Friday, May 04, 2012

It's a bone day!

Well, the weather changed again! It has been cold, wet and miserable! The weatherman said we will go down to -9c this weekend and possibly SNOW! The shelties got a short walk each day and got stuck in the house most of the time!

Poor Seagull is not doing well. He has been limping a lot today. He is not an active dog and does not enjoy his walk when it is wet and cold. I think he shows the sign of arthritis, he got stiff waking up in the morning. We tried to keep him warm as possible but he is a big fur ball and he hates to get too hot! I hate to see any of my dogs go lame! He is not the oldest but he definitely show the sign being OLD :(

We had a great training last night with Sonic. We got to do a long jumping sequence and he ran clear everytime! He, for a change, was very responsive to my command/cue when I got stuck behind, his directional command was good. I was well impressed with him and of course myself :) Sadly no video. Why everytime when I did something good, there is no video! Colin was video us in the garden on Wednesday and since, the camera went missing (misplaced)! Sipzie was a very naughty girl last night at training. Eventhough she is always wild but last night was out of control. I've got bitten more! Colin was very worried that I am going to turn mad, so he actually told Sipzie off before I exploded. I did come home with bruise :( She can't see the tunnel underneath the A Frame, she ran like a headless chicken, did her own jumps/tunnels ... oh dear!

Sizzle is looking better today, bright eyes and cheeky! I hope the rest has done him good. I still will not take a chance to go to any show this weekend (we were supposed to camp yesterday and compete today until Monday). He will continue resting up until WAO.

As the weather has been so miserable, the shelties are not so happy to stuck indoor, to keep them occupy in their happy mode, the best way is to give them some bones :)  Since we go raw, the shelties get bones every 3/4 weeks but in this weather, they get treated more for stuck indoor :)  I love my raw feeding. I see a big improvement in them, all the upset tummy problems are not out of the window; their teeth are cleaner; their toilet is less odour, it's much pleasant for picking up (that's for Colin's sake). Their coat also change, I give them Lamb bone every now and then, as Lamb is quite greasy, so I guess that help with the sheltie coat.

 Sonic and Vindi are the best buddy! They keep us entertain all the time!

 Such a hard life!


Diana said...

Im glad Sizzle is doing better. You are having crazy weather. I hope it gets better and the poor Seagull feels better soon.

Vonnie said...

God even looking at Sizzle eating that bone is like looking at Ellie LOL! Good to hear he is resting well :) Hope Seagull is doing okay, he is such a delicate boy! Raw yuk LOL!

corbinwooten said...

Happy to hear that Sizzle is feeling better. Sounds like the rest is doing him some good.

I love that picture of Colin and *someone* taking a nap. Adorable!