Monday, May 20, 2013

FAB camp FAB show

I have been away with the shelties for a week at Dawn Weaver's FAB camp. I thoroughly enjoyed my FAB week. We trained, we learned, we laugh and we were truly spoiled by the FAB chef Graham's freshly cooked food daily! What can you ask for more? Dawn and Daneen were two excellent teachers, they tried so hard to push us out of our comfort zone to try something new/different. This is why I love about training days, you've learned so much, you tried everything to see if that suits you and also by watching other people handled their dogs. 

I booked in with Sonic but have Sizzle and Sipzie reserved just in case he is tired or "injured" (tough wood!).  What a good little boy he was all week, he kept the same speed all week long and he was still very eager at the end of the camp. I am actually feeling sad when the camp end. I've enjoyed so much and I wish the camp can go on longer. 

Not only that we were trained during the day but there's a "dog game" every evening for the Teams to bond and for the dogs to have fun with the handler. We had a bad weather on Tuesday, it rain so much that we have to cancel the afternoon training but we had a good lecture about contacts in the marquee. Everyone is happy and learning. 

The bad weather just got worst on Tuesday night, for once, I thought my caravan is going to turn over. We had gales force wind, it was so strong that I have to keep waking up at night to peg the awning down. I was really worried that the awning will take my caravan off! Thank God, we survive :)

I was in a group of mixed bunch of people. All of them are lovely, all from different background. Everyone is very supportive of each other. I really is missing my Team-mates now. I can't wait for next year's camp!

We stayed for the FAB show after the camp is over. Although I have entered both days but we have to come back to the farm after being away for a week. We only stayed for Saturday to tryout the IFCS qualifers.

I entered Sizzle and Sonic at the IFCS qualifiers. Both boys ran well. Sizzle finally came back to his speedy self. He was distracted at his first run (IFCS Agility round), other than that, he flew the other three classes. Sadly, it's not a Sizzle day, lack of practice and rusty handling from me, we made mistake in every round!

On the other hand, baby Sonic did really well. He still keep his speed after a week long camp. He tried very hard. I know he is inexperienced and the courses may be a bit tough for him but he tried his very best. Bless him! He got a 3rd in the IFCS Jumping round and Q for the IFCS Gamblers. WooHoo!


First up was Sonic in the IFCS Agility (mini). I am so happy that he took the IFCS/European tyre without any hesitation. Unfortunately, I turn my shoulder too soon, so he back jump to get the elimination. Also, we are still trying to fix our weave problem. Flat entries and popping out in between. We have picked up ideas at the camp (Thanks Daneen!), I am going to try hard to fix my problem :)

Sonic @ IFCS Agility:

Next was Sizzle in the IFCS Agility round. He was distracted at the startline and I was a bit impatient, so we started off with off sync! I think my shoulder hasn't turn enough so he went into the wrong end of the tunnel. But, I was happy that he is happy running again. 

Sizzle @ IFCS Agility (sorry for Sonic's barking!):

Next up, Sizzle's IFCS Gamblers. I have to say this is his best run of the day. He ran really well but got called on the see-saw (Gamble), that's down to my bad training! There's a "mini gamble" in the course, it is a jump-tunnel-jump sequence behind the Dog Walk. So long the handler is behind the DW, you gain extra 3 points for that and I know Sizzle is more than capable to do the mini gamble. I really go for it, twice :) I have not shouted at him on the see-saw before but I was a bit worried that he will leap too soon, so I shouted "wait", that obviously didn't help at all LOL. I am very happy that Sizzle did the mini gamble so well, he didn't even look at me. I can't remember any dogs got that mini gamble, there might be a few dogs that took the jump and tunnel but didn't take the last jump. The entrance and exit of the tunnel are not lining up for the jumps. Although our see-saw was bad but I was feeling very good about the run. 

Sizzle @ IFCS Gamblers: 

Then, Sonic's turn in the IFCS Gamblers. I have to run him differently to Sizzle as he can't do the distance control (yet!). I am hoping to score the weave, AF and DW 2 times but we lost time in correcting the first set of weave :( I am so glad we got the Gamble and Q! WooHoo! This is the first time my baby did a big boy game and Q. I am really happy with that!

Sonic @ IFCS Gamblers:

Next, Sonic in the IFCS Snooker, I wanted to collect as many points as possible in the opening, so I decided to run the outside loop to plot 2 x 7 points (jump-AF-jump); then come back in again to plot the 6 points which is closer to the closing. My opening was going well but I forgot to do my front cross/rear across at #6b in the closing to cause the NQ :( but Sonic ran lovely! I love this dog very much!

Sonic @ IFCS Snooker:

Next, Sizzle in the IFCS Snooker. I planned the same route as Sonic. I have to say, my legs turn jelly after I finished the run with Sizzle. The outside loop running was killing me! I am so unfit! Sizzle is a very independent dog, my call was too late and he took the jump instead of the weave in the closing, another NQ :(

Sizzle @ IFCS Snooker: 

Last IFCS qualifier of the day is the Jumping round. I thought the course was very tight, not much room to maneuver. There is a obstacle discrimination (come through between tow jumps!). Ha! That was my worried with Sizzle, he is so good in going on to take whatever obstacle he sees in front of him, calling off is a hard work! I treid so hard to have my arms down, glue to my leg and I still fail miserably! Poor Sizzle, he really needs a better handler to get the best out of him!

Sizzle @ IFCS Jumping:

Baby Sonic up next. I weren't know what to expect at the obstacle discrimination. But, he did good. We learned similar thing at the camp and we didn't do well, so I wasn't expecting too much out of him but I tried to remember what I was taught at the camp and it works! It was a bit hairy. Shamed that Colin didn't video the beginning, I think he was asleep and didn't realised I was in the ring :) We had a couple of wide turns as well, that cause us a 3rd place. I am not complaining. I think that is a good experienced for him. I am really happy on how he ran :)
Sonic @ IFCS Jumping:


Vonnie said...

Sounds like you had a FAB time! Nice runs! Sizzle is back :)

Sara said...

WHat fun! I love watching all your dogs run :)