Friday, February 01, 2013

Fantastic FOUR is 4 week-old!

The Fantastic Four is 4 week-old today! How time flies! Storm and Ziggy are still the most active ones. They are so advanced compared to Isla and Spirit. Isla beginning to play a lot in the last couple of days and hey, she is pushy and forward as well as Storm. These two are like twins, in so many ways. Storm is still the biggest in the litter and Isla the smallest :) And, Spirit is coming out of himself today, he started to play like a big boy :D

 first born girl, Ziggy (name will be changed)
2nd born boy Storm (name will be changed)
 3rd born girl Isla
 last born boy Spirit (name will be changed)

It isn't too bad to worm the puppies this morning, I think it's rather a shock to them as I came so sudden and they feel really sorry for themselves after that! Cutting the little sharp nails is not too bad either. I for a change, struggled to cut their nails last week and this week, I thought I will have hell out of job to cut their nails but they are like angels!

silly Isla playing with her feet :) she's very dainty and looks fragile but she's very strong little girl!

My living room is no longer for human being, it's now turn out for the puppy nursery! I added a new toy everyday and they took it like it's always been there. They've been climbing up mini A Frame, mini Dog Walk, run through the tunnels, up the wobble cushion and rock on the wobble board. Ah ... life is hectic! Storm and Ziggy seems to have endless energy :( They are not happy to be kept in the puppy pen anymore! Oh, can they scream? OMG!

 Storm loves all toys

mama Sunny is very fed-up with the puppies now, she's thinking WHEN are they all gone? Sorry, Sunny, not for at least another 4 weeks and you will have one staying with you ;)

Daddy Sonic: Oopsy daisy! Are you alright little girl (Ziggy fell out the wobble board)!

daddy trying so hard to teach the puppies to behave to no success :)

 puppies everywhere, I can no longer take good photos as I don't know where to point my camera!

 since mama Sunny is fed-up, auntie Sipzie came to rescue! The puppies love all the big dogs, they can't stop wagging their tails. Hopefully they will be as good as meeting other dogs

Storm: Hello Grand-dad!

and here is little Spirit playing: 


Vonnie said...

Awww bless! Love the pics! Hilarious video :) Your home has been taken over LOL!

Rosie Ison said...

Which one are you keeping Lian ? They are wonderful.

Diana said...

Oh so cute!

Pippa Sheltie said...

Hahaha! Woof!
They all look so cute! Spirit was hilarious, trying to tackle a brussel sprout bigger than him!
I went to the beach today.
Pip :D

corbinwooten said...

Love them! Are you keeping one of them?

Priscilla Phang said...

I love all your puppies!!!!!!

Ludo van Doggy said...

oh, I've gone all puppy gooey!

Carola said...

Have looked at your lovely puppies! They are very cute all 4.. and your Sonic looks very lovely! Best wishis for him and your other dogs!
//Carola, Smultronets breed Sweden