Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Holiday countdown!

I am so excited and cannot wait ... we are off to Scotland on holiday! WooHoo! The long journey will begin on Thursday evening. We are towing our little caravan with all the dogs, we are hoping to do half way, if possible, then stop for the night and continue again on Friday morning.

Our first stop is Kingdom of Fife Agility Show; then on Sunday afternoon, we will move on to a campsite in Nairn. We will spend a week at the beautiful beach, Colin wanted to swim everyday and hopefully we will get Sonic to follow his daddy's step. I am sure water baby Scara will enjoy the beach. Then, after that, we will move on to Ben Nevis for a week. Hmmm ... Colin wanted to climb Ben Nevis, I think I better off stay at the bottom and wait for him. I don't fancy climbing mountain! I promised to take some good photos. On the way back, we will stop by at Dundee Agility Show. I guess with a walking holiday planned, I will be shattered before Dundee.

We always wanted to go holiday in Scotland but there is always something stopping us. The agility gets in the way; my brother was ill, so I had to travel a few times between China and Malaysia in 6 months; then we had puppies ... BUT we determined to put everything aside this year and WE WANT TO GO TO SCOTLAND.

We have been planning this holiday since January, we looked up for cottages but none of them will take ALL our dogs. Most places only accept two dogs and maximum three dogs. We found a place that will take all the dogs but they have to sleep in the cellar. WHAT? Excuse me? NO WAY I will leave my dogs in the cellar. You must be kidding! After so many unsuccessful attempts in finding cottages, we thought of hiring a motorhome to tour around. Goodness me, how much is to hire a motorhome for 2 weeks? £2000-£3000! That is an expensive holiday! That's not including the petrol yet! At one point, we thought we will give up.

Colin did suggested we take our caravan but I was too nervous to tow the long way! Anyway, I knew if we want our Scottish holiday, the only way is to take our caravan and GO. Luckily we found two lovely campsites that takes all our dogs, hopefully we will have a lovely holiday.

 This picture was taken at St Andrews last year when we went to KOF
 This picture was taken last year when we stop at Castle Douglas for a long walk
It's always good to see the dogs enjoyed their walk

Sonic is a good traveller, he will be 20 weeks old when we go to Scotland. Oh, how time flies! Scara is turning into 26 weeks and still a bad traveller, hopefully this long journey will break her car sickness. Titan was like her before and our Snowdonia holiday broke his car sick! I haven't done much with the puppies recently. The weather is too hot to go outside. I managed to teach the pups "ladder work" on Sunday. Sonic took it in straightaway but Scara took longer. She is not happy with it! This video was taken this morning, this is the second time the pups on the ladder work:


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sounds like your trip to Scotland will be wonderful!! Have a great time and a safe drive and I will look forward to seeing the pictures when you get home!

Diana said...

Sounds like a wonderful holiday!! Have a great time!

Vonnie said...

I'm sooooo excited toooo! Looking forward to seeing you all again :) Have a safe and pleasant journey :)

Nat said...

Wow that sounds like fun! I'm sure you'll have a really good time, take lots of pictures! :)

Jolanda said...

Have a great holiday!