Friday, January 07, 2011

what a depressing weather!!!

 see-saw with style and confident :)

This weather really makes me moody, it has been raining (heavily) since Wednesday; I have to try to find the gap where the rain stops and quickly walk the dogs. All the dogs came back muddy, so more washing and brushing ...

Our agility training resume this week so I am in the mood of training my dogs. I have mentioned in my earlier post that I've enjoyed Lee Windeatt's training day, it was very good and it boost back my confidence I have a lot of things to practice and polish my handling skill but the weather is not co-operating :((((
Tuesday's training with Sipzie didn't go too well, she has moved to a more advanced puppy class. I haven't been able to train her in the garden due to snow and wet weather. She is only a puppy (still), the longer I leave it means I have to teach her all over again, especially on the weave poles.  Last year at her 10 weeks puppy foundation class, we only did short sequences like jump-tunnel-jump and practice contacts individually and the jumps were at very low height.

She will be measured medium no doubt but I have not try to jump her at medium height yet. At home, she is jumping the UKA toy height, which is about 12". She is jumping comfortably. I wanted to do more training with her in the garden, especially with the weave poles but the weather has been so miserably wet. I am worried that she might slip on the contacts or even slip on the muddy ground. I did try today when the rain stops and I wasn't happy about it. She try to weave through the poles quickly on the muddy ground and she slipped a few times, so she pops out of the weave pole or missed the entry ... etc. I am not happy with it. I think I will have to leave it AGAIN! It is no point teaching her the wrong idea, I've gotta be patient!

Yesterday's training with the boys were great. We've got to do some pull through and push through; some front crosses and rear crosses ...
we've got this sequence built up to practice, first loop, we have to recall the dog from #2, handler nearer the tunnel side; then when we do the second loop, we have to front cross between #9 and #10, so the handler is on the right side of the map, the idea is then rear across at #12. It runs really well. I very much like this sequence.

this is a little trickier, I did the pull through in the first loop with not much trouble but from #11 to #12, I ran outside of the wing to do a pull through. Both Saturn and Sizzle turn very tight on that corner but I didn't do too well with Sizzle on the pull through. He looked at me confused. Saturn is a much more experienced dog, eventhough I have a hiccup on my handling, he is still be able to do the right thing. This is not the point at training. We want to be able to improve handling. I have also tried the push through on the #12 to #13, that works very well with Sizzle but not Saturn. He works better on the pull through.

Now, we need some dry weather!!!

took these photos on Tuesday:

 and my baby is having a bad hair day :D


Sara said...

I hope your weather improves...we're getting more snow right now.

Love all your photos.

Vonnie said...

Sizzle is still handsome! Crazy Sipzie LOL! Good to hear the agility bug has biten again LOL! Hope the rain stops :)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I hate winter - it's so hard to get any training done! Hope your rain ends so you can get out there more often!

Sizzle's bad hair day is so cute!

Priscilla said...

Great action shots as usual. Sipzie is beautiful when she is doing the agility. She looks great!
Hope your weather is getting better, we have got too much rain here lately and there isn't any sun since Thursday.

verobirdie said...

I hope you'll have soon dry weather. Even here (South of France) it has been raining all the week, which is not usual.
I had not realized that obedience or agility require a training of the human too :-) (my excuse, I'm a cat lady). I'm eager to learn more about that (to become a dog lady in a very far future).