Tuesday, January 04, 2011

how easy do we forget?

Agility training is back to full swing this week. WooHoo! I need to kick my own butt to get myself going, I am soooooo lazy!

After a good training day with Lee on Sunday with Sizzle, I regain my confidence again. Maybe a break is not good for me, I need to keep going ...
Today is the first day we resume training at Pachesham. Sipzie is now moved up to a more advanced puppy class. We do more skillful sequences and longer sequences.

To my surprised, I forgot to teach her the basic stuff such as snake (serpentine), left and right turn dog nearer the side ... Sizzle was only a baby last year and I cannot believe I forgot how to train another puppy already!

After the training, I have to come back and sit down and make notes! Poor Sipzie, she will be so tired tomorrow!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

There is so much to train with dogs that it seems impossible to me to remember to do everything!!

Vonnie said...

That's you hooked for the rest of the year now!