Sunday, May 12, 2013


We went to Beacon yesterday, it's about an hour for us to travel. For once, we can have a little bit of lie-in when we do a day show, Bliss! The show didn't start until 9am (WOW!) but I need to get there plenty of time to walk 2 courses for Sizzle. We left home around 7am and get there at 8am. Saturday is a small/medium dogs day, so we get to park quite close to the rings which is another thing I like about  this show :)

Sizzle wasn't on form for his Champ. He ran clear in the Champ Jumping but there wasn't any speed in him. The judge set a very lenient course time of 45 seconds and most dogs done it between 33 - 35 seconds. I think Sizzle ended up in 36-37 seconds. It was an interesting course. Because Sizzle was slow, I actually can get to many places that I don't think I can make it if Sizzle is on his usual speed. Anyway, the weather was so funny yesterday, sunny, rain, hailstone, cloud ... Judging on his Champ Jumping performance, I scratch him off the Champ Agility due to rain. I really am not sure what is wrong with him anymore! Is he still traumatise by our Spain trip? Is he injured/discomfort/hurt? Is he scared of something associated with Agility? I have too many questions inside my head at the moment. I love running Sizzle, he is my comfort slipper when comparing running Sonic. I do need a comfort slipper to motivate me sometimes when I can't get things right with Sonic. I have never regret not running Sizzle in the Champ Agility where people told me I being stupid as I ran clear in the Champ Jumping (if I ran clear in the Champ Agility, then I can get to the Final). But, No one knows my dogs more than I do!

Small dogs seems to have most of the runs at Beacon show. KC Olympia qualifier, Crufts Singles, Crufts Team, Championship and individual Jumping classes ... I've entered Sizzle in all the qualifiers plus Champ but I know I won't be able to run him in all. I think when you entered Champ, you really do not know if you get to run twice or three times (Champ Jumping, Champ Agility and Final)? After Sizzle's performance, I really not bother if I am not running him in the classes I have entered. I just have to see how he goes on the day. I really want to run the KC Olympia course as it is really interesting one that set up and judge by one of our sheltie friends Pat Wallis. There are some tricky bit that you need to work hard on it but I would not want to run Sizzle if he is not up for it. 

I save him for the Crufts Team which is the last class of the day. To my surprised, he ran so well like the old weasel is back :) We didn't run for Sheltie Club this year but with my new training mates. Our Team is call Little Bitz LOL, I just loved that name! We ran 4 clears and came 2nd, didn't qualified for Crufts :( We sadly being robbed by the winning Team, I knew if they ran clear, their time is hard to beat, they have 4 fantastic dogs including Agility Champion and the other three that have CC (Challenge Certificate, on their way to become Agility Champion). In their first run, one of their dogs got 5 faults on the A Frame but the timing failed! Damn it! When they get to re-run, it starts from scratch. You guess it, they ran clear! BooHoo :(

This is the first time Sizzle has run for a non-sheltie Team and he is the only boy in the Team. We are so happy that we all ran clear the first time team up together. Thanks to my captain Moira for getting us together. 

Now, on to Sonic. This guy is definitely getting stronger and better and not losing his gobbiness! He has 4 runs including Crufts Team, ha! His first run was the Dovedale Combined 1-7 Speed and Power. Normally, they do Power & Speed, I guess, people are taking too long on the contacts, so they do it the other way round. Our trainer Deena was judging. Sonic was running quite well apart from his eagerness to go into the tunnel after the snake. He didn't complete the serpentine, a lot of dogs didn't either. They did 2 jumps and straight into the tunnel. I managed to call him off the tunnel but he back jump. Oops! I think Deena will be so disappointed on us ruin her course. LOL Such a shamed that we didn't run clear and can't get to do the contacts and weave :(

His second run was the Crufts Team. This will be interesting. I have never done Team or pairs with him, so I really do not know where we stand or how he will react. But for sure, I know he will not chase or run after the next dog as he is still wary of some dogs. I am glad that I get to run first so I have plenty of time to set him up and do my usual wait and recall starts. The DW to the wrong end of the tunnel is my worried bit, there is no way I can do a head start with the two starting angled jumps but I know he loves his DW, so sooner his commit to the 2nd jump, I could run. Phew! The call off from the DW to the tunnel was so close and we did it :) but Mr Gobby missed his weave, he was too busy barking and Hmm ... what's wrong with the weave now? He keeps popping out 10th pole? Grrr ... Sorry Team, we let you down :(

Soon after his Crufts Team run, we are off to run the Combined 1-7 Agility. One thing as a Medium handler, I feel sad that there is no lower class for him. I would like to run a more straight forward course as he is only just started to compete and I really want him to enjoy a course rather than a challenging, nagging course for a baby. I shouldn't complain really, he ran quite well (apart from the little twirl on the off angle) and got 6th place out of 135 dogs competing! I love the way he didn't look at the jump after the tunnel (obstacle discrimination). We are only 2 seconds behind the winner, I guess we lost time on the wide turn, the slow weave and the twirl. Lots of room for improvement! But, it was a good run and I am very happy. 

His last class was the Brillo Int Bounce Jumping. I think our weave has just got worst since he started competing :( He hardly refuse any tunnels anymore but occasionally miss a jump or so but his weave has gone down hill :( I guess I need to fix this problem quick!

Again, yesterday, Sonic has 100% running DW and AF :) So happy!

And now, I am off to a week of FUN AGILITY CAMP! WooHoo! 
I am so looking forward to it. This is my first Agility Training Camp, lets the fun begin. 
I know you won't miss me :)
And yes, I have charged up my caravan battery and full gas and I am ready to rock!


Vonnie said...

Sounds like you had a fab time! Some lovely runs! Enjoy your week :)

Diana said...

Have a great time at camp!!!