Friday, June 21, 2013

here and there, this and that ...

We had a weekend at home last weekend, Sing and Skye's puppy Silky and her family came to stay. I didn't realised it was Father's Day on Sunday, so it made it extra special for Sing to have two of his children with him on a glorious day. 

Sing with his children, Silky on the left and Sonic on the right. 
this photo is courtesy of Silky's daddy

We were so lucky to have two glorious sunny breezy day on Saturday and Sunday, that made Silky's visit a pleasant one. It was very good to have Silky and Coco around. They were so good and happy to join our pack. Coco used to be nervous around with our shelties but she is getting better each time I see her. I think she is slowly getting used to them, knowing that they will not hurt her. She is a very sweet nature dog, very good with people (Coco is a PAT dog). 

this is Silky and Coco posing infront of one of the Lakes. 

Silky & Coco with the boys
this photo is courtesy of Silky's daddy

We also have a bit Agility fun with Silky and Coco during their stay. Silky is very enthusiastic about agility. She is nicely build and she has amazing speed. For me, the most impressive skill she has is the way she catch her frisbee and ball, she is truly Sing's junior is a different colour and different sex lol!

being a Sing's puppy, she is also a ball maniac :)

It has been rather busy over here at the moment, we have a very handsome boy Jack staying for a little while. His mummy is on holiday. Jack is a loving boy, he loves all the human contact and attention. I have fun teaching him some tricks, he is a fast learner and it's amazing to see how quickly a dog learns, eventhough he is not a puppy :)

Introducing this gorgeous black & white (bi-black) Miss Pie "SPIE". Spie has been with me for two weeks now. She is absolutely delightful little character. She is settling in well and she loves to keep the boys on their toes. She is so busy chasing them but she loves having cuddles. 

 this gorgeous photo of Spie is courtesy of Silky's daddy

 not the best photo but she is a natural. 

Spie loves the farm life. She's out with me working in the farm, she's very good with horses, chicken and sheep. She does not chase them and she will not back away from them. I am so happy with her.

Also, introduce little Seren, she is just over 16 weeks now. She is Silky's cousin, Skye's litter sister's puppy. I have Seren since she was just under 8 weeks. She is with me for 10 weeks now and she has a very happy temperament, very outgoing, pushy, playful ... a real bundle of joy!

Now you wonder why I have no time on the computer :)


Diana said...

Wow, you have a lot if shelties. Good thing you live on a farm. Lol Sheltieville Farms. Your Shelties are beautiful!

Sara said...

Oh, I love Spie! Gorgeous, gorgeous!

Chris and Ricky said...

Seems like you have the perfect life! :)

Vonnie said...

You're having great fun! Lovely pictures :)

Pippa Sheltie said...

Coco and Silky are great dogs, and Silky IS very agile! Sing must be a proud daddy!
Those other shelties your looking after look bonnie, and it's good to see you're having fun!
Pippa :)