Friday, July 30, 2010

how to take a group picture

... it all started like this:
There is no set up in this photo. 
My usual morning routine is ... after feeding the dogs, we will go into the garden, have a little play and do a bit of training. I always start the training with Sipzie and these boys have to STAY on the decking until I release them.

and little did I know, here comes the sneaky kitty ...

... trying to tease the boys
look at how well-behaved these boys are, they weren't distracted by the naughty kitty at all. 
They only have their eyes on their mummy!

then, I realised this is a good opportunity to have a group photo since everyone is out and my camera is handy ...
I have asked Seagull and Sipzie to join the group, there is no particular set up but these two dogs just slot in between the three boys

of course I noticed Samber is missing, so I went to fetch her ...
all the boys were patiently STAY in position but Sipzie came with me to fetch our little girl, then I saw the gap between Sing and Seagull, so I put Samber in and Sipzie decided she wanted to be in the gap too!

just as I ready for more shots ...
I saw the kitty sneaking from behind Saturn, GREAT! 
This is our The KNIGHTS Shelties + kitty family photo!

sorry, I don't train cat, especially a naughty one like her ... all she wanted to do it to tease the dogs to play with her

Thursday, July 29, 2010

CAT out of hell!

I know nothing about cat, I am a dog person. Our kitty is just like Cat out of hell to me! She is naughty, well, I supposed all kitty are naughty or should we say over playful? I do not know what's wrong with her but I caught her peeing outside our bedroom and then found her poop on the pile of our newly wash clothes! Yuk! Naughty cat! Then, to top it worst, she does not want to scratch her own posh scratch board but prefers to scratch our sofa and Colin's work clothes!

She found our fish pond yesterday and trying to fish the gold fish! Luckily we have netting all over, or else she will be swimming in the pond. Can a cat really swim? I was laughing so badly to see her bounced on the netting (did cat have spring on their feet?) and by the time I got the camera out, I only have taken some bad photos! Well, animals don't post for photos!

Well, my handsome Sizzle is a great poser:

Sipzie ain't bad at all, such a lovely pair:

and this is what they do most of the time, playing with the cat, Vindi enjoys her attention from the shelties, if none of the dogs wanted to play with her, she will use her paw to hit them to tease them to play with her, she is particularly fond of Saturn's bushy tail and Saturn hates his tail being chase and for the cat to swing!!

Sizzle is a little poorly today, he has an upset tummy. I do not know if anything to do with this chew that I bought at Caerphilly show. He and Sing loves it.

and here is a compilation of our shelties funtime including Sipzie learning her "elephant" trick. The first video was our second attempt on the trick, I do not know what happened to the 1st one, I must have deleted the file by mistake as I cannot find the file at all and the last one was taken this morning, our 3rd attempt, hopefully we soon will get rid of my luring with my hand:

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sipzie training update

These beautiful pictures of our Little Miss 
were taken by Chris Jones

I can't believe Sipzie is with us for FOUR weeks already, how time flies! I supposed we enjoy her so much that the time actually flown by faster! She is a little darling, everyone that meet her loves her and she loves everyone too. She is so well-behaved, so taking her everywhere is not a problem at all. My great thanks to Miguel who did a fantastic job raising her!

We continue to do our training daily, all sorts really, from a very basic ... SIT, STAY/WAIT, PAW to SHY, ELEPHANT TRICKS, SET-UP routine ... ah! She is great fun to teach and also a new challenge to me. She is very different to my boys! My boys are so willing, they only have their eyes on me, they are not easily distracted. Sipzie is great too but since her confidence grow, her level of concentration drop! We have to work hard on that! She is easily distracted by food/human/smell ...

She is a strong and crazy character, she loves to play which is brilliant. I thought Sing is a mad tugger not until I have Sipzie, she is 10 times stronger than him and is crazy! 

