Friday, July 02, 2010

"stupid" Seagull and grooming


Well, I have taken Seagull out to the Common to meet those geese, you thought he will be wary? Nope, being a "stupid" Seagull, he ran straight up to them again when he saw the other people feeding them! I have to put him on the lead to walk the entire walk! I don't think he is after the geese but is definitely after the bread! He is so greedy!

Seagull is a funny sheltie, he makes me laugh and he makes me cry! He is not a human friendly dog, he is nervous, shy and timid but he loves other animals, dogs, cats, rabbits ... anything! He did chase squirrel and fox though! I never give up socialising him, I take him to people who we know is gentle with him and being patient with him. Over the years, he finally "accept" my nephews, Ling Ling and our lovely friends Jim and Joan. He also beginning to accept Russel and KY, so that is good.

Why are we calling him stupid Seagull? Well ... he always walked into a park car or the lamp post on the pavement and he sometimes run straight into the french window at home! Also, we met a Greyhound/Lurher in the Common a few years ago, Seagull ran straight up to him to say hello (see, he can be so friendly, to other dogs only!), it turned out that the Greyhound/Lurher wasn't a friendly one. He got aggressive over Seagull, we have to separate him from Seagull to set him free. The Greyhound/Lurher owner was very understanding, she apologise and walked the opposite way. After a while, we cross each other's path again. You thought Seagull will avoid him? Nope, he ran towards him happily wagging his tail. Again, the Greyhound/Lurher wanted to eat him!!! Arrrgghhh ... I am not angry with the Greyhound/Lurher but I am frustrated with Seagull, so he is on the lead for the entire walk. I have also learned over the years that if I see anything I don't feel comfortable with, he will have to go on the lead!

After he got attack by the goose, he looked really scruffy and dirty, so I decided to give him a full bath.
 scruffy furball

I normally blow dry him when the weather is cold but being so hot, I let it dry naturally, so with a big thick heavy coat he has, it took him 2 days to fully dry up. Grooming Seagull is a nightmare job. I brush him everyday and that is not enough. I groom him every week to take some dead hair off and that is still not good enough. People who met Seagull knows he has a HUGE thick heavy coat.

I always give the dogs a good groom (strip off) after their bath. I find it easy to groom after the bath. Seagull is no different, after one and a half hour job, this is the result:

Now, I am tired!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Seagull looks amazing after his bath and grooming! I like the photo with the wastepaper can full of hair - LOL!

I thought Seagull would stay away from geese for the rest of his life after he was attacked the other day! I don't know that he is stupid - maybe just super determined to have these creatures like him - :)

Diana said...

Im glad Seagull is ok. He looks beautiful after his grooming. Diana

Sara said...

Wow! You got a lot of hair off Seagull! He looks gorgeous.

Nat said...

That is an insane amount of hair, LOL! He looks so handsome, though!

Vonnie said...

Seagull is so unique I love him (and so does my mum) You could keep going forever grooming K is like that! Seagull loooks so light after his long grooming session! I hope he got a nice treat for being such a good boy :)