Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Welcome new Licosateria puppies!

Sipzie and her babies at Day 4

The long waited second litter from our Little Miss Sipzie has finally arrived. She has 3 tri colour boys, 1 tri colour girl and 1 blue merle boy on Sunday 26th Janauary 2014. The daddy of this litter is not one of my boys :) It took me a lot of courage to go out and used an outside dog :) The sire of this litter is Ukr/Russ Ch Briggsview Jack Frost of Milesend. A lot of people asking me why I have not use my own dog, the simple reason is that I'd love to breed my own bi colour puppy. Jack is a blue merle that carried the bi gene and he is eye clear which is a bonus. Sadly, this means Sipzie does not carry the bi gene, Oops! But we love her not any less :)

Sipzie and Jack back in November 2013

Introducing Sipzie x Jack babies: 

3/4 collar boy, born smallest

full collar boy, born second smallest

Girlie, born third smallest

 plain boy, born second biggest

Odd one, Mr Blue :) born biggest

These babies are keeping me very busy at the moment. Sipzie is a good mama, she is taking good care of her babies well and I don't need to worry at all :) All pups are gaining weight and are noisy :)


Diana said...

Congrats!! They are so cute. Im glad everyone is doing well.

Vonnie said...

A nice litter and gorgeous puppies, Sipzie looks really content :) Oh they'll be keeping you busy! How do you get anything done with so many puppies to just sit and watch :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and congratulations :)