Over the last four weeks, I have do a bit of agility foundation training with her everyday, from going around the wing/pole to adding a bar on the floor then gradually putting a cross bar at the very low height. She loves her tunnel, so I make sure each time there is tunnel involved. She is a clingy dog which is a big challenge to me. I know I cannot run fast eventhough I am on a diet because of her. My boys are very good in working ahead of me so I am trying to teach her to go ahead. She is ok to go ahead if I chuck her toys for her to chase but she does not understand a STILL toy! We are still working on that!

I have set up 4 jumps into a tunnel in the garden, we are practicing on that everyday. I started recalling from the 4th jump then send her into the tunnel. I am hoping to be able to stay back at jump #2 but that is a bit ambitious right now!

I have also beginning to teach her left & right command. For some reason, she is better to turn right then left, I guess when I teach her to go around a wing/pole, I always turn her right, mmm ... 

Contacts wise, I think I am better off with Running instead of 2o/2o. I haven't have a good patient and being persistent enough to teach stop contact. You have to be firm to be able to have the most reliable 2o/2o. I have messed up Saturn's contacts and I do not want to repeat that mistake again. With running, that is it!

I only just started to teach her the DW plank yesterday, it would be interesting to see if we are any good at running, still early days yet.

 here are some compilations from our training:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

green green grass of home

The old home town looks the same as I step down from the train, and there to meet me is my Mama and Papa.Down the road I look and there runs Mary hair of gold and lips like cherries.It's good to touch the green, green grass of home ... if you are familiar with this song, you surely know this is Tom Jones's Green Green Grass of Home.
We were competing at Caerphilly this weekend, we let the famous Dragon trophy slipped away again and again ... Nevermind, instead, we brought back this big colourful dragon:

I had a bad week to start with last week, my left ear became very sore and red on Wednesday, I thought I've somehow got an insect bite. It was quite muggy and not surprised all the insects are active. I've applied a lot of insect bite cream but the swelling got bigger and bigger; then on Thursday after my training at Pachesham, I couldn't shut my mouth properly, it turned out to be the inside of my mouth was swollen too! I cannot think of why, I thought it could be another insect bite on my face, so I put more insect bite cream but it got worst in the evening, my left eye swell up and it slightly affected my eye sight and my left face was stiff! Don't know why but I decided to take an allergy tablet. I have never suffer from allergy, not any kind but I was so keen to go to Caerphilly so I want to be well enough to drive all the way there. Luckily the swelling went down a bit on Friday morning and I took another allergy tablet on Friday by the time I set off to Caerphilly in the evening, most of the swelling has gone, Phew! At least my eye sight was back to normal.

To make me more stress, Seagull decided he will not eat his food but tried to get to the kitty's milk and start eating her poo! Yuk! When we had Tikka, he was an outdoor cat, he always went to the same spot to have his toilet, then Seagull will go and eat his poo afterward! Gross! I have tried everything to stop him from eating the cat's poo but never really succeeded! This little kitty is litter train, so we have an open and an enclose litter tray. She was train to go toilet on the open one but I want her to learn the enclose one too so we have two litter trays. She uses the open one a lot and hardly want to try the enclose one. If I am late to back the poo, Seagull will have it all! Arrrrgggghhhhh ...

Colin was finishing late to start with, so we didn't leave until 6:30pm, 150 miles with traffic and road works, we managed to get there at 9:40pm! The gate to Tredegar House was shut but the organiser were brilliant. They left a note on the gate to ring them on arrival if the gate is shut and we got let in and directed to our pitch. Excellent service!

By the time we set the caravan and garden up for the dogs, had dinner ... we got to bed nearly midnight! I was really tired and I have two classes first thing in the morning so I was dying to sleep. The dogs were very tired after a long journey too.

I am not sure what was wrong with me but I was grumpy and emotional on Saturday. I felt really tired and lack of energy, even just one run is good enough to kill me. This is the first time I came to a dog show and I don't feel like I want to run a dog.

