Monday, December 31, 2012

Here to a bright and a brand NEW YEAR!

2012 is a mixed year for us ...

In January, Sizzle was injured during Club training. An old heavy wooden jump landed on his right shoulder and sadly, he is never the same again. His Agility career is up and down since! He was rested most of the year to recover and get better. His only big event in 2012 was represent Team England to compete at WAO in Belgium. Without much training, but with trust in each other, we made the dream comes true. He was fantastic little boy, with our Team physio Tace Allen's warming him up for me at each run by the ring side, he worked his sock off all weekend. We had some very good runs and a couple of unfortunate runs to cost us the podium placing but I love this boy so very much. He is my little ray of sunshine. Having him around is a true blessing!

Sizzle @ WAO May 2012 Belgium 

Sizzle has acupuncture and physio every now and then to help maintain physical condition. Finger crossed he will be sound again to hit the ring again in 2013.

The other bad news was that Colin got made redundant earlier in 2012; that was a big hit and we tried to readjust our lifestyle; this means cutting down dog training and dog shows! I was "lost" for a while as I was trying so hard to get Sonic ready to compete at 16 months at UKA and 18 months at KC. I kinda given up Agility and didn't bother to train my poor puppy anymore for a long time. 

Sonic competing at UKA

Poor Sonic actually started to compete when he was old enough but his career isn't smooth like Sizzle. We hit a lot of bumpy roads and curves and we both learned along the way. Part of me was sad that being such a good puppy, he should have done better if we have better training and training facilities. Another part of me was very glad that he is still in the lower grade to gain more experienced. He needed some foundation!

Then, in the middle of everything, we decided it's time to leave London and find our dream home. As Colin decided he is retiring, we don't have to restrict ourselves to the South East areas only, that gave us better choice. We even considered moving up to Scotland as I loved my little (too short!) holiday last August. Everything was beautiful up in Scotland, the scenery, the people ... what a lovely place to live in. 

On holiday in Scotland, August 2011

We keep searching and keep searching ... we knew our dream home will come ... one day. It was a tough and stressed few months driving up and down the country looking for the right home. A lot to consider and a lot to give and take ... On my and Saturn's birthday this year, we drove up to Windy Ridge to have a second viewing and came back to London to finalise our thought. 

me and Saturn on our Birthday visiting our dream home

I know I am a country girl and I know the shelties will love all the space they could have, herding sheep, running around being a real country dog! Colin and I set our heart on this amazing view surrounding the farmhouse, what else can you ask for? We are some lucky person that could live up to our dream. I always believe in working hard, never give up and all your dreams will come true ... eventually. 

the country boys

We moved in to Windy Ridge Farm at the end of September, I sacrificed the WAO Spain 2013 tryout but I never regret. You only live once! Colin and I and the shelties are so happy to be able to live in this beautiful countryside. Plenty of fresh air and plenty of land for the shelties to run around safely, I don't have to worry about any of them being attack by some stupid owners' dogs!

Things are just getting better ... Sipzie has her first litter by Sing in late August. Although she scanned for 6 puppies but only 4 were born and we sadly lost two after a very difficult labour. We were very pleased with  Rona and Fat Boy Chessie. They are so precious to us and to their owners. 

Fat Boy Chessie and Rona having fun in the garden

Other puppy news, we have Sing's tri colour son Flint staying with us for a little while and he is now loved and trained by Kay. 

Flint being Flint!

And my bi-black dream puppy Sen came from Czech Republic to join the family in October ....

Seny, taken at 6 months

The KNIGHTs Shelties posing for Halloween 2012

Other exciting puppy news ... Sonic will be a daddy for the first time! Mama Sunny is expecting some puppies from anytime now! Fingers and paws crossed for the safe arrival of some pitty patty paws ...

Other additions to The KNIGHTs Family are ...

 some chicken

and a miniature Shetland Pony, still can't decide his name yet!

