Monday, September 05, 2011

Bonnie Scotland - hobble holiday ... Burghead

I desperately need another holiday! We've only been back from Scotland three weeks ago and I am stressed already! Not just that, I am agility-out! But I am an agility addict. What can I do?

I am missing my relaxing time in Scotland. That was one very peaceful and relaxing holiday. We were supposed to stay at Burghead for a week then move on to Ben Nevis but we were too lazy and fell in love with the tranquillity in Burghead and didn't want to move on. At the end, we spend two weeks at Burghead Beach Holiday Park.

We were so lucky to have a pitch so close to the forest. We were about 50 yards into the forest and down to the beach. We were like living in the heaven. The shelties love it and we love it. To be honest, I wish we could stay there forever. We even looked into a few static caravans but they are just too expensive that we cannot afford.

We spent most of our time walking in the forest (try not to get lost) and running on the beach. The shelties were absolutely mad. They love the sea a bit too much. Sonic and Sing always lead us to the beach the minute we let them go off the lead. For those who knows Sonic that does not like puddles, let alone sea; he now is another great swimmer just like his daddy Sing. He loved the chase the seagulls and oyster catchers ...

We had so much fun playing frisbee on the beach every evening ... when the tie is high in the afternoon, all of them apart from Seagull when swimming in the sea.

Why hobble holiday? Well, Colin's sore toe didn't get better (his toe is still very sore at the time of posting this), he can't walk so he has to hobble along. For a change, I am leading the pack at this holiday and have him tag along slowly with Seagull ... he enjoyed his book, sunbathing on the beach and he caught a sea urchin!

to be continued ...

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Vonnie said...

Great pics! The dogs are having a blast! Poor Colin :(