Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Phew! It is over for another year!

Phew! Crufts is over for another year! I was too ill to be nervous but I knew I was very excited to be able to compete at Crufts with my lovely boys. I maybe biased but I think they did amazingly well and I am so very proud of them both.

my lovely boys with their ribbons

I decided to run Sing that morning, he didn't look bad but I know I will not push him for speed. I just wanted him to go out and enjoy. He is a very good boy, he always made me feel so proud! He got 3rd in the Jumping; 2nd in the Agility and Runner-Up overall. Not bad huh?

he is always my special boy

Saturn and Bracken did very well in the Small/Mixi pairs. Normally, the small dog course was little harder but this year for a change, the big dog course was harder. It won't be too bad if the big dog go first, so you get a wait and do the tricky bit. Unfortunately that is not the case! Brax started off well, just looked at the little legs run in an 11" body. She shot off like a rocket, with Matthew's perfect handling, they went clear in a very fast time! Again, I was too ill to be nervous, after Matt got my baton, I just ran with Saturn. I knew I did a stupid handling there by going out to push but I wasn't sure if I was able to beat him to the 3rd jump to do a front cross, so on the safe route, I lost a lot of time. Saturn was a good boy, he never lets me down, he went clear in his steady way. We came 4th in the end. I think this pair is just brilliant, both first time at Crufts and have no fear of the big atmosphere!

I just loved this pair ... way too cute

I managed to do some shopping in between runs, mainly to shop for my friends. I did get something for the boys though ... Nina Ottoson interactive toys! I know Sing will be having a long rest after Crufts, so to keep his body rested but mind active at the same time, these Nina Ottoson toys are a must! I tried to keep the two toys for his birthday, isn't sheltie too clever? He cracked the toys within seconds! Duh! At the end, I have to go on the internet to buy a couple more for him!

here is our runs:


Priscilla said...

Wow! Great runs! Well done to Sing, Saturn and Bracken. They deserve lots of love and treats. Hope you feel much better now too, after all that!

Sara said...

Congratulations Lian, Sing & Saturn!

I hope Sing is feeling better soon. Oreo has been keeping busy with his two Nina Ottoson toys. Of course, they don't keep him busy for long...he's got them all figured out like Sing.

Vonnie said...

Woohoo Congrats to all of you! A proud mum going to Crufts with her boys! Lovely runs, I was on the edge of my seat cheering at the laptop! LOL!

Diana said...

WhooHoo!! Congrats to you and your dogs. Diana

Hooch n Troops said...

Well done Lian to qualify for Crufts...Sing and Saturn did really well...fab xx

ann said...

well done Lian lovely photos.xx

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Congratulations on your awesome runs at Crufts! Well done, Lian! Sing did very well and Saturn and Bracken were terrific! (Is Bracken really under 11" tall?)