Agility news ... we went to Adams Agility show yesterday. Unfortunately, we didn't have a good end to the Agility year. First of all, I did't receive my running order so I have to print it off from the Internet (luckily, the show organiser has post the ring plan and running order on the forum); secondly, I was too busy doing my morning farm chaos before leaving to the show, I forgot my jacket and video camera! I was freezing cold with a thin fleece (it was only 4c!) standing outside! When we got to the venue around 8:15am (I didn't have the first class in the morning so I can be a bit casual with time but judging didn't start until 8:30am), there were nobody to guide us where to park the car and I saw many cars already park by the entrance and I just followed the car pulling up before us. It was miles walking up to the rings. I then decided I will take the risk/luck to find a parking closer. I drove the car up to the carpark and they were all full up. I was driving round and round ... and decided I can squeeze between a van and small car! Trust my driving/parking skill. I am pretty good at it! I have to say I wasn't too happy then! The outside jumping rings were tiny, they squeezed 3 rings in such a small area and the courses were so tight that one jump is on top of the other! Oh, the worst thing is, there is NO weave! I was truly disappointed! All my shelties need proving on weave and we haven't got much chance this winter to do weave in a competition environment! I was cold and grumpy and my brain turned mushy. You won't believe that I walked the wrong course! I walked a course that I wasn't even running in it! And I also forgot to walk Sonic's Jumping course! I was really crossed with myself. You guess it, all my 4 runs with Sonic were rubbish! The only one that we ran clear is the Combined 1-7 Jumping, Bless him, he got a 6th place in that. There were about 80+ dogs and there were some really good Grade 7 dogs, I was really proud that he even get a placing. It wasn't an easy course at all. It required layering and a lot of pull through! Sipzie also ran clear in her Combined 4-7 Jumping, got placed 4th. It was an extremely tight course. I was so afraid that I am going to knock the jump wing down as I have no room to run! I've only did one run with Sizzle as he wasn't jumping very well. I can see he isn't lifting his back end easily, I've decided I will scratch his other run. Although he ran clear in the Agility but I am not sure if we got a place as I really don't want to stay any longer!

Here are some videos taken with my iPhone, you have to excuse Colin as he is not good at it :), he missed most a few of my runs as well :(

Sipzie's Combined 4-7 Jumping, placed 4th:

Sipzie's Graded 4-7 Agility. She got called on the A Frame. I was very happy with her run although her Dog Walk can be much better but I am not complaining as she has a bad couple of weeks just leaping off the contact. I am very please with her "so called stop contact". We can make that better, I hope! Just need a lot more practicing!

This is Sonic's Combined 1-7 Jumping. I think this is a very tough course for a baby dog. I can't do the layering of #3 to #4 as I have never taught him "layering", so I have to take the risk of him taking #7. He was rather a good boy, being responsive but Gosh, can he bark! I've never have a sheltie that bark all the way around a course :D and we managed 2 pull through easily. WooHoo!!

This is Sonic's Graded 1-4 Agility, his other Agility run which is not video is very similar (a bit of reverse of this course). You can see we will have a lot of winter training on straight tunnel :) he is not looking for the next obstacle yet and we still have problem when there is an angle jump too! He is too busy barking! Bad puppy LOL

And this is Sizzle's only run in Graded 4-7 Agility: 

Hopefully we will have a better Agility year in 2013!
I am going to sit down and have a good think about our New Year Resolutions. For now, I wish all my blogging friends a Bright and Successful 2013!

Thursday, December 27, 2012!

Christmas Day and Boxing Day worn me out! I must be getting old, really old!

We had a lovely surprised visit from my "long lost" cousin from Malaysia. She and her family arrived in the UK a week before Christmas. It was lovely to meet her and her husband and her three children. Shelties are in heaven. They just loved people. I was too busy entertaining and running around with chaos and forgot to take some photos with them!

This is the first time since I am in the UK that I have to cook the Christmas Dinner. I have to say I managed it well, nothing got burnt or under cook. Phew! Shelties have their Christmas Dinner too, normally they will have their dinner with us but not when I have guest, so they have to have it afterwards :) Those chicken will have all the trimmings; and our lovely miniature Shetland pony has a carrot! All happy!

The shelties were brilliant with my coursin's children, they kept them entertained all the time! I am really proud of my lots. We didn't get a chance to open the pressies until the evening. This is Seny's first Christmas, she was amused by the wrapper instead of the pressie itself. Crazy girls!

 Seny loves the wrapper!
Seny is waiting for Colin to throw the wrapper at her!

I went to bed at 7pm, I nearly crawl upstairs! This tells you how tired I was!

Boxing Day, the sun was shinning. We took the pony out for a good walk with the shelties. He's such a lovely character, he loves to be with the boys, not so keen about the girls, especially Sipzie. Whenever Sipzie is around, he will turn around and give her a kick! Seny got one kick and is now clear off! We also got to do a bit of Agility on the Ridge ...

