Saturday, June 30, 2007

Black and White sisters

These Black and White sisters are 10 days old today! Their eyes are still shut tight!! I really can't wait to see their puppies eyes!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sleeping beauties

I was told the puppies are going to open their eyes anytime now ... but when?
Snowy is sooooo cute! She is now 1lb 20z, fat and lazy looking still!

Blacky is gaining weight nicely, she is now 10.5oz. She is the most active pup!

I bought a new bed for Coffee and her babies yesterday and she loves it, give her more room!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I'm still on cloud 9 after the great weekend at Landsdown. I've tried to take some pictures of my boys with their trophies, unfortunately non of them like to have their photo taken, they look so miserable in the photos! I have a lovely jumping photo of Saturn taken on Sunday. He looks like he is enjoying himself in the photo! One of my favourite agiltiy photo!

These two planets hate photo time!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Jarna & Sing

We were very happy to see Helen & Jarna at Landsdown and I was very happy that we finally have a chance to have a photo of Jarna & Sing together. We have been doing pair in the Sheltie Agility and in the same Team Dash in Wallingford. I think these two dogs are partnering each other very well.
Here is the photo of Helen's beautiful merlie girlie Jarna and my handsome Sing.

The pups are 1 week old yesterday!

I have been struggling with the Internet connection since last Thursday. I can only access to the Internet for less than 5 minutes and have to wait for few hours to get connected again. I called the service provider and they won't be able to send a technician out until Friday! Ridicolous!!
Well, this is a quick update about the pups, for those who concerns how they are getting on:
They are 1 week old yesterday (25-06-2007). Snowy is 1lb and Blacky is 8oz. My friend Jim must have been looking after them very well. Coffee is also gaining a lot of weight since I last left her with Jim. Coffee is still a good mother but she spends less time in the box with the babies now, she always come up for a cuddle when I walk in to the room, bless her, she is a baby herself.

Monday, June 25, 2007

What a brilliant, fantastic and successful weekend!

We had a brilliant, fantastic and successful weekend at Landsdown!

… about Landsdown …
This was my first time at Landsdown. We got down there nice and early on Friday eventhough we got stuck on M25 and M4 for ages. It was a very nice racecourse and a lot of nice people around. Our neighbour even have a couple of Parrots!! The racecourse has some lovely views, it is located on a hill and you can see the towns of Bristol at one end and Bath at the other end. The racecourse is a gigantic place, we walked the dogs for miles on Friday & Saturday evenings and luckily there is a pub at the end so we can pop in for a drink and a meal.

The weather was not good on Friday and Sunday but Saturday was alright, light shower here and there and Sunday was terrible, the rain started at 4am and you can imagine the ground is wet, the sun didn’t come out until 4pm!

… about Titan …
The boys did very well this weekend. Titan was the first one in on Saturday. Eventhough I have trained him in agility but he is a mischievous little thing, he hardly listen to me so I did not run him at all. I thought we only have a couple of runs with Sing and Saturn each day so I can give him a chance on the Any Size Jumping. I must have well underestimated this little wild evil sheltie, he won the class! I can’t believe it! He was 6 seconds ahead of the 2nd place. There was a little disaster when I ran him though. I want to be the first one in as the other ring for Sing & Saturn was ready for walking in 5 minutes and I don’t want to spend time queuing and miss the course so off we go and run like hell. Guess what? The clock didn’t start!!! Arrrrhhhh ….What a disaster!! The judge said I can have a rest and come back to run for the time as we went clear. I was not happy about it as I have to run uphill in that ring around the outside loop and I get a bit older each and I can feel my knee crackly but the second run was definitely worth it as we came home with a nice big trophy! This is Titan’s first show and he got a 1st place! We nearly missed the presentation, we were in the caravan, miles away from the secretary tent but we can hear the speaker very clearly. When my name was called Lian Knight and Domino Dream Believer, Colin asked me: Who is Domino Dream Believer? Can you believe it? He is a dopey daddy!

Note: You can watch the video in Titan’s Birthday montage, that was the 2nd run.

… about Super Saturn …
Beside Titan, Saturn is a star (or rather a PLANET) this weekend. After two weeks’ rest, he is full of life (but he looked so tired on Friday, he does not want to go for his walk!!). He was very consistent and didn’t slow down at all this weekend; all the four runs were at the same nice speed. He got a 2nd place in Jumping on Saturday and won the Jumping class on Sunday! There were 3 Collies (especially a Crazy Measy Collie) on Sunday and I never thought we could beat them but I am glad my Super Saturn (his new name!) did me very proud! Well, there was another disaster before we won the trophy! I need to rerun the course with Saturn because Sing slipped his collar (Colin was holding him while filming us) and rush into the ring to show his jealousy! As we went clear before Sing came to disturb so we got to run again and the 2nd run Saturn was even faster and smoother and I think our hard work finally paid off!

