Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday to Sing

Happy Birthday to my very special boy SING
8th today!
he is one special little dog,
the dog of my heart.
he taught me a lot, 
my life is not complete without him!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lian
What a lovely tribute to Sing on his Birthday, some amazing photos, super little boy xxxx Marilyn

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Happy Birthday Sing! What a beautiful birthday video and tribute to a wonderful dog! Glad to see he was well enough to compete at Crufts!!!

Diana said...

Happy Birthday Sing! Diana

Sara said...

Happy 8th Birthday Sing! You're such a sweetheart.

Priscilla said...

Happy Birthday Sing, I agree what an amazing tribute!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sing! What a lovely montage for a very special dog! He shares his birthday with Eko BTW.
Helen x

Vonnie said...


Lovely montage Lian!

Hope you got loads of lovely pressies

Big wet sloppy licks Khandi & Ellie

Hooch n Troops said...

Happy Birthday Sing...cant believe u r 8yrs!!