Saturday, January 08, 2011

I am so happy ... I love you Saturn!

I've forgot I have entered a show today. I've received the running order on Wednesday in a shock as I have made an "appointment" today! Of course, Agility wins over the "appointment"! I woke up at 6am with howling wind and heavy rain. I peered through the window and I told Colin: I am going back to bed! He was shocked in disbelief, he cannot understand why? Everybody thinks I am an agility addict! Well, I am not going to drive through the howling wind and heavy rain; after all, it is just a Limited show.

The dogs woke me up at 9am, they want their breakfast! I woke up and looked outside, it was sunny and dry! WEIRD weather!! I fed them, have my breakfast in my own relaxing way ... then Colin appeared at 10am. I thought he told me he was so happy to have a lie-in and I don't expect him to be up before noon. He looked outside and saw the beautiful sunny morning and said: Let's GO!

Hehehe ... my crazy husband understands me too well. I knew I am going to miss the Gamblers class, so I didn't rush. I just took my own time to get the dogs in the car, bring some drinks and treats for the dogs. What I forgot is my rain coat/glove/hat!

It took us an hour to get there. It is a lovely indoor venue. We got there at 11:30, it turned out that I've just missed the Gamblers. They have just closed the class as we arrived! What a shamed! Then, I have to wait for FIVE long hours before my first run! The weather changed again, it started to pour, cold, dark ... dogs got so bored stuck in the car; I was so fed up watching other people running their dogs for 5 hours! I want to run too! By the time the judge set the small Combined 5-7 Agility course, it was 4:30pm! It was dark outside! I was so fugitive. I can't wait to run, so I ran first eventhough my running order was late. Sizzle was so happy to be out of the car and do something. Our starting was ok, I wish he was a bit more powerful but I was also try to play safe on the see-saw (our see-saw training is still in progress), he suddenly power up after the see-saw, I think he probably read my mind. I was very happy with his running DW, well spot on, you cannot fault for that. Unfortunately, I didn't turn my shoulder hard enough to turn him in to the weave, so he took the tunnel to get eliminated! I have saw other people do the other way (recall from the jump after the DW and then flick the dog to weave), I don't think I can possibly handle that way, I just needed to turn harder. More practice!

Sizzle's agility and jumping run:

After Sizzle's 5-7 Agility, I ran Saturn in the Combined 5-7 Jumping. Again, I was the first one to run. You can see how impatient I am. I thought Saturn was not so fast today but I can feel he is more focus and he listen to me. The grid jumping training from November/December paid off, I thought he started off really well with the four jumps in a row. Although he didn't look fast but he bounced nicely. Saturn won the class :) Guess what? They have run out of our Small/Medium rosettes! Saturn did get a glass trophy though.

Saturn's agility and jumping run:
I have entered Sing in the Agility. The ESSC Medium Team has qualified for Crufts and Sing is one of the Team dog. I haven't done many competition with him last year, so he is rusty. I now remember why I have entered this show. The reason is I wanted to do a show in January and a show in February to practice before Crufts and this show is only an hour away from home.

Sing was keen to go, his contacts were good, I needed have to worry too much but he pop out of 2nd weave pole. I wonder is it because of my body language? I forgot he is not so much of a reliable weaver and I guess I was rushing off too quick. Then, he missed the tunnel entrance. I thought the lighting was too strong and he didn't quite see the tunnel but when I watch the video, I pulled away too quickly again, so he was following my movement! I have to be very careful with him. I have not train him for more than 18 months, so our connection is a bit loose there!

Sing's agility run:

Then, I ran Saturn in the Agility. I am always worried to run him in agility, I am worried that I am going to confused him on the contacts again; then he missed them; then I came back kicking myself. I have been working on his contacts (away from the contacts) very hard over the last couple of months. I did a lot of foundation to make him understand the "target". At many occasions, he offered me this very cute behaviour:
Saturn said: I can do "target" anytime, anywhere, mummy!

Apart from his see-saw which needs a lot more training, I am over the moon with his DW and A Frame. Before I went into the ring with him, I kept reminding myself NOT TO do anything different from training, DO NOT get over excited on the contacts, just be the normal training self. One good thing, he has not hesitate on the DW or A Frame, he maybe a little slower on the DW but I have not say a word or do any action to make him to perform his "target" but he went into position straightaway! First WooHoo! I was so happy, I want to shout! I want to sing! I know we went off course after the DW, like Sizzle, he took the tunnel instead of the weave. I tried the "flicky" way, it didn't work for me! Then, onto the A Frame. No more hesitation on the peak, normal speed up the ramp and normal speed down the ramp! I released him quick. This is what I have been doing at training to get him to come down quicker. I think we figure it out that he does not like to stay at the bottom of the A Frame so I have make sure I released him when I see his four paws on the contact area. 2nd WooHoo! I want to hug and kiss him! I am so happy! Again, we went off course, who cares! I hope this is not just a one-off.

To finish off a long day, Sizzle ran clear in Combined 5-7 Jumping. Luckily the traffic home wasn't bad. We managed to get home before 7pm and I am all tired out! A good lie-in tomorrow!


Dawn said...

Sounds like a wonderful, fun, and full day! Great job to all! Enjoy the sleeping late tomorrow..if the dogs allow!

Vonnie said...

I think Colin is a bit addicted too LOL! Clever Saturn :)

Diana said...

WhooHoo what a wonderful day!! Congrats!! Diana

Rosie said...

They all did so well!!

Super Saturn! I seldom see him run but he's amazing!! So fast :) Clever boy making mummy proud!!!