 Love his extension!

We still haven't got a definite name for our wee pony! He is full of character. We started naming him all sorts  ... Sheltie (that's confusing!), Skewbald (I like that name but that is his colour! Enough to confuse people as well!), Solitaire, Smudge, Smoochie ...and on Day 3, we both agreed he is very cheeky, so we call him Sneaky but the next day, after he keeps kicking Sipzie, I start calling him Smash/Smasher. Personally, I like Smash/Smasher, that sounds softer but Colin prefers Sneaky. We both calling him different names, enough to confuse him! Hahaha ...

I always wanted a miniature Shetland Pony but living in London, we were lacking of space. When we moved here, I thought it's possible. Although I have been warned that they will be a lot of work taking care of the shelties, a pony and the chicken ... I know if I want something, I will manage and make it happen. I love having the chicken and pony alongside with our shelties. The shelties are always with me when I doing the chaos and they are loving the space they run in between the chicken run and the pony run!

Smasher pony is only a baby, he was born on 1st of June and he hasn't been well handled before. He arrived last Saturday and I've spent most of our time with him, feed him, cleaning out his bedding, brushing him, hove picking, taking him out for walk ... at Day 3, he totally trust me already. You won't believe I've got my first kick at Day 2 and that hurt! Ouch!

Smasher loves company, he likes to be surrounded by the shelties and if I am around, he will go further and do crazy thing but he is keeping an eye on me. Soon, I moved away, he will run towards me and wanted to be with me! He has been in the garden where he loves, because he can see us in the kitchen/lounge. If I leave him in the paddock, he will go wild. crazy, run around like lunatic! Hopefully he will get settled and learned that he can be on his own :)

Next, clicker train a pony :)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas everyone!

We would like to wish all our friends and family
a peaceful and joyful Christmas!

this is an old favourite photo (taken in 2010), I didn't get a chance to take a "new" photo this year. The Farm life is very busy, always something on and animals to look after ... by the time I finished the chaos, I am knackered!

I intend to dress this wee miniature Shetland pony up for Christmas but I was told I am cruel. Hahaha ...

Sunday, December 16, 2012

boys' agility-date

So, off we went to our local winter series show at Bitz N Bobz yesterday. This is the second time we've been, the last time we went was in November. They have a monthly show until March next year. I have to say I beginning to enjoy the show more and more, I really want to get Sonic out to do more shows as we don't train enough. 

As usual, I've entered Sonic, Sizzle and Sipzie. Poor Sizzle was not on form yesterday. He came off at the 4th weave pole in his first Agility run, the weave was set in the beginning of the course, I thought he was being a naughty boy, so I put him back and again he came off at the 4th pole. I pulled him out from the class straightaway. It was a good course, I really want to try to run it but I know my dog better, so I picked him up and say thank you to the judge. At his next run, a Jumping course. The weave was the 4th obstacle, sadly, it happened again, he came out 4th pole; I re-do and he still came out 4th pole, so we called it a day. I knew this is not my Sizzle. I was glad that I have booked Sally, my physio to come and treat the dogs today. I have to say, she has put him right for now and we have a lot of stretch exercise to do. He was so tight on the shoulder and back. 

I really like the Combined 4-7 courses, they were really good courses and some challenging bits that I would like to try. I knew I couldn't run Sizzle anymore, I was hoping Sipzie will get around the courses. What can I say? She was a WILD child, no control whatsoever! Contacts? She jumped every contacts! Weave? What weave? She ran past every set of weave like she has not seen that at all. The worst part was in the Steeplechase, I thought with no weave and no contacts, she should do ok. Guess what? I sent her into the tunnel, she ran to the door! OMG! Colin called her "The Entertainer"!

After my tri-colour disaster, my token sable did me proud-ish :) Sonic was really good at Agility but absolutely rubbish at Jumping and Steeplechase! Our first run was Agility 1. Colin reminded me to worn him out before even walk into the ring, he think he's too hyper. Of course, I didn't listen to him. I just do my usual stuff and play tug with him. I think my puppy is mature slowly :) he's getting more responsive, I guess with competing a bit more actually help him to cope that he has to run a full course before he gets rewarded. He won both the Agility 1 and Agility 2. 

Sonic's Agility 1:

In his Jumping class, I messed up a bit. I should have put another step further to prevent the refusal of the jump. I have been trying to put a "fan" sequence at home and sending him over to the jumps, I thought he was doing well but obviously not :) Oops! More training over Christmas!