My first run was with Sing in G4-7 Agility, there were so many pull through that I almost gone crazy! Sing got marked on the DW for missing the contact, so we haven't have a good start. Then, I ran Saturn over the same course, for a change, he actually got all the contacts but because I was holding it to make sure he understands it and we lost a lot of times, no placing for us, that didn't bother me, I knew we did good to have all the contacts.

this is Sing's crazy pull through run:

Then, I ran Sizzle in the G4-7 Jumping, we both weren't tune in, my handling was terrible to watch, I didn't cue him and he turned the wrong way a couple of times. We went clear but real mess!
The next couple of Jumping classes with Saturn and Sizzle were horrible. I went one way and the dogs went the other! I think I need to calm down and chilled before I ran the dogs again. I felt calmer when I ran Sizzle in the G4-7 Agility, it was the last one of the day. I told myself I want to make it good. Hilary Bowden set up a nice course, Sizzle and I ran really well, we have Jump - See-Saw to start with. Normally, Sizzle will slow down to run up the SS when we have a jump-SS to start but he was a good boy, he went full power and ran all the way. I felt really good about it. We sail across the course smoothly until we came to the snake sequence and then back again, I didn't pull well so Sizzle back jump, otherwise, it was brilliant.
As I was really moody, Colin thought he will treat me to a takeaway food. We found a nice Indian curry not far from the camp site. We ordered some curries that we can't find in London. OMG! That's real delicious! I want more!!! Colin said it could be my diet is affecting my mood swing? He said I feel more relax and happy after a good meal. Hehehe ...

I thought I am back to normal on Sunday to run the dogs but now the dogs have problems! First of all, Saturn was not stretching out his left hind leg. I noticed that after his first run, so I have to pull him out. Then, Sizzle got stung by a wasp before his first run of the day, so he was constantly scratching, even when I put him on the startline. He just can't concentrate! Poor boy! There were lots of wasps near where we camp and I have heard there are some wasp nest around the showground as well! Yuk! I did washed his ear/neck/shoulder with warm salty water. He was ok but not great.
Then, I ran Sing in the G5-7 Agility. It was a tough course,  obstacle discrimination. I know Sing will do well. There was a tunnel under the A Frame. You have to do the tunnel the first time then come around a couple of jumps to go up the A Frame. A lot of dogs got eliminated on the obstacle discrimination but Sing was very responsive and he ran really well too. Unfortunately, I forgot the course! I took the wrong jump! Arrrggghhhh ... I let the Dragon slipped by once again! I am so cross with myself! Even Colin thought I went crazy! When I got out from the ring, a lot of fellow competitors asked me if I do not want to win the class, this is why I ran the wrong course? I told them NO, I WAS STUPID!

Anyway, I determined I will ran better next class with Sizzle. We were queuing, then we met a sheltie, of course Sizzle wanted to say hello, he is a friendly little man but the other sheltie isn't. He lunched and nip him, so I pulled him back. Luckily Sizzle looked ok. We were a few yards away to book in and again, this sheltie lunched and nip him hard! What a day for Sizzle! Of course we just ran casual in that class.

That sum up our Wales weekend.

 here are some of our runs:

It has been so hot over here, all the grass turn brown (basically DEAD!), when we crossed the Severn Bridge, all we saw was GREEN GRASS! There is no single brown patch on the grass! I am jealous! Maybe Colin's suggestion to move to Wales begins to temp me now!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

some pictures ...

Sipzie continues to settle very well with us, it is joy to have her around. She is always happy running around, chasing the kitty, teasing the boys to play with her ...

Our bonding is up and down at the moment, I guess I left her with Colin in the caravan most of the time this weekend while I concentrate on my champ class and she now prefers Colin than me. Well, I cannot complain about it as I would like her to understand that she has to stay with Colin when I am not around. Also, she is open up herself more to meet other dogs, she definitely like puppies. She met Angie's Pink and she was mad about her, she wanted to play with her so much; then we met a Collie puppy near our camping, she just went bonkers, she ran like a lunatic ... we met a 6 months old bishon x long hair chihuahua in the Common yesterday, they ran and ran and ran ... maybe I should get a puppy to play with her? I think I have enough at the moment! Any puppy out there that I can borrow to play with Sipzie?
I continue to teach her more tricks and she is loving the clicker, we also play a lot in the garden. I now go into the routine that I will separate her and Sizzle for our playtime, so each one of them get my full attention. She loves the agility equipments in the garden. I purposely leave some of the equipments around but took the Dog Walk off. I also lower the jumps just in case she tried to jump over and the A Frame is on the puppy height to train Saturn, so everything is fine. She is happy to run around and sometimes take some jumps and even tried to race Sizzle over the A Frame. 

