Monday, August 31, 2009

daddy's girls - first outing!

We were away at Ely doing some agility over the weekend. My nephews are doing a great job raising the puppies for me. They were well fed and man handled. We came home last night to find all of them has grown bigger, so much bigger, especially Ferrari. She was the tiniest but is now the fattest and biggest of all. We now call her FAT GIRL!

Samber and the pups were pleased to see us, little Mercedes greetest us with her bark! Yes, she found her voice, the sheltie voice. Very cute little bark! Then, joined by Porsche! Oh dear! Can you imagine when all of them started barking?

It is such a lovely day today, I've got the girls out on the patio for 10 minutes. They were very good little girls. They weren't frightened of new places, they were busy exploring and Ferrari ran up the little Tikes tunnel and slide down, woohoo! Happy little soul! Of course, Porsche and Mercedes decided to have fun on that too. It was so funny to watch as Ferrari is too fat and the tunnel is quite slippery for them. I don't think they have the good grip on their feet yet but they really like to run around then fell over! Funny puppies!

the girls first outing

that smells good?

cute sisters on the slide

Mercedes prefers my tyre box!!

more photos and more news about agility tomorrow ...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

daddy's girls - 3 weeks

The girls are three weeks old today! They are getting cuter each day and the hardwork slowly begin ... I tried to sort out my times with the big boys (take them out walking and playing), as well as dedicated my times to each puppy when they awake.
I started my weaning program with them, this gives Samber a break from feeding but she is such a good mama to the girls. I soak Burns mini-bite in warm water, mesh them up and feed them. Porsche enjoys her food very much, basically she has the whole plate to herself. Mercedes also find the food interesting but not little Ferrari. I hand feed her and she is licking my finger, I suppose I will give her a bit of time to adjust herself.
the girls at three weeks old
first solid meal, can you see the mess they are making?

first born Mercedes, 3 weeks old

she is always the one that comes up to me for cuddles and then fell alseep in my arm

and she is the first one to show me her trick ... SHY!

second born, Porsche, 3 weeks of age

she is always a posh girlie

she looks so cute stretching herself out

third born, Ferrari, 3 weeks of age
she is such a cutie, very alert, response to noise very well at this age

... and the most playful one!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

more cute puppies pictures

I still have computer problem, I tried to restore the minimum on my old computer while waiting for my new desktop to arrive, it is very frustrating at the moment as I find it impossible to update my blog especially with so many pictures ... but I will try, eventhough I have been trying for the last 5 hours but I can't resist to post the pictures of the puppies, they are too cute!

The girls are 2.5 weeks old and it's about time I introduce some toys to them. I have some of them wash, so they will have some clean toys ...
I starting to put some toys in their sleeping box as well as inside the pen

The girls are still very young so they still spend most of their times sleeping but they have spent a little time exploring the surroudings when they are awake ...
wakey, wakey ...
Mercedes's first steady step!
Ferrari found a toy

Titan helps watching the girls

Sizzle checks on the girls

the ball is too big for Mercedes

Ferrari: I want to get up there!!!

I can smell something ...

... is uncle Saturn

she looks so posh

Porsche found a toy!
... to sleep in!! Such a nice picture for eye spy!
girls playing

cheeky Ferrari is a pole dancing girlie

it takes a lot of effort to do pole dancing!!

Porsche fancy this soft stuff toy

but Mercedes like this old English Sheepdog stuff toy

girls exploring
eventhough this is quite a big toy for little Ferrari but she is trying to carry it around, Bless her!
hello mama!
hello uncles!
Good night folks!

Hopefully these all works out! I need a break from the computer!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Some quick updates from the puppies ...

Firstly, mai precious little boy ZAP

I received some lovely photos of Zap, he is well loved, well trained and is bonding with his dad David brilliantly. He is one happy little chap who received a lot of attentions whenever he goes. He started his puppy class today.

handsome Zap at 9/10 weeks old at his great gran's house

Zap with his daddy David and great gran
David's dad bought some lambs from the market, Zap was a little helper while David and his dad tried to feed the lambs. He is very good with the lambs, he didn't hurt any of them but keeping a very close eyes on them. Hopefully he will become a nice herder like his daddy Sing.
a very tired Zap after a long day herding the lambs!

... and the girls

The girls are now migrated to the lounge and I have the box open up from time to time to give them more room to crawl around. Ferrari was the first one to open her eyes but follow very closely by Mercedes and Porsche. The girls are getting more active now. When they are awake, the first thing they are looking for is their mama Samber. After their satisfying din din, they will crawl around ...
Good morning girls!
Samber is always there for the girls when they wake up
... Mercedes started her chewing skill

don't you think Mercedes looks more like a lion cub than a sheltie?

such a hard life for a cute puppy

she is a cutie!
is a hot day!

Mercedes: hey sis, I think it is easy to learn the a, b, c than these funny scribbes!!

Now, stop taking anymore photos!!!