Thursday, March 25, 2010


Sing is not limping so badly now but you can still see him limps every now and then. I have been very hard on him, restrict him on lead walking only, short distance, absolutely no ball games. Can you imagine stopping an agile sheltie not to be agile?

Chippenham was quite an emotional show for me. I knew I won't be able to run Sing, for a long time! He is the one that got me into agility, my very first agility dog. We went to our first agility show back in 2005. We only did two to three shows in a year then. I have never not run him when I go to an agility show, he is always healthy and we have been running as a team for years together.

I felt very strange that I am unable to run him at Chippenham. Colin told me that Sing was so very upset each time he fetch me Saturn or Sizzle to run. He cried and cried and cried ... it breaks my heart! I do not want to think that this is the end of his agility career. 

I have retired him from Flyball after we came back from our European Champ in Belgium to prevent him from further injury. I know he is a little dog that always wanted to please me.

Today at training, he tried to jump out from the car to get into the indoor school. I felt so bad.
I was talking to a friend at Chippenham about Back On Track dog coat. I am going to try that on Sing to see if that helps him healing up quicker. Here he is borrowing Sizzle's coat until his one arrives.
you can see he doesn't like to have his coat on!


Priscilla said...

Poor Sing!
It must be heartbreaking for both you and him. I really hope his leg gets better so he can do the sports he loves because he loves working for you so much.

Vonnie said...

It's hard when you have that "special" bond. I can just imagine how guilty you feel when you leave him BUT just remember it's to help him get better. Then he'll be back in that agiltiy ring! Plenty left to give in Sing yet!

Doesn't he look adorable in the coat, always happy!

Diana said...

Poor Sing. Healing thoughts your way. Diana

Sara said...

Poor Sing. Poor Lian. It must be so heartbreaking for you.

I hope the back on trak coat helps Sing, and that he learns to love it ( or at least tolerate it).

Ricky the Sheltie said...

We are so sorry to hear that Sing is still not back to normal and he can't do the things he loves to do! Hope the serious resting will help him to heal completely and then it will all be worth it! We're thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

Hope the coat works and Sing makes a full recovery and is back in the ring soon.
Helen,Luna,Jarna,Eko x