 here are some photos of Sipzie playing in the garden:
I have no intention to teach her the agility yet, we still need to make our bond stronger. I take her out with me most of the time, she glue to me the first week but now she got more confident, she will drift away to sniff for FOOD. She is a greedy little bugger. When we were at Rugby, she kept dragging me to the burger van. This week when we play in the garden, she suddenly lost her attention and sniff away near the see-saw (I train Sizzle with some yummy ham, I guess we must have left some there!). I need to get her to focus on me! She is very good when we go out walking, she is always stay close, never too far.

The only obstacle that I "train" is the tunnel. She is loving it, she is like a lightning going through the tunnel. We play a lot around the tunnel and nothing else. She is quite a powerful dog, she was so excited that she grab my arm a few times!

and this is my little man:
beautiful rose in my garden

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

more agility news ... from Rugby

My super Saturn surprised me once again at Rugby that he is not going to let Sizzle take all the glory, he won the G5-7 Jumping on Saturday, that is the only class he ran on Saturday! He has been waiting for the whole morning and he didn't get to run until 5pm! It was a tricky course, I managed to pull him off the tunnel trap after the tyre, Phew! It was a messy save but we did it! WooHoo! Two weekends in a row! He must be on fire!

this is Saturn's winning run, please excuse Sing's barking in the background:

I decided to give Sing a run, so he ran over the same course as Saturn but much smoother. I didn't do the pull through with him as I have not train him since he was injured last year, the push through seems to do really well to get him to turn tight and also the tunnel to the wrong end of the tunnel also worked much better. He came 2nd in this Jumping, just behind Saturn!

 this is Sing's run, now please excuse Saturn's barking in the background:
Saturday passed in a blur as I spent all morning concentrating on the Champ classes ...
Sunday is the Crufts Team Qualifier, we have one Medium Team and two Small Teams competing. The Medium Team ran before the Small. All the handlers and dogs were fantastic, is just hard luck that our last dog took extra jump at the end to get an elimination.
this is our Medium Team Run:
We had two Small Teams competing at Rugby, the first Team consist of Smudge, Brax, DeeDee and Sizzle, all four dogs were fabulous. There were a Team in front of us that had 4 clear rounds so we all knew the pressure is on if we want to get qualified. Louise & Smudge started us off very well, they ran fast and clear; then Matt & Brax put in another fast clear round; follow by Dawn & DeeDee; Sizzle and I were the last to go in the Team, after Dawn grab hold of my baton change, Sizzle and I just shot off, we ran fast and clear and came back to find out DeeDee had taken an extra jump too to get the Team eliminated. Hard Luck, so close yet so far! I wanted to say Thank You Very Much to Louise & Smudge, Matthew & Bracken and Dawn & DeeDee, you were all smashing, you are the best team-mates, WE are a great Team!
 this is our 2nd Small Team:

Later, Sizzle got The KC Olympia qualifier, he ran really well, unfortunately we weren't fast enough to get qualify:
Marie set up a very nice challenging C6-7 Jumping. I love Marie courses, I don't always get them right but they were good to run. There were a tunnel trap after a long stretch line of 3 jumps. Saturn and I did a lovely sequence and he turned so tight into the weave, he didn't even bother to look at the tunnel which surprised me but our pull through the gap wasn't good enough, he took the extra jump before he took the tunnel! Such a shame but never mind, I was please with the pull off tunnel:
I missed walking the Medium G1-7 Jumping but managed to watch a few dogs running it. I ran Saturn in it, we went clear but not good enough to get a place.