I think he did pretty well in Agility. On Saturday, he still “freeze” on top of the A Frame but I managed to get him down to the target and he went on to do well but I push him too far and he missed a jump and he went round it and we got 5 for that. On Sunday, he was brilliant on A Frame and Dog Walk, nice speed, no slowing down, got his target but he leap off the See-Saw! What a shamed! I need to improve that, it looks like a serious problem at the moment!

… about the jealous one, Sing …
Sing didn’t do too badly either. He got a 3rd in Jumping on Saturday and 2nd in Jumping on Sunday, just a place behind Saturn. Well, you cannot compare a 14” and a 17”! I think they both did very well!

Re Agility, no luck at all! Sing, my most steady and reliable boy missed the A Frame on Saturday, then he went on to miss the last 2 weaves pole and then he went into the wrong end of the tunnel! Ha, I can’t believe I am such a bad handler! On Sunday, it was very wet and there was a tube tunnel (very short U Shape) and Sing went too fast (Dog Walk, Jump, Tunnel) and got himself tumble between the bend and he has to crawl out, poor little soul! He then missed the jump in front and we got another E’d!

Note: sorry, no video clip of Sing because I cannot risk him for running after his daddy!

… weave entry …
One thing I am very proud of Saturn is his weave entry, on both days at the Jumping & Agility courses, especially Saturday’s Jumping course, we have a terrible long and far weave entry (for me, about 13-15 paces) and I never think any of my boys could get it but I remembered what Bernadette always reminded me “Trust them, let them find it”. Saturn was the first one in, so I slow myself down the jump before the weave and tell him to weave and he was a bit off angle but he found the first pole no problem and weave in his own way. I was really proud of that. With Sing, I ran all the way with him and straighten him (lost some times there) before the weave and he got it too! There were too many dogs caught on that weave entry!

… celebrations …
When my name was called with Titan on Saturday and with Saturn on Sunday, I have tears in my eyes, I cannot believe we did it! It was a happy tear! We have two nice big trophies which Colin and I are going to drink champagne in to celebrate the Planets’ achievements!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Happy Birthday to TITAN

Happy 2nd Birthday to
I've created another montage to mark his 2nd birthday.

Friday, June 22, 2007


Coffee is looking very good today after she had a very bad day yesterday. She is back to normal, eating & drinking. I am glad to see that. She is being very sweet today, she keeps coming up to me for a cuddles and lick me all over, I wonder if she knows that I am going away? I am going to miss her terribly!
I've been looking up how to make the Bichon QUIET and found some puppy photos and SNOWY is definitely going to be a BICHON! I found a newborn Bichon puppy photo looks exactly like her! She is gaining weight, she is now 10oz, FAT and LAZY! I weighed Blacky this morning, she is just slightly pass 4oz but she is suckling everytime I pop in to see her, Kevin said it is a good sign!

Blacky 4.5oz Snowy 10oz

Found this newborn Bichon picture on the Internet, didn't Snowy looks just like her?

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Night Nurse

I took some Night Nurse before going to bed last night, hopefully it helps me sleep better. I must have been so tired and exhasuted and I slept through the night. I woke up about 4am and rush to see the pups and their mum, they look happy. I didn't remember hearing the Bichon barking, so I don't know he did bark or he is now shut up! He looks very tired this morning though!
I weighed the puppies this morning. Snowy remained the same weight, 8.5oz but Blacky lost her weight! She is 4oz when I weighed her around 9am. I was panic for a while as Coffee is not eating and drinking. I checked with my vet, Kevin said as long as the babies are suckling away, it is fine but he is concerned about Coffee not eating. I gave her some high energy food and she ate them all, so I think she is settle now.
I am so glad that all my friends still calling everyday to check how am I coping,
thank you!

Coffee likes to carry Blacky in her mouth, I don't know why?

What do you think about her? I think she is very lazy, not a lot of movement.

It is very hard to take her photos, she moves a lot and fast!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What are they?

Oh, I think I started to like these two cute little girls eventhough they are NOT Shelties!
I wonder what they are??
Snowy is very curly coated as you can see from the picture, I think she is very much like the father, Bichon and her face is quite round than pointy.
Blacky is a shinny jet black girl with 3 white paws! Well, both the parents are curly coated, I don't know what does she going to look like, I am very interested!!
They are gaining weight, today, Blacky is 5oz and Snowy is 8.5oz.
Mother, Coffee is doing her duty very well.