Sonic's Jumping: 

I really enjoyed the Agility 2 course, it was a fast flowing course, although there's no weave or DW or SS but it was a fast course that the young dogs will really enjoy. Just the last couple of weeks that I was worried he hits the AF too high but look at this video made me very happy. His AF is just perfect. Phew!

Sonic's Agility 2:

Well, his last run was a big disaster. He seems to suddenly forget how to jump :) And yes, he is very argumentative too :) but I love him! Just a lot more work to do over the Christmas!

Sonic's Steeplechase:

I didn't bother to upload Sipzie's video because it's just plain awful :)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

New Additions ... and Tricky T'day!

No, not another sheltie! We have some chicken instead!

As I have been intended to get 2-3 chicken for eggs, after talking to some friends and people around here, we were planning to have chicken in Spring but you know ... plan always changed! We got an offer of these chicken (8 hens and 1 cockerel). The previous owner is very ill and he desperate to rehome them; so they come to me on the weekend. Didn't we have fun owning these chicken! Trying to catch them was funny enough. Thank God Rhoda, Brooke's mummy is an expert in catching chicken. We trim off their wings, so they can't fly away!

We bought a nice chicken coop and after trimming their wings, we have to catch them one more time to put them to bed! Phew! BTW, the shelties are pretty hopeless :) Sing wanted to eat them. As they were travelling down from Wales on Saturday. We kept them in the cardboard boxes as they came in in the greenhouse overnight. We let them out on Sunday morning. When Sing saw the flying cockerel, he determined to get him! Hahaha ... I was laughing hysterically watching him jumping in the air to catch the cockerel. I know I am bad but it was too funny. Sizzle is scared of the chicken. Well, I don't blame him really, the smallest chicken is bigger than him! Saturn can't be bothered but Sonic is very interested in them. He tried to herd them but he went the wrong way, he herd them into the corner, so we have to go into the bush to catch them!

Every morning, Sing and Sonic cried to get into the chicken coop to check them out. As I am keeping them in the coop/run for the next 2 weeks before I am brave enough to let them out. I did struggled to get them out in the morning and put them back at night in the first two days but now they learned their roost, so I just have to open the door and close the door everyday. Will post better photos of them when they are allow out. I am thinking to expand the run a bit ...

they gave me two eggs on their arrival but nothing since :(

As for tricky T'day, I've decided to teach WAIT to Sen. I don't teach my puppy "wait" until they are 6 months. I'd rather like my puppies a bit more pushy and naughty before I put some force/pressure into a behaviour. Personally, I think "wait" is quite pressure and control kinda training. Seny is a busy bee. She gets very excited when she sees clicker and treat. She is extremely into treat, still no play from her though :( She can't sit still when there is food involved (even when there is no food, actually), her whole body gone into wriggly mode! I don't know this is a good thing or a bad thing. When I tried to teach her a trick, she gave me everything and I sometimes think if I click the right thing as she moves so fast.

Seny's WAIT:

 Seny will be 6 months old tomorrow and is 32cm (12.5") at the whitter

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

exciting weekend

We had an exciting weekend! 

On Saturday, we went to Rugby Christmas Agility show. I have never been to this show before, considering this is one of our local shows, I'll go and check it out :) I have not done a Christmas show before either, so this was really exciting. I remembered seeing some old pictures from fellow agility competitors, they used to decorate some of the equipment, like wrapping tinsel on the jump wing or weave poles, I was a bit disappointed that nothing was on the equipment this year but I was well impressed with all the judges dressing up in season spirit! 

There were four rings, two indoor Jumping rings that have no peg at all, so all straight pipe tunnels and no weave, no cloth tunnel. The two outdoor rings (not really outdoor as they are under a shelter but not fully enclosed) are Agility rings.

