Wednesday, February 20, 2013

NOT Wordless Wednesday :)

LOL, I have a lot to say. This morning, I can actually spend a little bit of time on the computer. 

The weather outside is terrible, foggy, drizzle, wet, muddy, miserable ... big boys and little ones are very angry that they can't get out to play! Normally, I am quite happy to walk the dogs in any weather but not today. Sing's paws are improving a lot and I do not want to get them soak in this weather. Although he still wear is rubber boots when we go out walking but this is just too much. Also, Sonic "injured" himself before training yesterday. We don't know what happened. I was playing with him with his red rubber hoop ball to warm him up and suddenly, he just stood still and lift up his front left leg. He would not put his paw down. We've checked his pad and can't find anything. At first, I thought he might have stand on something like thistle/stingy nettle type of things ... but he just would not put any pressure on his paw. I came home and bath it with warm salty water, he was extremely quiet and withdrawn all day yesterday. His paw is looking ok this morning, finger crossed no muscle/joint injury. I am keeping my eye on him, if I don't feel like he is doing good, he will be off to the vet later. Oh dear!

We had some very nice weather in the last few days, sunny and warm. We've been outside most of the time enjoying the sun and get to play agility a bit. The puppies got so excited watching me running the big boys, I am sure they want to join in as well :)

I set up a course from the Clean Run course book to practice, OMG! Did I choose the hardest or lack of practice? Both Sizzle and Sonic took many times to get everything right :) I was a bit demotivated failure after failure, I really can't figure it what went wrong? Did I set the angle of the course wrong? Or it is because the boys were naughty? They both missed the weave entry (maybe I over pushing it? maybe I didn't help him enough? ...). Sizzle is my best distance handling dog but he refuse to "go out". The worst part was they kept taking the wrong jump up to the see-saw! Oh dear dear dear! But, I have to say, after we put everything together, it was very rewarding that we can do the course :)

This is Sizzle running the course: 

I am getting a bit concerned about my little man, he didn't look like he is extending his back legs at all. It is very obvious on the AF, DW, SS that he took little little steps instead of extend himself. He hasn't been doing a lot, no training, no exercise, no ball playing, just plain walk. I am getting very frustrated especially the season is about to start!

And this is Sonic's version jumping on the Toy height: 

I train him at different heights, Toy, Small and Medium. If I were to train him for half an hour solid, I normally put the jump down to Toy or Small height so he didn't get too tired. Obviously, if he has to jump lower, he is much faster and I have to run fast as well. I think it is good training for me. If I can't get there, I have to use my verbal command which is also good to teach him to work independently. Since we have the equipment out and practice, his ability to work away from me has improve :)

I am really looking forward to the new agility season, I know I am missing it. For now, I just hope that both Sizzle and Sonic are well and getting ready for the challenge. 

Well, on to the puppies news ... there is only ONE word to describe them all MISCHIEVOUS! Sometimes I get a bit tired run/chase after them but raising puppies is always rewarding. I love to see them grow into confident little dog. It is hard work to raise a litter, I like to give them everything I can to socialise them. This week, they have the opportunity to explore the outside world a bit further :) They've travel in the car to Solihull to have their eyes tested and good news is all pups are CLEAR! They've also get to go to supermarket carpark to watch the trolley and shoppers. 

They've also get to meet the ponies as well ...

WHO loves the ponies the most? 

Rae: I do :)

This is a brand new week for the puppies, they all got introduce to Clicker Training. OMG! After the first introduction session, I have no fingers left! They are all so keen and tried to chew my finger off. I guess my fingers must taste very livery :) 

These puppies are very bright and crazy, they run around like lunatic, attacking each other. Everytime I throw them a new toy, they quickly accepted it and thought they are amazing toy, but they are only like empty toilet roll, wine cork, boxed, socks ...

 Ouch! My bum! Storm after Rae's bum :)
 Storm and Rae
 little Rae of Sunshine
 Mr cutie pie Spirit
 big pushy boy Storm
 Storm after the ball
 Miss Feisty Isla :)

 Storm and daddy 

Oops! Puppies are up screaming, gotto go!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

busy, busy, and busy ...

I seems to constantly chasing time lately! I wish I have enough energy to cope with everything going on at the  moment. The puppies certainly take up all my times. At this age, they all seeking for attention and we have four crazy puppies! You can hear me screaming all the time, I was attack by these "vicious" puppies LOL. Their sharp teeth are deadly! 

