Wednesday, June 30, 2010

poor Seagull

Our poor "old" Seagull got traumatised! 

Since the weather got hot, we develop into a new routine to walk them later in the evening. As I am not comfortable to walk the dogs on my own after 7:30pm, we wait for Colin to come back so we can all go together. We normally have our dinner then walkies, so it would be anytime around 9ish.

As usual, Monday night, we took all the dogs out to the Common. Colin brought some bread to feed the gosling and cootie. At that time, all the geese were gather on the land. When they saw us approaching, they actually came forward! I thought these lots look tame.

I have heard from other dog owners to say these geese have attacked their dogs but I thought, they don't look aggressive and they are not swan, surely they won't attack a dog.

As Colin got closer, some geese actually got some bread off his hand! My mobile camera is not good enough to capture that, all pictures turn out blur, so you have to imagine it.

Sing, Saturn, Sizzle and Samber were staying from a good distance away from those geese, they are the sensible one! They never aggressive/chase/round the geese, so we were quite comfortable walking them off lead around those geese. After all, they see them year after year.

As Colin pour the last bread crumbs out from the bag, stupid Seagull got so excited, he wanted the bread crumbs as badly as those geese. I think he was rushing to get the bread crumbs as the geese came forward to get the bread crumbs ... one of the geese started to attack him! I mean ATTACK. The goose open up his wings and wrap around Seagull, you gotto see this to believe it. He managed to turn Seagull upside down and stand on top of him and peck him! Poor Seagull was screaming and I was so scared. I have no stick or anything handy that I can shoo off the goose. I got Colin to distract Sing, Saturn, Sizzle and Samber as far as possible and I stepped in to use the dog leads to hit the goose. I don't know what will I get, I hope he would not chase me or the other attack me if I hit him. Luckily the goose jump off Seagull and walked away, poor Seagull got traumatised and ran as far as he can be! Eventhough the other four were standing from a distance from us, as I hit the goose, Sing and Saturn being a real mummy's boys sense the danger, they came closer to help me and they got peck from the same goose! What a disaster!! I had to use the dog leads as a whip to shooo them back into the pond!

 aggressive or tame? I told Colin not to feed them in future!!!


Priscilla said...

Oh dear, poor Seagull, I hope he and others are alright and not injured by those geese. Gosh!!! Could have never imagined those geese were so aggressive and fierce. No, never feed them anymore and make sure the dogs are far away from them in the future. I always thought the geese were cute but not anymore.

Diana said...

OMG that horrible. Poor Seagull, I hope he is ok. And I hope you are ok too. Diana

Sara said...

How scary. Those birds can be so mean, especially if they have babies.

I hope Seagull is ok.

Mary-Anne and the Shelties said...

Poor dogs - hope everyone's OK!

FWIW, my Bryce worked for a while as a goose control dog - one of the "rules" was to never bother geese that have babies. Goose parents are VERY aggressive about protecting their young!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Oh no! Poor Seagull! I hope he is ok and gets over his trauma!

Geese are super protective parents and they are mean if you get too close to their babies!

Vonnie said...

Hope Seagull is now over the traumatic experience! Plenty TLC for him. He's such a gentle wee sol!