Sugar Level

I sailed through another bad night! I am up 3am this morning! The Bichon is really a big pain! I cannot let him running loose in the house as he always charge towards the poor bitch and wanted to attack the babies, so he is definitely keep out of reach at this stage. He is a very difficult dog to look after, he sleeps all day and bark all night and this has been going on since the day he comes to stay. I have tried everything to stop the bark, non is working!
Coffee and her babies were very good, she is a very good mother. I have slowly learned how to NURSE and HANDLE the puppies, thank you Bernadette!

I am desperately need a good sleep! This morning I need a cup of extra strong coffee with lots of sugar in it to keep my sugar level up. I have been avoiding any sugar in my coffee and tea for 3 years now and this is the first time I need a lot of sugar!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


sleepless night, rescue remedies, thank you ...

I would like to express my HUGE thank you to Bernadette, Alison, Katia & Jim for their endless help through out the difficult time I was facing. I can't thank you all enough, without you, what am I?
First of all, like I expected, SLEEPLESS NIGHT, not because I am worry about the bitch and her puppies (well, a little bit) but the father of the puppies made so much noise, barking all night and I just couldn't fall asleep. Poor Colin has an important meeting at Frankfurt this afternoon and I am going to miss him terrible. He is staying the night at Frankfurt, he has a dinner after the meeting. This is the first time we are apart! I am going to sing Only The Lonely all day today!

RESCUE REMEDIES, didn't I made some good friends since I have Sing? When I was all panic and could not get hold of my vet, I rang nearly everyone I know, all of them were out working beside Bernadette, she was such an angel, beside calming me down, she gently taught me through how to "clean" the pups and make sure they were all alright, she even called me later to check everything was fine and offer to come up to help and follow by emails. How can I thank her enough? In the evening while all the friends were back from work, they called to check on me (not the puppies!). I was still shaking and trembling. Katia & Alison were so helpful, Alison has whelped 41 puppies in the pass and she sacrifice her HTM training and dinner and rushed to me at around 9:30pm. She checked the mother and the babies and confirmed they are doing very well, Coffee is a good mum and the puppies are healthy. I thought Blacky looks so tiny, only half of the size of Snowy but Alison assured me that she looks absolutely fine. She was with me for at least good 2 hours and left here nearly midnight. It will take her half an hour to get back to Epsom and have her very late dinner, oh! how wonderful is she! Not to forget, my very close friend Jim who is caravanning in Angmering. He gave me his huge support through the phone and he is very kind to sacrifice his holiday to come back on Friday to take over the responsibility to look after the mother and the babies while I go to Landsdown.

BichyPoo. The father to the puppies is a Bichon Friese. The mother is a kind of a toy Poodle (we are not sure if she is pure Poodle). Alison has come up with this new name for the puppies, The BishyPoo! Ha! I called the white girl SNOWY, she was 7 oz last night when Alison weighed her; the black girl BLACKY weighed 4oz. Snowy is definitely like her father, very wriggly and noisy; Blacky is very quiet, not a lot of movement. I don't know why she is black because Coffee is Brown! Hope that is nothing to do with my Titan!!

This is a very boisterious and noisy father, TOTO, he is under a year old!

This cute little girl is only 7 months old! I feel sorry for her, she is a puppy herself!

Coffee and her puppies

Now, I need some sleep!

Monday, June 18, 2007

BLOODY moment!

Arrrgggggghhhhhhh! Is today April Fool? Or was it somebody tried to play trick on me???

Looking after people's dogs are my job but I never expect to look after a whelping bitch! This Chinese couple left a male Bichon and a Poodle bitch with me for Hong Kong for 2 months! The Bichon is a pain, too boisterous and cock his legs on all my furnitures! The Poodle is such a sweetie. I fell in love with her straightaway.

Well, I groom and look after the dogs well. I never come so close to an entire bitch. When she first came to visit 4 weeks ago, I was told she was in season for more than 2 weeks but I knew it would be ok when she comes to stay as normally it took the bitch 3 weeks to finish. I have noticed since early last week that all her nipples are fairly big. I was joking to Colin that she might have babies. Colin teased me: We can sell the puppies if she does have some! I am always a worrior, just in case she has puppies, I looked up on the Internet to see the sign of a pregnant bitch and she fits in all the sign beside when I squeeze her nipples, there is no milk, so I thought this is so called Phantom Pregnancy and was very happy about it.

Guess what? I was reading my James Patterson a few hours ago and my boys suddenly went crazy and bark like nobody's business and kept running around the house. I thought nothing much about it but they kept running in and out like mad for good one hour and it finally made me stand up to check what is going on. As I walked to the utility area, I can smell blood, very strong bloody smell! I thought one of the dogs were injured and check on them and see they were all fine. I then realised the sweet little brown poodle was cuddling up to a corner in a bed and then I heard some tiny noises, I told myself NO, NO, NO, NO PUPPIES, PLEASE! I looked closer and saw one white thing and one black thing! Oh My God! She is having puppies!!

