Friday, July 12, 2013

feeling hot hot hot

This HOT weather continues to be hot! YUK! I really is suffering, my nose just can't stop sneezing when I step outside, I am pretty sure is hayfever! I am not looking forward to compete this weekend as the temperature is rising! Apparently tomorrow will be the hottest day (so far) in the year :( Last weekend was bad enough. 

Last two weeks, I have my Malaysian friends came over to visit. They are princess Eva's mummy and daddy. They are also Rosie's (who did all my beautiful banners) parents. They came over to attend Rosie's concert, this will be Rosie's last year studying in England, the clever girl has earned herself a place in Hannover, so she will be starting her academy at Hannover after this summer holiday! I sure missing seeing her (not that I see her very often but knowing she is in England feel closer :))

Rosie's daddy KK took some cracking photos of my shelties as well as some photos around the farm and the animals. They stayed for a couple of nights and then went visiting the beautiful Scotland and Lake District and then came to stay for another 3 nights before heading home. 

It was so good to catch up with Priscila, she's closer to me than my family back home. We could talk about everything and understand each other. She kindly cook me some Malaysian food that I missed; and she brought me some Malaysian snack that me and shelties enjoyed, BTW, they are human graded LOL, My shelties are a bit spoilt by their Auntie Priscilla :) No wonder they love Auntie Priscilla so much :)

Here are some random photos taken by KK, courtesy of KK:
my two very handsome and gorgeous boys Sing and Saturn

my golden old boy Sing

Boys in the meadow ... Sonic, Saturn, Sing and Sizzle
As the Farmer is spraying the fields (weed killer to kill the thistle and stingy nettle), I have not been able to walk the dogs in our land (I try not to walk for at least 2 weeks!). I have been taking the girls out in the morning and the boys out in the evening to some country walk. I am really spoilt by living in the country side. Just outside our drive/track, there is this beautiful blissful country walk that you can walk for miles and miles through fields of crops and meadow and leading all the way to the Oxford Canal. 

Sing's poorly paw is getting very limpy, not sure if the heat affected that as well but poor Sing is very lame at the moment but he still want to go for a long walk with us. We all ended up take turn to carry him, such a spoilt boy but we love him really.

My new Yamaha Grizzly is arriving soon. I don't like green but I am not prepare to pay £500-800 to get my favourite blue one. Sing doesn't mind the colour but this will be his walking aid in the very near future. I can't leave him at home, that is not fair on him. He still want to know what the other boys up to. I think the best way to ignore this green is to keep telling myself it's blue. Hahaha ... I know I am an idiot!

 unfortunately Thistle are growing very well in our farm :(
 the water lily are so pretty
 you can just about seeing the water lily on the lake, what a pretty scenery
elderflower everywhere makes such a refreshing drink!
naked sheep lol
Sizzle always be Sing's shadow :)

Sing loves his frisbee
kung fu Sonic :)
just lately, Sizzle is very interested in the sheep and he indeed make a good sheepdog :)
triangle sheep herding :)

And here are some of my favourite agility shots:
 such a happy boy, he lives up for Agility for sure :)
 wowzer! The action and the landscape :)
 I love this photo of Saturn going into the entry. I have not done any agility with him for 3 years and he never forget. Weave is still his best!

 I also love this picture of him demonstrate the perfect 2o/2o. Can't even remember when did I doing 2o/2o with my dogs anymore :)

I started to do a little bit of training and baby agility with Spie and Seren ...

I am so happy on how Spie comes along. She is more confident now and is very happy. She is very keen to learn as you can see from the video below that she is rather enthusiastic :) I have not teach her a lot but spent more time in socialising her.

Here is happy Seren: 

What can I say about Seren, she is all crazy and cute! I only just started to teach her the wing wrap and she mastered that already :)

And these two Sing's puppies turn ONE tomorrow. Happy FIRST Birthday to Flint and Tease!


Sara said...

Oh Lian, these photos are beautiful! You really are living in a paradise. Hope you get some cool weather soon.

Vonnie said...

Yip it's tooooo hot! I'm competing too not looking forward to the heat! Really good pictures :) Oh wish I could've said hello when they were in Scotland. I'm sooo jealous of your country life look fab! Go wee Sizzle x

Diana said...

Beautiful photos . So glad you had such a wonderful visit!

Chris and Ricky said...

It is wonderful that Rosie's parents came to visit! Her dad took great pictures. I just love your farm!