Monday, July 19, 2010

my first champ

Been and done with my first champ! Sizzle was one good little boy, I cannot ask for more from a young dog like him. He did me very proud eventhough I got him eliminated in both qualifiers. He gave me his 110%. I was just being too nervous. This is my very first champ, I never dream to get there but he made my dream comes true. I started competing in agility since 2005. I only did 3 to 5 shows a year, only in 2007 that I started to go to more shows. He is my first Grade 7 dog, he took me to Champ Class in such a short time.

It was a great experienced and I have learned a lot. I have been trying to control my nerve over the years but only just recently that I started to calm down when I stood on the startline. I found it very stressful when I received my first champ running order. I read the catalogue attached to my running order and that freak me out. There is a full list of all the competitors, all the famous handlers and dogs ... can you imagine my first champ running against all these top handlers and dogs?

Then, on the day (Saturday), more nerve wrecking. Eventhough the courses weren't too horrible but you have to run according to your running order, that made me uneasy too. In the normal classes, you just walked in and booked in and queue and run but in the Champ class, you need to run according to your allocated running order. My Jumping was 23 and Agility was 32, I thought it wasn't too bad, at least not the first one to go at my first Champ but the atmosphere keeps kicking my nerve. There is caller that did the calling, he shouted for the handler to come on the startline ... that really made my legs feel like jelly. I thought I am quite a confidence person but obviously not, when he shouted LIAN KNIGHT, my legs just went softer and softer ... yuk!

The weather wasn't great on Saturday morning, drizzly, windy, wet ... whenever I watched a Champ class, it seems to take forever to finish one class but on Saturday, the Medium Champ Jumping just flew by and before I knew it, it was for the Small. There were a couple of tricky traps, funnily enough, I got eliminated at the part that no one has got eliminated!! The one that cost most people eliminated is from jump #15 to jump #16, as most dogs back jump #2!

After we got eliminated in the Jumping round, I knew we won't be able to squeeze into the Final so when I walked the Agility round, I wanted to try a couple of handling that is risky to get it wrong and I did got it wrong to get elimination in that Agility round as well.

Overall, I am very pleased with myself and Sizzle, he is a wonderful little dog, I just loved running with him.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sipzie and Vindi

I need to share these photos with you, Vindi is like Sipzie's shadow, she will follow whenever she goes ...

I have been teaching Sipzie some tricks, she is fast learner ... I always find SHY is the hardest to teach, here we are ...

Sizzle said: You need to lift your paw higher, just like this!

catch up on agility news ... RVA

I find it difficult to find some spare time to blog at the moment, Sipzie is so full of energy, she keeps me busy all the time, if not, I have to give my attention to the boys who felt left out at the moment, especially poor little Sizz -man. Sipzie really likes him a lot, I wonder is it the colouring that look like Ypra? Or was it she can feel Sizzle is the youngest and playful? ...  All my boys are a real gentleman, they never learn to play rough and they do not like to play rough. Sipzie sometimes can be a bit too much for Sizzle, she is a powerful sheltie, size wise, mmm ... she is double the size of him! So, that does not help either! Luckily the kitty keeps her very busy too. Vindi is always looking for Sipzie and Sipzie is loving the kitty :)

We were at RVA, Peterborough last weekend. I was having two minds whether to go or not to go. Reason being, I only have Sipzie on Tuesday and I want to make sure she settles into our family, so taking her camping on Thursday maybe a bit too soon to get her out from the house. Also, I want to get her out and about to learn her new surrounding which will be part of our life in the future ... anyway, she settled in right away. She didn't show any sign of stress or discomfort. She joins in the pack like she has been here all the time.

So, I decided to take the caravan and the dogs off to RVA on my own on Thursday. Last week was very hot, Friday and Saturday were over 30c. Luckily, there were only 2 classes for each dog, an Agility and a Jumping class. I've entered Saturn and Sizzle, so I was having quite a relaxing time to socialise Sipzie when I am not running, that works out very well.