I was all shaking! I don't know what to do. I rang my Vet, he is out, I rang a few people I know maybe can help and they were all not in!! I then called Bernadette and I was so glad she picked up the phone and I explained to her what I was going through and she is my angel, she calms me down (eventhough I was shaking badly) and tell me what to do...

Anyway, I am still shaking and I swear to myself, I will never ever look after any bitch (whether spayed or not) anymore in my life and I definitely don't want one (which I was thinking og having one!)! I've been on the phone for the last few hours and I hope she is not having anymore puppies. Two is definitely enough for me to COPE!

Coffee and her two babies (I think they are both girls, can't be sure!)

This the smallest, I called it BLACKY

This is the the biggest one, I callet it SNOW

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Are you shy?

How funny some shelties pick up some tricks very fast and some very slow. Sing is a fast learner but I was struggling to teach him SHY/SHAMED. It normally takes me less than a minute to teach him a new trick but with this Shy business, it is never easy. I keep asking him every now and then "Are you shy?", sometimes he does it and most of the times he does not! I wonder if he tries to tell me "I am not SHY, mummy!".

For the same trick, Saturn picks it up almost straightaway! Ah! Shelties!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Well Balanced Dogs!

Well Balanced Shelties

Friday, June 15, 2007

Sleep tight, our dear Henry!

Sleep tight, our dear HENRY!
Marklin Wandasson at Shelridge
GONE but NEVER forget!
Today, I saw a very sad news on Mrs Christine Aaron's website (, she has lost Henry on Tuesday.
Henry was Sing's dad and he has produced some wonderful children. He is sadly missed by all of us. Sleep tight! Gone but never forget!
I would like to say thank you to Christine for allowing me to use this photo of Henry taken not long ago.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Saturn also has his!

Not to be left out! Saturn also has his red bandage!

Thank goodness, he does not know how to deal with the bandage! He keeps licking it!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

bits and pieces

Weekend at Thames was hot and humid. We didn't do too well, Sing and Saturn got some places but not the top. I was glad with Sing's Dog Walk, he didn't get any faults at all this weekend, his running Dog Walk must be getting better!
I was watching the Champ finals on Sunday. It was very exciting, especially seeing Zen, Chi & Hattie running. My heart was pumping so hard and wanted the Shelties to win the Champ! I think if I continue watching Zen & Chi, I will soon have heart attacked! Well done to Lisa and Chi for their reserve ticket! Go Go Shelties!
Here is the photo of Sing with his red bandage, I took him to the Vet for blood test (for pet passport scheme). The bandage didn't last long, it only stay on his paw for few minutes and Sing chew it all off!! Luckily I've got the photo before he rip it. Kevin (the vet) thought red colour suit him, hahaha ...

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sheltie tricks

I've managed to captured some videos of the shelties doing their tricks at Sheltie Camp, here are a couple to share:

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Happy Birthday to SATURN

Happy 2nd Birthday to my big boy SATURN
a sweet, gentle, loving, affectionate & close to my heart dog.


Nothing can drag me away from going to Sheltie Camp year after year ... it is so special and I want to be there every year to experiece the BEST of it!!

One thing I have noticed, the WORKING SECTION has definitely booked the weather for the training weekend. I've been there for the last 3 years and it is always sunny and dry!

Sheltie Camp is getting bigger ... we have quite a few youngsters this year at the Camp ... lovely Tri boy Brodie, bouncy Sable boy Tigger, yappie Tri girl Zoe and sorry I can't remember some of the others! Well, everything starts from young!

Beside the usual Obedience trained by Peter; this year, we have a full set of Agility equipment. YEH! Indira took over the training for both days and Becky kindly helped on Saturday; not to forget, DANCING with your dog, how lovely! YES, we have Jannette Maggs with her dancing team!! We are sorry to miss out the Working Trail because Trisha is unwell, we wish her speedy recovery!

I have compiled some photos and videos taken on both days to Tina Turner's Simply The Best. What can I say? Sheltie Camp - Simply the best way to spend your weekend! If you are interested in next year's training weekend, kindly contact our secretary LESLEY at:

Note: I have most people telling me that they cannot view the montage at all. I don't know what goes wrong!! It is either the stupid Blogger website that would not agreed with One True Media or the other way round. I am no technical person and I have tried hard to fix it to no success! Anyway, if you cannot see this montage, please try the link below (please click the thumbnail):
There are also some still images available at: