Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sonic - 6 months already!

This blog has been neglected .. it has been very stressful and sad for the last couple of weeks, this is one of the reason that I haven't finish posting our Scottish holiday and the Agility news.

Sonic turned 6 months on Monday, he is not an easy puppy but we all love him to bits. He loves to play and work, he does not do cuddles. He always carry a toy around and demanding me to play. If I ignore him, he will come and tell me off; first, he will gently using his nose to poke me, if I still ignore him, he will pull my trouser, if I still ignore him, hmmm ... he will "bite" me! He did get his way though!

I am very happy with how he progresses, we do a little bit here and there, mainly some foundation work towards agility. He is a fast learner just like his daddy. I started to put some jumps in the garden with poles on the ground this week. I think its a bout time I strengthen his "working ahead/work away" from me. It didn't take me any effort to get him to work away from me. I set up four jumps in a straightline and he is happily chase after his tennis ball, he even do the run back (just like the Flyball). After two days of running up and down the 4 jumps, he tried very hard to take every jumps. If Agility didn't work out for us, I guess we can do Flyball. We are beginning to introduce "dead" toy at the end of the 4th jump and he is doing well so far.

I also set up a jump-tunnel-jump sequence with him and he absolutely love it. Our major problem now is the WAIT! He has no patient, just like me. He is so excited all the time when he knew something is going to happen. He just can't content himself, he just wanted to go go go all the time. We are working hard on that!

Such a happy boy!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sonic looks like pure joy! Hard to believe he is 6 months already.

Sorry to hear it has been so stressful and sad for you - I hope that changes soon. Hang in there!

Vonnie said...

6 months already! Where does the time go! He looks such a happy wee dog :)