There were a Championship Breed Show at the same showground last weekend, Shelties is in Pastorla Group and the judging was on Friday. I got to sneak to have a look at some Beauty shelties during our lunch break. I've got to meet up with Saturn's breeder, she also has Sizzle's sire and Samber's sire.

As I was on my own on Friday, Colin was at work, so no video. I was just about to manage on my own. I purposely camp close to the hedge to get some shed and away from others, so walking to the rings were a bit further but not too bad.

 Saturn and his Jump/Hurdle trophy from Saturday

Saturn and Sizzle were running over the same courses but at different heights. I ran Saturn in the Agility this weekend, I think it is about time we should try to get him over some contacts. He was a good boy, his DW was so much better and his A Frame is getting there, he sometimes release himself before me but his SS is still awful. We did get placings in the Agility when he got his contacts. I am really happy with our progress. Saturn did some awesome Jumping last weekend, he won one of the class and we got a lovely trophy, it is a shape of a Jump/Hurdle. I always wanted a trophy with agility equipment and I am so glad that one of my boys fulfilled my dream. On Sunday, Saturn also did a lovely Jumping, unfortunately he missed the weave entry. The weave was placed very close to a cloth tunnel, it was very windy and the cloth tunnel end was blown open and he shoot out too fast and miss the entry. It was such a shamed as he ran beautifully and his time is good enough to win the class after redo the weave again. Saturn also did a lovely round in the C1-7 Steeplechase, he got a 5th in it.

this is Saturn's G4-7 Jumping on Saturday, 1st place:

this is Saturn's G4-7 Jumping on Sunday that he missed the weave entry:
Saturn's C1-7 Steeplechase:

This is Sizzle's first Grade 7 show. I was nervous, he is up against those big boys and girls. He is such a good boy, he worked very hard and he got a 2nd in Agility and 3rd in Jumping on Friday; 3rd in Agility on Saturday, I messed up the pull through in the Jumping with him again!!! Then 3rd in Agility on Sunday again, I messed up his Jumping, pull through again!! He also did a lovely C1-7 Steeplechase.

this is Sizzle's G4-7 Agility from Sunday:

Sizzle's C1-7 Steelplechase:

We are off to Rugby later this evening, tomorrow is Sizzle's first Champ. Yes, I am nervous and excited. I just wanted to go out and enjoy ourselves.

Here are some photos from Sing x Samber's puppies

here are daddy's girls at 11 months old, I can't believe they will be ONE next month! Where all the times go?
Sadie enjoying the sun in the garden
Tig was watching us enjoying our BBQ last weekend at RVA

lucky Skye holidaying in France


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sipzie update

I cannot believe Sipzie is with us for a week now, the past week just flew by so quickly ... especially when you have an energetic "puppy"! She is full of bean, full of energy, full of life, full of fun, full of excitement ...

She settling extremely well with us, I need not have to worry at all. I thought with her age and being attach to Miguel, she will miss him terribly and her pack back in Belgium but she proves me wrong! She was looking for Miguel after we separated from Pet Traveling Scheme at Calais but soon we got into the train, she settled in nicely with Colin at the back travelling with her.

Our journey back was smooth, no holding up traffic or road work delay. I was expecting the boys to go crazy and over excited to welcome a new girl to their family, again I was wrong. They were too happy to see me and Colin (not surprised since we left home at 5am and back at 2pm! They were missing us!) and ignored her.

Sipzie took everything in her own stride, she is a bubbly happy outgoing girl, she immediately play with me in the garden soon we got home, then she settled in to play with Sizzle. She loves Sizzle very much. She thinks he is the most wonderful buddy in the world. She took her new family environment immediately, there is no sign of nerves or stress. 