I've entered three dogs, Sonic, Sipzie and Sizzle. All has an Agility and Jumping run each. Sonic has his first two runs first. He was starting well on the Jumping until I messed up in the box and then everything went a bit haywire. He is such a sensitive dog that read my mind too well, he is so similar to his daddy in this manner but Sing will slow down and keep trying where Sonic will bark and try to tell me off!

this is our "disastrous" Jumping round: 

I am so glad this show is so well organised. With four rings, they have got 8 judges, so the show run smoothly and no stopping for lunch. Everything was ON THE GO all the time, no one is hanging around being cold in this weather. Before I knew it, Sonic got to run his Agility. It was a lovely flowy course, the only disappointed bit for me is there is no weave. Not that Sonic cannot do the weave but I really like courses with weave, especially for the baby dogs which they need the experienced in the ring. What can I say, for the least expected, Sonic won the class by nearly 3 seconds! Oops :( I don't think he is particularly fast considering that is one fast flowy course with no weave. I saw many dogs that go faster than him but when I check his time, he really did surprised me. He is the fastest time in all the grades and in small and medium. This is a Graded show, they graded each grade but Grade 1 to 3 run the same course and Graded 4 to 7 run the same course. 

this is Sonic's winning Agility run:

Oh dear! We need to work hard now that he moves up to Grade 4 unexpectedly. He isn't ready to move up as he still doing a lot of silly baby mistakes like jumping pass obstacles and too busy barking at me instead of looking at the jump in front of him. We have been practicing this at home but the weather is so awful (too wet/muddy or too cold/frosty ground), there is not much we can do at the moment :(

Next up was Sizzle's Agility run. He was a good little boy and came 2nd. I was really pleased with that as there were some very good fast little dogs in his grade including a couple of Agility Champions. I was a little bit cross with myself (only after watching the video at home), I rush to release the see-saw too soon. He has been so good with his see-saw this winter as we have been training hard on that and now my quick release may have "ruin" it again. Sigh ~ such a bad handler :(

Sizzle Grade 4-7 Agility: 

After Sizzle's Agility run, it seems that all Grade 4 to 7 small & medium crashed at the same time; I nearly missed walking Sipzie's Medium Jumping. I've only got the very limit of time to walk the course twice, hence my spacing was slightly out and Bless Little Miss Sipzie, trying so hard to come 3rd in that Jumping round. 

Sipzie's Grade 4-7 Jumping:

Soon after Sipzie's Jumping run, we have to rush to the outside ring to run her in the Agility. She was a total wild child. This is the first time in the last few weeks that she leap off her Dog Walk by miles! She ran the same Agility course as Sizzle but I would not want to upload the video here :( I've asked the judge permission to put her back on the Dog Walk; and after that she came off the side way of the see-saw and missed her weave entry. It was quite a messy run :(

We finished the day with Sizzle's Grade 4 to 7 Jumping. For some reason, I wasn't really concentrate on this course, I don't know why? I knew I can handle it much more better but I just went in and run like a stupid handler :( Sorry Sizzle. He did ran clear though, such a good little boy. He is an honest dog that give you the best!

Sizzle Grade 4-7 Jumping:

On Sunday, we have Rhoda and Matt with their Burdetts Shelties came to visit. Of course, brother and sister hit it off straightaway. Sonic and Brooke see each other quite a lot and they really love each other so much. The can run and play ALL DAY! Brooke has grown up so much after her first season. She really is lightning fast little girl! I love watching her run and enjoying herself. 

brother and sister

Look at Brooke, I don't know why she is the dirtiest sheltie of all of them! And she blend in very well in the background too :)

lightning fast puppy!

 This is Brooke's big brother, handsome Brodie. He is also Sizzle 3/4 brother. You have to ask Rhoda how she worked that out :) One thing I sure know is Brodie and Sizzle have the same daddy, a stunning blue merle dog CH Shelridge Wishmaster

and this is Brooke's tiny big sister Bracken. She is only 11" tall but with big attitude. She's a pocket rocket that made Matt ran a lot :) She's a sun chaser. She tried to get into the toy box where the sun shine into :)

 this is my crazy puppy, I love this photo very much. Funny that Sing, Sonic and Brooke all like the same ball!

Matt on the Ridge recalling Brooke and Seny loves her uncle Matthew A LOT! She wishes that he can take her home :)

oh ... handsome daddy Sing

 Brooke: Oops! Sorry daddy! It's yours :)

 Sonic: I want that too, daddy!

 Sing says, the ball is mine!

Matt playing with the shelties

Lastly, not a great group photo as all the shelties have flying ear and we were too busy to get Seny in the picture but she won't sit/stay :( (training in progress!)

