Monday, April 30, 2007

It's a kind of MADNESS ... no more ice-cream, no more cakes, no more chocolates!!!

I had a fabulous time at the Sheltie Agility Show yesterday ... I have some good runs with Sing & Saturn in Agility and Jumping in the morning, both boys did very well. After lunch, we have some fun classes, Helter-Skelter, Pairs and Circular Knockout.

The Circular Knockout was the last thing in the ring and the highlight of the day!! There were only 48 dogs took part in the CK this year, the others who were not taking part were all sitting by the ring side cheering for their mates.

I must gone very mad ... I've entered both Sing and Saturn in the CK! Well, I never thought I would get around the first round with any of my boys. Last year, Sing got knockout straightaway, the other dog was so fast and we got caught up on the weaves, how embarrassed!!

This year, I don't know whether Sing has improved or the other dogs were slow, he only got knockout at the 3rd round, not bad, huh? As for Saturn, he was brilliant, he did very well, he got knockout at the 4th round by Indira & Ebony (the winning pair!). This put him on 3rd placed! And he definitely knocks his mum out too!!

As for me, after 3 + 4 rounds of going round and round the circle, I was totally knackered at the end! When I was in with the boys, I have no idea I will be able to make it but all the cheers keep my spirit up and I was going faster and faster and I wasn't sure was it the dogs that suppose to do the running or me!! Anyway, I enjoyed it a lot and I am definitely back for next year!

After we got home, I stand on the scale and I have lost 2.5kgs! What a day of running make? Well, definitely no more ice creams, no more cakes, no more chocolates!! I need to keep fit and be able to keep up the running ... Look! Agility is good, not only you get to meet people and dogs but you live healthy by running and at the end of the day you have not aware you have lost some weight!!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Pairs at the Sheltie Agility Show

Me and Sing were very lucky to have Helen & Jarna to pair with us at the Sheltie Agiltiy Show ... again, Sing missed his Dog Walk contact and put us in the 2nd place but I was thrilled with his speed at the pairs, we finished at 35.xx seconds, not bad! There was only ONE clear round and it goes to Bridget and Elaine, well done to them both!

Beautiful Sunday

Today is the Beautiful Sunday!

Me and the boys went to the Sheltie Agility Show in Blewbury and have a lot of fun! I enjoyed the Sheltie Show as always, not only you could have fun running your dogs (provided you are not "competitive") and at the same time you get to meet so many shelties!!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Haslemere today

Both Sing and Saturn has some good runs today at Haslemere. We got down there nice and early ... 1:30pm and we didn't get our first run until 5:40pm!!

Saturn has a very good round at the Jumping, he was pretty fast to start with but I almost forgot the course half way through and we didn't run the way I planned to!! Anyway, he has a clear round and came with a 6th! First time having a placed!! I am really proud of him, very well done to my youngster!

Sing didn't do too bad either, he got 2nd in Agility which I am really chuffed. I know he is not a fast dog so I started to train him in running contacts, I know there is a risk but he did all the running contacts beautifully. There were only 4 dogs in the class that went clear!

Can I go to the Agility Show now?

This is the first time that we are not waking up early, get ourselves ready to drive to an agility show before 6am!

Both Sing and Saturn would not go into the ring until late in the afternoon, maybe 3 or 4pm!! this means we won't leave home till 1pm or later. I feel very odd, I cannot settle down, I just want to go to the show! I knew I can't, for the sake of the boys, it is a hot day and I like to keep them cool and rest the most they can.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Saturn and his A Frame

I recently have a problem with Saturn freeze on TOP of the A Frame. We are doing an exercise of him running up and down the A Frame chasing a ball, hopefully this will teach him to speed up on the A Frame.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Saturn at Wallingford

Saturn has been a very good boy at Wallingford. He has 3 runs yesterday, first thing in the morning was Grade 3-5 Jumping, he went clear; then Grade 1-3 Helter-Skelter, he went clear again; and he finished with another clear in Grade 3-5 Agility of the day! Well done, boy!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Team Dash 2 - A Mixed Up Bunch

Here goes the Mixed Up Bunch! Well done mates!

Team Dash - The Whizzing Shelties

We have some great fun at Wallingford today. Saturn has his all 3 clear rounds! Wow! He is getting more confident and now we need is speed!! This is the first time I have organised 2 teams to be competed in the Team Dash, all the team-mates were brilliant and their dogs were wonderful, unfortunately, my poor handling lead Sing into poor weave entry and we also missed a jump, I AM SORRY, team.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

photo montage

I am still trying to play with Photoshop Elements and came out with this montage of the boys.

Monday, April 16, 2007

weekend at Shuttleworth

We didn't have a successful weekend at Shuttleworth. First we were stuck on M25 for ages to get to Shuttleworth on Friday, then we park the caravan miles away from the rings, at least 10 minutes each way (not joking)!! Again, I wasn't well since Friday night, don't know what's wrong but I got so grumpy and tension and this has affect Sing and Saturn's performance over the weekend (these two are very close to me and they always sense that I am not "right").

On Saturday morning, it was all misty when we started, at one point, I was wondering if the dog can see me in the fog or can the judge judge properly from a distance. Anyway, we all tried our best. Both Sing and Saturn performed well in the morning, eventhough there both got a 5 faults each but I am very happy with Saturn, he is getting better and more confidence. Both of us need a lot more experience to get a place.

After the sun came out around 10:30, it became very hot, everyone tried to find a shelter, my poor boys were all hiding underneath the caravan and they were all covered in grease!! They all have a good bath yesterday, they are fresh and clean now. Back to the subject, we had Jumping in the afternoon, Sing went clear and got a 6th in the Combined Jumping class. I wasn't too pleased as I know he can run faster but I cannot blame the poor boy, it was too hot and he was panting while we joint the queue.