All puppies are very friendly, they love people more than anything. Whoever that visit, they will try to "jump" into your lap and then BITE you! Hahaha ... really crazy! Storm and Spirit had made holes in my fleece sleeve already! Oops! Don't tell the puppy owners!

The girls, Rae is mad, she reminded me so much of Brooke, Sonic's sister. They are so similar in so many ways. Isla is very tiny and delicate. She is the weakest of the lots, not that she is not playful but because of her size. The other three just bullied her, poor little Isla. 

I think this litter is particularly "awake". They spend so little time sleeping, they are up most of the time terrorising each other. It's such good fun watching them interacting with each other and also with toys. I wish I have 2 pairs of hand so I can tug with each puppy the same time. When one plays, the other will join in. I ended up become their victim :( I can't tell you how bossy these puppies are!

Due to the freezing cold weather, poor puppies didn't get to go out much as I like. They do have a few days out there for a very short time. They even got to go out and play in the snow on Monday, guess what? I can't get them in afterwards. They love the snow and they ran like crazy. Trying to catch them? You must be joking!

 Rae: I zoom ...

Storm trying to pounce onto the snow

 elegant little Isla

crazy little Spirit

 Boys playing

here are Storm and Rae playing: 


 father and son time :)

 this is daddy Sonic trying to "control" the crazy Rae from going mad :)

mai handsome boy Sonic

Uncle Matthew and Auntie Rhoda came to visit on the weekend, the puppies had a lovely time with them. Thank you so much for entertaining them, sorry that Spirit and Storm nearly ruin your jumper. Oops! 
 Auntie Brooke watching her nephew and niece playing

 Spirit and Isla wanted to be "fortune cookie" puppies!

 the two big ones (Storm and Rae) love their play fight :)

 Between them (Storm and Rae), they help me carried 6 x 400ml tins of coconut milk into the kitchen :)

 Storm: Uncle Matthew, your hair taste good!
Sing: Grand-son, that's very rude, please behave yourself!

 Spirit: Oh, uncle, I love you so!

 Stormy fell asleep on the wobble cushion after a long play session

 Storm: I am a destroyer :) Grand-ma never tells me off but encourage more, so I will be alright. 

 so sweet ... she ain't heavy, she is my mama :)

 Spirit:  I can play ball and cross paw the same time. 
BTW, he is the first one that pick up a tennis ball and play :)

 who is that sensible girl that sleep next to the heater?

 cutest puppy!

And they called it ... puppy love!

It is snowing here again now as I write, maybe the pups get to go out and play snow later? WooHoo! Well, I guess moving up to West Midlands suits me ... more snow! Only one down side though, I can't get to train! I finally have all my "posh" aluminium agility equipment from First Contact arrived and set up and since then,  my agility paddock is cover in snow! I don't remember seeing my fields without snow in the last few weeks :) Maybe it's time to push on for an Indoor School :) (Colin, are you reading my blog?) We didn't even get to go to Club training as the field is bad too :(

When we have the big wash out after the heavy snow a couple of weeks ago, Sing got an infection on one of his back legs, oops! Poor old boy. It was really bad. He had anti-biotic but I don't think that actually helps. The infection gone down a bit but it flares up again. Today, it got better, I just don't know what to do. Poor old Sing still loves his walk, frisbee, ball ... anything really. He really is that kind of dog that works till he drops. Everytime I saw him limping along, my heart hurt so much! He is one tough dog!

 my golden old man :)

Sonic learning to herd in the snow

At the moment, chicken are laying eggs like crazy! Last week, 6 of the chicken are laying an egg a day and this week, we gone to 8 eggs a day, I guess everyone is laying eggs :) maybe it's about time to get baking again BUT, I've only just given up on cakes! Oh, I guess diet never works out in this house :)

Agility wise, Sonic is still very crazy and unreliable but we did some good work together which is very pleasing. It's always fun to train him, he has tons of energy and he works enthusiastically all the way ... and when he finished, he just crashed out :) just like his daddy Sing :D

We have been to our local Bitz N Bobz show last Saturday. We had 4 runs as usual. He has a very shaky start in the morning. No videos as daddy was puppy sitting. In the Agility 1 run, I tried to do a blind cross in the tunnel and he missed the jump because he came to my leg, I should have watch him but I trust him. More work on that. In the Jumping 1 run, we got a refusal :( Then, in the afternoon, he did a cracking round in the Agility 2 and won that by 9 seconds! Oops! We managed to put in a ketschker turns (WooHoo!) and I did an extreme rear across in the 6 weave. I was feeling very positive and high after that run, I knew we both did very well. Sadly, in the Jumping 2, I being a fool and forgot where we were going :(