Next up ... we have some new additions to The KNIGHTs Shelties 

Friday, December 07, 2012

Sing update

Brilliant news! I've got a phone call from the vet last evening to say the biopsy result just came back. The lump is just a lipoma, a benign fatty lump. It hasn't spread to any part of his body. Vet also said if there is more lump in around the same area, unless it bothers him, otherwise, we could leave it. WooHoo! Also, all his blood tests came back with flying colours! I can't believe my old boy, nearly 11 still is the strongest and healthiest, apart from the poorly paw and the fatty lump. I can't do anything with the poorly paw but maybe he should have some lean meat in future, so no more fatty lump, if that works! Hahaha ...

Now, I can sit back and relax and enjoy a peaceful Christmas :)

I can't believe how well Sing came off the general anesthetic this time. We only had a couple of faint whimper on Monday night. By Tuesday, he wanted to go and herd the sheep and run around with the others. We have the plaster removed yesterday morning and he nearly bit the nurse who removed the plaster. Hahaha ... I think she should be a bit gentle with my old man. 

 this picture was taken yesterday afternoon after we came back from the vet

 Sing relaxing in the evening (excuse the red-eyed)

 Poor Sing has a big bald patch. I am not sure how long will it takes for all the fur to grow back? The nurse was very impress and happy with the wound. It's looking very good. Clean, dry and no lumpy bits. Phew! He will have the stitches removed next Friday. 
Sing's wound. 

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Sing update

For those who are not on Facebook, here is an update on Sing ...

I managed to take Sing to see another vet (Rainsbrook) after we got seriously let down by the vet (wish I can named them!) that we first registered with when we moved into this area. The head vet I met and took Rona and Seny to, he sounds very knowledgeable and understand agility dogs but he can't keep his appointments that really upset me! He himself booked Sing in for an incision on his poorly paw, when we turned up, he wasn't even there! The nurse/reception told me he is not available that day and asked me if I am happy to let the other vet to do the op, I said no but they insisted I speak to one of the vets; so I did but after all the non sense she told me, when I asked her if she knew anything about my dog, her answer is NO but she said whichever vet that going to do the op will know what to do. I then asked her, did she has his history from my previous vet, she said NO. I told her, I am not going to go ahead because none of you know my dog! I walked off. Sing was then treated at my previous vet in London (New Malden Vet), he was prescribed with 4 weeks of antibiotic. Jackie, the vet thinks he was ok and do not need an operation. All went well until the 3rd week of antibiotic, his poorly paw swelled up again. I have to broke the skin and flush all the pus out! Of course it got inflamed! I was worried. I couldn't keep driving back to London to see my vet, so I thought I will give the vet another chance to redeem himself. I called and checked and double make sure he is in to do the op. When the day came, I took Sing in. Again, I got turned down! I was very angry. Although the other senior vet tried to convince me anyone of them is more than capable to do the job but when I asked him the two questions that I asked the previous vet before, his answer is NO again! I was boiling with anger and on the top of my voice, I said to him: If you know nothing my dog, do you think I can trust you by putting my dog on your table? I think I have upset the whole practice but who cares! I care about my dog. Later that day, the vet that I wanted to see ring to apologise and wanted to make another appointment for me to bring Sing in, I replied: It's too late! and hang up. I know I was rude but my dogs are my everything!

The same day, after I walked out from the vet with great disappointment, I drove to Rainsbrook. The reception lady gave me a warmth welcome and we had a good chat and tried to register all my dogs. I told them if the vet could see Sing as he is in the car. Her reply was, the best is to come back in a few hours time so that they can get the history from my previous vet and study his problem before seeing him. I thought, that's good. That afternoon, we saw a senior vet, we have a good discussion and I feel uncomfortable with him. I was really amazed that he actually screen through all Sing's records, up to 27 pages long! Whenever I raised one of the problem, he said: I saw that, let me have a another look and he knew just exactly where to find the problem and discuss with me. I know I can trust him. He agreed with Jackie that he does not need an operation now but if it is necessary, there is only one option, to have the last digit removed!

I've found a lump on Sing's left rib cage last Tuesday night. I told the vet about it and he had a feel and said that is quite solid and doesn't look like a fatty lump, so we schedule to have that removed yesterday. All weekend, I was worried about it. I know Sing wasn't coping well with the general anesthetic, it always took him 2-3 days to come off it, the last one was really worrying. I told this vet about it. He suggested they will run a series of blood test (because of his age) and see if he is ok to go ahead with the op. 

