taken of the group but I think they are well behaved and do not need a retake!!

I like this photo of Sing. I was standing there focusing at Seagull and Sing just ran towards me and I think at this moment he was about to jump on me!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

more camera!!

I've got another camera! Do you think I am greedy?

Well, I dropped Skye at the Vet this morning and rang Colin to tell him the arrangement has changed. The Vet thought he is too ill to put through an operation so he is safe from castration for a while. Colin is always very careful with money and he manages our finance very well but I was shocked when he told me Argos has a half price camera that I might be interested at!! Yes, I've got a very good one at Christmas but I did mention to him that if I can get a cheap and good compact little digital camera, that would made some walks more memorable. He told me to go to Argos on the way back to look at the half price Samsung but instead of getting the Samsung, I chose Kodak Z1275, 12.0 MP, 5x optical Zoom and 6.4cm LCD.
I took the camera out this morning when walking the boys and have a played at it. I have not read the guide but I thought it is user friendly and I was very surprised to find there is already a build in panorama mode.
The first three pictures below are taken with the panorama mode and I thought they looked wonderful:
Sing and the duck in Seven Island Pond, Mitcham Common
It was very windy and chilly when we were out walking
I hardly have any photos of Titan because he could not stand still for a minute but here we go
Trying the sport mode

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

London International Mime Festival - Aullidos

We haven't seen our friends Pete and Delia for ages, must be nearly a year now! We are busy with our stuff and they are busy with theirs ... we never seem to get time together so when they invited us to a puppet show, we didn't hesitate.

We went to ICA near Charing Cross last night, met up with Pete and Delia for a quick chat & drink in the pub, well I mean quick, it was real quick, 20-30 minutes! Then we headed to ICA for the puppet show. I have not been to a puppet show before so it will be a brand new thing for me to explore. I was expecting these puppets going to be very scary ... but it turned out to be ... mmmm ... provocative and seductive!
The puppet show was performed by a Spanish group of artists Teatro Corsario. They based in Valladolid, Teatro Corsario is one of Spain's most in demand theatre groups and has toured extensively throughout Europe and the Americas. http://www.teatrocorsario.com/

Young Thalia's mother is possessed by demons and executed by the Inquisition.
Hans, the child, sees Thalia, an orphan, begging in the street and falls in love with her.
It's the same feeling that overcomes the Duchess' illustrious lover when he discovers Thalia working as a servant. In order to protect Thalia from men her mother returns as a ghost and sends her to sleep with a needle. She tries to keep her daughter safe, underwater.
Hans fights the giants. Transformed into a small wolf he follows Thalia's scent, without knowing how much he must grow up to gain her love.
Will she be awakened with a kiss?
Can't tell you the ending, you need to find out yourself.
I have to say, the puppets were great but not too show about the story ... a bit too sexy for me. Like their own website said: Endless fantasy and eroticism. Not my type! Luckily I didn't take the kids with me!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008


Ever since Colin joins ABN AMRO, he always bring back some awards ... no doubt he is working very hard, extremely hard to make all my dreams come true ... and he amazed me with this new reward on last Thursday: Well, before we have so many shelties, I probably would love a real Porsche Cayman ... but there is no fun riding your car without a sheltie or two in it. When we only have Sing and Seagull, Colin bought me this brand new 4 seater convertible, a Vauxhall Astra Convertible. We had so much fun riding with Sing and Seagull safely seat belt and the roof down to some countryside for lovely walks. I don't think Sing enjoyed that much as he hates wind blowing into his face!
After we have Saturn and Titan, we need a bigger car to carry the shelties, so we have to get a second car and this Volvo V70 becomes a real shelties car:

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I always believe ... they are the best!

I have received these two certificates in the post this morning. It makes me realised how well these two boys did in 2007 and I always believe they are the BEST ... as a companion or to work with.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

a Lots of fun and a Little craziness

We had a lots of FUN for the last 10 days. Colin had a week off for Christmas, besides going to my parents in law on Christmas Day, we went out for some lovely long walks every day ... we tried to find Nancy's Eridge Rock but after walking three hours in Broadwater Warren and see no sign of any rocks, we have to turn back before it gets dark and maybe lost!

this little mischievous is always good to take out for long walk, never tired and he is very adventorous

Sing: Now, you stay and let me go in and fetch it, do you understand?
Skye: Yes, Sir.

Shelties are so agile

we saw these pair of Parakeet in Richmond Park

The Vet said Seagull should be able to start his 10 minutes slow walk each day from Thursday onwards to build up his muscle, hooray!! Poor Seagull must think that we do not like him anymore as he was kept in the crate for the last couple of months and we have not take him out at all!!

Isn't he looks so cute with the Santa hat on?

Look, mummy, I did my contact! Am I clever? Can I get to go out, please?

Note: Putting him on the lead is to stop him running and jumping everywhere in the house (Vet's advise) but he is still trying to be agiled!!

Colin is determine to lose weight so he wanted a trampoline for Christmas that he can bounce a few pounds off! I bought him this electronic trampoline called iJump. He has been very good, after a long walk each day, he still get on to the trampoline to do his bouncing! Hopefully, we will see a slimmer Colin in a few months time.

or ... maybe he should bounce higher like my second nephew, Boon?

Having the children around could be good and bad ... the good thing is you have company and the bad thing is you eat like a teenager!! First of all, I have to at least cook a proper meal each day to feed them, this mean we eat like they eat!! Secondly, they like some changes like this chocolate fondue ... very tempting ... mouth watering ... how can I resist not joining them? And now, how am I going to lose weight?

even Sing is interested in it ...

Well, the CRAZY bit was ... after the chocolate fondue last night, Colin said I could not stop singing all night in bed until I suddenly went quiet ... and fell asleep!! I probably got drunk with the chocolate fondue?

... and I saw this Heron in my garden aiming for the fish in pond this morning!! Well, does this mean the snow is coming? The weather forecast said we will have snow tomorrow and Friday! YEAH! Eventhough it is a bit late for Christmas but I like snow, anytime.