Sunday, May 13, 2012

We are ready!

Sizzle is all bath, groom, packed and ready to travel to WAO! I am getting very excited about this trip. For a change, my nerves is gone for a little while. I have been chilled and relaxed with Sizzle over the last few days, we did our last bit of "fitness" on Friday, road walk on lead and little jog up the steep hill and some circle work. Phew! I feel good!

 our silly fitness routine :)

We went to Sheltie Camp yesterday instead of Beacon Champ. The weather was perfect, partly sunny, partly cloudy, dry and breezy, absolutely perfect weather for the Camp. Over the last few years, it's always been roasting hot. I did little bit here and there with Sonic, very short sessions. Last Sheltie Camp he was only 12 weeks old. Ahhh!

  Sizzle on daddy's lap watching and learning :) getting ready for WAO!

Sizzle was very keen to join in but he is on a strict rest :) I did the Good Citizen with him which he passed! Sonic also passed his Bronze Good Citizen and sadly Saturn "NOT READY" :), he did good until the down stay, it was a 2 minute down stay and he stood up at 1min 45sec! There were this Team of Bees people letting the bees nest at the back of the field and whole lots of bees were flying around :( Last year, Saturn did his 1 minutes down stay on Bronze Good Citizen. There was a wasp landed on his hip, Indira who did the Citizenship and I exchange eye contact. It was half a minute gone, I don't know what to do. To shoo the wasp off Saturn and continue the stay? Saturn's eyes were on the wasp but he didn't move and I was secretly hope that he can continue to stay put for another half a minute and he did. He didn't get stink by the wasp but it was a very funny and scary experienced. I should have taken Colin's advice to do the down stay test somewhere else LOL

Sonic amazed me by passing the Good Citizen. I am really proud of him. Apart from Agility, we got to try "tracking"! It's really exciting. I remembered years ago, Sing was a very good "tracking" sheltie, he used his nose well and I was very close to venture into Working Trial at one point but I was hook on Agility. I am glad that Sonic is good with his nose. At his 3rd attempt, he knew exactly what to do. I am well impressed!

 Sonic tracking

 Sonic doing a bit of Agility:

I will write up more about Sheltie Camp when we come back but for now, I am going to do my final round of packing! Wish us Luck!


Jolanda said...

Have a great time at the WAO!!! I'm sure you and Sizzle will do very well!

Really like the Sonic agility video. Looking good, nice contacts!!!

Sara said...

Good luck and safe travels!

Vonnie said...

Good to hear you had an enjoyable time! Oh I'm sooo excited for you both :) Enjoy and soak up the experience! Sizzle looks so proud :)

Diana said...

Good luck!!!! Have a great time!

Priscilla said...

Good luck, Lian & Sizzle!