Wednesday, January 30, 2013

update ... mainly the pups :)

Well, now that the snow have gone, everything back to the MUDDY days. YUK! I hate it! As the boys come working with me in the farm, meaning, they go in and out a few times a day just to keep up with me being in and out to feed chicken/ponies/sheep ... The worst thing is, the water pump in the family bathroom was leaking, although we got the replacement but we can't get it fit correctly without tripping the electric in the house! Mmm ... that makes me very grumpy. Especially this time of the year when I needed it most. I don't like the puppies catching any bacteria off the big boys, so I want to keep them as clean as possible, meaning washing them a few times a day! TIRED!

It wasn't a big wash out like I was hoping it will be, thank God for that but we had enough MUD already. The temperature is ridiculously warm! It was up to 15c yesterday, WHAT? I don't even need my fleece on! The fields drain off very well although underneath it is full of water :) So long it didn't show off on the surface, I am happy. 

Puppies are growing fast and well. I can't imagine people that have 5-6 puppies in the litter. 4 is struggling for me. I wanted to make sure all the pups are well handled, I think this is what a sheltie puppy needs. I can see changes in them since they come home to me. They all well handled now, anyone can pick them up easily and holding them the way they want to. This litter is a bit slow with associating with toys. Ziggy & Storm are the only two that is really into toys. They will pick anything and play with it and run away with it. Isla and Spirit seems a bit slow in developing :) 

One thing that this litter amazed me is their toilet train. They are just brilliant, they know where to go to and I hardly need to clean up on the floor/carpet. Also, I have no trouble weaning them off. Sunny is getting very fed up with them. They now have their little needle sharp teeth :) Sunny just wanted to get away from them :) Sipzie surprised me by wanting to clean the puppies. I thought she will be rough with the puppies but no, I was wrong. She tried to be gentle although sometimes got a little clumsy. She is better a mama than Sunny :) And Sipzie is younger than Sunny! I think the age makes no difference, it's the nature. 

Pups are 3.5 weeks now and they have more toys to play with. Ziggy and Storm are the most outgoing ones.  They have no fear whatsoever. Isla beginning to come out of herself this week and she has been climbing over things on the floor. Spirit is still a bit reserved and he likes his own little corner. 


Rhoda said...

Beautiful puppies - I love looking at the photos of them and I can't wait for puppy cuddles!! :D x

Vonnie said...

Awww bless how cute are they!

Chris and Ricky said...

They are all so sweet! It really is amazing that they toilet train so easily.

Sorry about the mud - we have that too now but it is much easier with just Ricky's feet. :)

corbinwooten said...

They are so cute!

You should add their name next to their picture so we know who is who :)