Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bonnie Scotland - first stop ... KOF

I think I better start catching up with all our news ...

We left for Scotland on Thursday, 4th of August, evening. We stopped at Preston to sleep over before continue the long journey. As we were towing the caravan this time, so the rest was good enough for me. I slept in the caravan with my four boys whilst Colin slept in the car with his three. We both have each duty to guard the caravan and the car. Hehehe ...

We got to Kingdom Of Fife around mid-day. Nikki was very kind to save me a space so I don't have to rush and still have a good spot near the rings. That's the best thing camping at an Agility show. Since Colin's toe was very bad, asking him to walk the dogs and take the dogs to the rings for me was a difficult task, I have to do all that myself, so having a spot near the rings is like heaven.

BTW, Colin got bitten by an insect before we set off to Scotland and his toe was very sore and painful. He can't even wear shoe/trainer, so for the entire Scotland trip, he was wearing my croc (which he always against it!!!) and hobble around. He even had to go to the A&E in St Andrews on Sunday. That was how bad he was.

The weather was OK on Saturday but rain all day on Sunday. I have entered Sizzle, Sipzie and Saturn at KOF. Each dog has three classes a day. Saturn was a little naughty on Saturday, didn't get any clear rounds but e'd in all classes. He won his G6 Jumping on Sunday and had a couple of placings in other classes. The two black ones did very well.

Sipzie got 4 x 1st at KOF. Two on Saturday and two on Sunday. I missed walking her first class, which is the Combined 1-4 Agility. I nearly miss her run too. I wasn't aware that the class was on and until I heard from the tannoy that they are closing the class, so I had to rush over and tell them not to close the class. I got to watch two dogs to run the class (luckily they are clear) before Sipzie and me are in.

I wasn't expecting to run clear with Sipzie as we still have issue on the weave and Dog Walk contact and training is in progress. It could be the Scottish air, she ran her heart out, eventhough it wasn't the smoothest, but she did her weave and just got her DW contact, WooHoo! A CLEAR round and she had the fastest time too. She won the class by over 9 seconds! I was very happy. Then, she went on to win the Combined 1-4 Jumping by another great margin. She must be on fire at the show, she went on to win two more classes on Sunday in the rain, also by a very good margin! The two that she didn't win were the one that she got eliminated.

 Sipzie @ KOF, Saturday - Combined 1-4 Agility:

Sipzie @ KOF, Saturday - Combined 1-4 Jumping:
Sipzie @ KOF, Saturday - Graded 1-4 Agility (eliminated): 
 There are no videos on Sunday due to heavy rain.

Sizzle was a little star at KOF. Normally, if I've entered him in the Champ, I will not enter any other normal classes. Many times, we got eliminated in the first round and we didn't get to do many runs. This time, I decided I will enter him in the Champ as well as the normal classes. Poor Sizzle has to work extra hard. Our first class on Saturday was the Graded 5-7 Agility. I was hoping to take the opportunity to practice his contacts, especially on the See-Saw. Guess what? He missed the DW and SS and we went horribly wrong in the entire course! I got nervous about our Champ Agility already but he ran so well in the Champ Agility and won it by 2 seconds. Now, I need to do is to run clear in the Champ Jumping to get into the Final. I forgot how to stop to give him a rest so I ran him in another normal class, Combined 5-7 Agility, again, he missed his DW and SS! Soon after that, we ran the Champ Jumping. We were ok but so close to get eliminated but I managed to save it and that cost us a big time lost! We were 2nd from last to run in the Final. Sizzle was very tired after 4 runs. The Final wasn't that far away and he was dead tired when the Final was on. I had to drag him out and he wasn't looking very happy, not when it rain as well. Unfortunately, when he was on the startline, the rain was getting persistent too. I knew I wanted to win it but I am also worried about the slippery contacts, so I play safe. We ran clear and I was too nervous to watch the last dog run. We were beaten by the little schnauzer and Sizzle got his Reserve CC. I am so proud of my little man!

Sizzle @ KOF, Saturday - Champ Agility:
Sizzle @ KOF, Saturday - Champ Jumping:
Sizzle @ KOF, Saturday - Champ Final: 

After what we had achieved, I didn't run him on Sunday, he well deserve a rest!

this is my proud little man showing off his RCC certificate, rosette and trophy

to be continued ...


Diana said...

Wow. Sipzie has found her groove!! Congrats. And way to go with Sizzle!!!

Vonnie said...

You had a fabbie weekend! We are so proud of you all :)See what happens when a Sheltie comes back to its roots :)

Christine said...

Congratulations to you and the Sizzle on your RCC and the others. Scotland must suit ;-) Hope Colin's foot is better now

Rhoda said...

Massive Well Done to Sizzle for his RCC, Brodie is very proud of his wee brother!! xx