I took Sing in yesterday morning and saw a young vet. He knew exactly what he need to do and he had a feel of the lump. He raised the alarm that they might not be able to operate on the lump because he thinks the lump is between the rib cage and if it is attach to the bones, the practice there has no facility to do a big operation like this. That got me worried even more. He promised he will ring if there is a concern. Maybe no call is good news after all? So, after training, I rang the vet to check if he is ok. They told me the op went really well and I can collect him around 4pm.

I was really amazed how well Sing was when I went to collect him, apart from the very shaky/shivery body, he was very alert. The vet thinks the lump is lipoma (fatty lump). The lump actually did grew in between the muscle of the rib cage. It was quite a job to get the whole thing removed but they did a good job and my Sing looks really well. They are going to send the sample to the lab and we are waiting to hear if the lump is benign. Finger crossed!

Here are some photos taken on my phone, so quality wise is not great:
 Sing just came home, you can see there is a big bald patch on his left. From this picture you can see he is still very alert!

 nothing unusual, he was on the bed last night, I moved him closer to me so I can keep my eyes :)

this is very sweet Sonic being his daddy's guarding angel. He was so happy to have Sing home again. He won't leave his side. Sing did whimper a little last evening and each time he whimper, Sonic cried. That breaks my heart. Last night on the bed, Sonic was in this position until this morning when we woke up.  

hehehe ... Sing this morning!

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Sizzle @ UKA Grand Final

My little Sizzle qualified for the CSJ Grand Prix Final during the year, alongside with his 3/4 brother Brodie at different height. Both Sizzle and Brodie qualified at the same show; Sizzle in Toy and Brodie in Midi. These two brothers are scarily similar in so many ways too!

As I only qualified Sizzle at the UKA Grand Final, and the weather is freaking cold. I've left Colin to work in the Farm and to take care of the others. I've taken Sonic along for companion to Sizzle. He is a great traveler and he loves to be at the show environment. The venue is 130 miles, in the heavy thick fog, it took me nearly 3 hours to get there. 

I woke up at 4am, spent 30 minutes to start the car. At one point, I thought I will never get there as the car just wouldn't start! I was determined and I want to be there. Never give up! The car eventually start and the first 20 miles, I could only drove 20mph. My eye sight is not good in the dark, let alone in the thick fog! I could hardly see any road marking!

Luckily when we got on the motorway, it was a bit better and I can go a bit faster. We got there plenty of time. I always like to give myself a lot of time to get ready, walk the dogs, get used to the environment ... etc. It was great to see some familiar faces that I haven't seen much this year. Good catching up. 

Our first run was for the Semi-Final and it didn't start until nearly 11am. Last year, we got a fault and I gave up and didn't work all the way though and got eliminated. I got told off for not trying. I didn't realised that sometimes with fault, you are still able to get through to the Final. This year, I determined to work hard. Of course I want a clear round and a good time too. 

Tace, our WAO England Team physio was there. She's a super star. She helped Sizzle so much during the Team practice and as well as at WAO. She always give him a proper warm up before run and loosen his muscle. I swear there is a big difference when you have a brilliant physio like Tace to help at the ringside. I missed her so much when she is not at the same show. We were so lucky that Tace was there this weekend and I can pre-book her. She was at the ringside warming Sizzle for me. 

Sizzle's Semi- Final run was great. He was such a good little boy, did exactly what I asked from him. He ran clear in a good time. We finished 4th after the Semi-Final round and that was good enough to put us through to the Final in the evening.

Sizzle @ CSJ Semi-Final:
Big thanks to Rhoda who video our run

Well, it was a long wait until the Final. 10 Finalist from the Semi-Final round go through. The Final started at 6pm! It was extremely cold and my toes were frozen at that point. The weave entry looked a little different from the paper but when I walked the course, I knew it will be a "problem" if Sizzle ran into the entry too fast. We still have this problem of him can't collect himself at the 2nd pole if he hit the angle like that. I haven't done a lot of practice but we have done a bit. I have put guide wire up to teach him to collect himself but somehow we fail again. I think I was a bit gutted that we got fault on the Dog Walk. There is a very experienced agility handler/trainer/judge saw our run, he later came to tell me, it was harsh to get call on the Dog Walk. I think with running contact there is always a risk. I always respect the judge's decision. After all, it's just a game. I am happy. At the end of the day, me and my dogs are happy and I know we have done a good job, we have tried our best :)

Sizzle @ CSJ Final: 
Big thanks to Tace who video our run

He finished of 6th place :)