In the late afternoon, we went in the Helter Skelter ring, it was partly shaded, so it wasn't too bad and both boys were very fast and they both got clear round. It was a bit tricky compare to a normal HS, it got a difficult weave entry and I was so pleased that both boys find the entry and weave nicely.

On Sunday, again, we have a foggy morning to start the agility. Sing was very fast and sharp but he got a 5 at the Dog Walk which is my fault of risking his contacts! Then, again I repeat the same mistake with Saturn, he also got a 5 at the Dog Walk. I have now go back to the very basic training with all the contacts!

The Jumping class was in the afternoon when it was red hot, Saturn has a lovely round, unfortunately he got stuck in cloth tunnel and we have a 5 on that. As for Sing, to amaze me, he got an E! It was my fault again, I told him to go tunnel and he did but the wrong one!! Hahaha ... I need to improve my handling, when I look back at all the video taken this weekend, I nearly choked to death, what a terribly handler I am!!!

Here is the video of Sing at the Combined Jumping:

This is Sing after he had 3 runs in a hot day!

Saturn is my future hope

It is just too HOT, the boys found the coolest spot, underneath the caravan!

Friday, April 13, 2007

try to be creative

A big thank you to Dennis for giving me some tips how to create a photo montage. I am now starting to learn about photography, hopefully I will get better in creating some nice photos of the boys. This is the first go ... a bit dull but I am trying, at least.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Saturn, the future swim star

I've taken Saturn for his 4th swimming lesson today at Greyfriars. He is getting better and more confident. His 3rd swim was 2 weeks ago and I took his life jacket off to test if he is able to swim without it and it proved that he is a clever brave boy. He swam naturally.

Today, he is not just gaining his confident but he was so excited and eager to go in on his own. I just sat by the pool side and chuck the ball, off he went, dive straight into the pool without any hesitation.

I am so proud of him, now I have two shelties that can swim very well!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

cat agility!!

I was practising the contacts with the boys in the garden today, after a good half an hour under the sun, I thought it is time for me to sneak in for a cool breeze and here I caught the cat copied what we just did!

He is a sneaky cat, watching every steps we made
all his concentration on the A Frame
trying the see-saw, good to be careful

not a bad contact, after all

Easter ... no eggs!

Well, where do I begin ...

I was very excited about the Easter Celebration, hope to get something out from Sing and Saturn. I was too excited until I forgot to go to my club training last Thursday (and I only aware of it just a few minutes ago!!), how can that be? I am always keen on agility training, hardly miss a class!!

Anyway, I've got the caravan ready on Thursday, do all the necessary shopping for the weekend and wait for Good Friday to come. Unfortunately I caught either a 24 hours bug (what is that?) or food poisoning on Thursday night. I was totally flat out on Friday, no caravan, no dog show ... what a sad Easter!

I was eager to go to the show eventhough I was down with this bug, I beg Colin to drive me there. I told him if I cannot run the dog, I will be happy just to be at the show. Of course, when I get to the show, I straight into the ring and walk the course! I did't have a good run at all as I was still poorly and weak, people who knows me told me I looked rough and horrible, so I decided it is time to go home but Colin was having a headache, so I have to stay at the show for a while until he feels better. While waiting for him, I went to walk the Jumping course and off I went in with the boys again. Sing did a beautiful jumping round and poor him with the little legs are just not fast enough to get into placed.

Saturn was a bit naughty this weekend, he kept pulling himself out from the weaves to go and say hello to the judge and crowd, at first I thought it is because of the distraction but he did the same thing in every class, went in the weave entry beautifully and pull out at the 2nd pole, it becomes a "pattern" now. I am very worry about this and I need to sort this bad habit out asap, hopefully before the next show. Beside the little naughty thing he did, he had a lovely clear round in Helter Skelter.

We have not got any egg at the Easter Show, Sing had a 5th in Agility. I have been naughty and do a running contact with him all these times and the judge was very strict on contacts, so I was very carefull and being very slow with him on the contacts.

Little Titan being unlucky again. I do not know how but he seems to get himself into little trouble, a young BC got him and he was limping a little bit. Luckily he is fine now, back to his old self, being "evil" to Skye and Saturn, good sign!

The garden looks nice now, it is time to do a lot of practice, no more excuses ...

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Saturn's first open agility show

We went to WBSDS weekend show at Newbury Showground, both Sing and Saturn did well. I am very pleased with Saturn's performance, that was his first open show, he has never been running in the big open field before. His first run was the Jumping, he was all concentrate and fast and clear, unfortunately we have not got a place but I cannot ask for more, he finished in 20.571 seconds. It is too good for me, I am not a great handler and he is only a young dog.

Monday, April 02, 2007

bad luck?

I think bad luck still following me ...

I sent Boy (my eldest nephew) to Heathrow this morning, we were stuck at M25, as usual, slow traffic due to accident. I was driving around 20/30mph and I was at the far side lane. The traffic was flowing slowly and I gave myself plenty of space between me and the car infront. When the car infront slow down, I gently hit my break and slow the car down, at the same time, the car behind me hit me twice, she must came in a full speed as my car was bounce back twice. I jump off the car to check, thank God, the towbar on the car save a lot of damage. The car behind was a bit serious as her bonnet was nearly dropping off. She has whole lots of friends and relatives (about 3 cars and I can't count how many were there!?). I was the victim but again, she was like telling me off, being pushy and aggressive. I can't understand why my car got hit and I got told off??? Where is the law? What are these people thinking? When a police offier got involved, he told her to calm down and told her to exchange details with me but she refused. He told her it is by law that she has to and whatever the damage is, it is her fault to hit me on my back. God! Please, I need some good lucks!