She becomes very attach to me immediately, that is all I want. I think she is meant to be my baby after all.
She settled in her first night with no trouble at all, she slept on our bed and the boys being a typical Englishmen, they all jump off the bed to let her sleep with us but soon she jump off, they jump back into the bed and tuck themselves right close to me! She is a clean girl, she asked to go out at night which is wonderful eventhough she woke me up at 12 midnight. I do not mind that at all, I am delightful how well trained she is.

On Wednesday, we met up with Priscilla (Eva's mum). She is here to visit Rosalind, her daughter who is studying music in Cobham. We went for a walk at Oxshott Common, Sipzie was off lead walking with us for the entire walk. She sometimes wander off to sniff and check out the surrounding but most of the times she stayed right close to me. She really is an attach girl.

After the walk, we then went training. I have Priscilla holding her for me while I ran Sizzle. I was told she was whining and crying for me, I guess that is a good sign?
Then, on Thursday, I took the caravan and the dogs to Peterborough for Just Dog Live weekend. The weather was so hot and camping didn't make life easier. As I was on my own on Thursday and Friday, I tried to stay in the caravan with the dogs to keep them company and to make sure they stay in the shed. Thursday wasn't too bad, I arrived about 2pm and still be able to find some nice camping spot. We had a relaxing Thursday, after setting up the caravan and our garden, I took Sipzie for a little wander around the showground to socialise.

Friday was a little difficult without Colin. I have to run Sizzle and Saturn and help for one hour. That is a compulsory help, so it made it quite difficult for me especially in this heat. The boys are getting so much better to stay in the camping while I pop to quick loo trip but not Sipzie. On Friday morning, I left the dogs inside the caravan but have a window open to let the air in. I was going as far as 100 yards, I feel a cold wet nose touching my leg, there is Little Miss Sipzie walking alongside me!! That gave me a good scared!

When I went to run the boys, I make sure I close all the windows but left the top for ventilation. I have to say the temperature must be over 30c+ on Friday and Saturday, each time I came back from running a dog, the caravan was so hot and poor dogs were so hot too but I dare not want to lose her and have no choice. The one hour help in the afternoon was a hell for me, I was worried sick all the time about them being over heated in the caravan!

I was so glad to have Colin to join me on Friday night, this mean I can rely on him to look after the dogs while I was out in the ring. We took Sipzie with us each time I ran a dog. She was crying each time I ran the boys. Saturn wasn't bother by her at all but Sizzle wasn't too happy. She is a little too pushy and Sizzle a gentle wee boy and he does not want to share his mummy with her!

After my Agility run with Sizzle on Saturday morning. I asked Colin to take them back to the caravan as I am going to check out the other ring, then I got caught and chatted up with a sheltie friend. As we were happy chatting away, there come a nice little tri sheltie running towards us. I thought such a nice looking dog, then to realised she is my Sipzie! I was so shocked and called her name, she was so happy to see me and jump into my arm! Bless her! Just as I have her, the tannoy said: Lian Knight, your sheltie is on the loose! Arrrrggghhh ... I thought, NO! Not another one or two? As I was just next to the secretary tent, I pop over to ask them WHICH ONE? I started to get very panic and ran back to the caravan with her, then half way, I saw my lovely friend Angie belting down this end, she told me Sipzie ran towards the ring and closely followed by Saturn and Sizzle but Colin managed to get the boys back but not Sizzle and Sally (Tig's mum) was running after her! Well, I am very famous now! Apparently all my shelties are trespassing Ring 2 in a rocket speed! I thought the boys are getting so much better with Colin but I was told soon they see Sipzie escaped, they just follow her! Well, now, she is on the lead whenever I am not with her!

We finished about noon on Sunday but I have to fulfill my one hour help duty so we didn't get away until 3pm. We did get home before 7pm. More about our agility news in the later post. You cannot believe how energetic she is, she is keeping me busy all the time. She is not like a puppy that will spend most of the time sleeping. She is up most of the time and we have a lot catching up to do.

here are some photos:

Sipzie and her old daddy Migi

Miguel and his girls Ypra & Sipzie

here are Sipzie and her beautiful mum Ypra:

a very happy me and my very special little girl

she is a lunatic