Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Interactive toys

I thought I will make a post on our Interactive toys. Mack & Murphy asked which is the pups' favourite.

Well, I don't think there should be a "favourite". My personal opinion on the interactive toy is to get the dog's mind busy. The dog has to work out how to get the treats out, this is why I ended up with so many different type of interactive toys (... and more coming). There are different levels of difficulty, so I always give the dog a different one so they have to "work" everytime. Sometimes, the easy level is not necessary the easiest one for the dog; each dog has their own way to work the toy. In my pack, Saturn is the most intelligent one to work out all the toys. Personally, I think these three toys (picture below) are the hardest, as NOT ALL treats will come out if the dog used the nose to poke it or roll it, especially the little blue one. Saturn and Sonic are the only two that work out they have to pick it up and toss it to get the treats out. I called that CLEVER :) As for the purple one (as well as the bamboo one), the dog has to shake it! Oh, I love watching them working these out. So, not all puppies are time waster but older dogs too! And YES, you can teach an old dog new trick!

I found in my pack, the boys work it out very quickly each one of them, they will not take longer than 5 minutes to work all the treats out from each one of them. The girls took longer and they get frustrated too. I even found Scara sitting there staring at the toy and refused to work.


Mack and Murph said...

Thanks for your post. Our collection of interactive toys is still growing. I love watching the pups have to shake to get the treats out too. Murph rolls on his back and shakes into his mouth- he is quite clever.

Vonnie said...

Clever handsome Saturn :) My two girls get stuck right in!

Sara said...

I have several of those, and some other ones too! Fun stuff!