Tuesday, November 08, 2011

OLD puppies and YOUNG puppies :D

Matt & Rhoda with their Burdett Shelties came to play puppies on Saturday. It was good to have Brooke coming back to the "home" again, she definitely recognise the place, especially where the puppy pen is now. I am glad she is not confused like Sonic did. He sometimes think he is a puppy puppy again and went on the paper and do his toilet :( Thank God everytime, the baby puppies weren't in there.

We took the opportunity to practice their wait for the photo session. Knowing these two brother and sister are crazy to see each other but honestly, I was impressed! They are so good and I am extremely proud! Here is the proud daddy with his proud proud children. Excuse Sing for his poorly paw. He got a "no chew" bandage on but that doesn't mean he actually no chew! He did chew it! I was told the "no chew" bandage got a special scent that all dogs dislike but not my Sing :)

what a happy family, prick ears daddy and good ears children LOL

 beautiful brother and sister, 7.5 months old. I know I am biased!

after the photos session, they are allow to play ... (daddy Sing in the background watching)

I am so glad to know that Brooke is just like her brother Sonic with their baby sisters and brother. They are both so tolerant with the bouncy puppies running over them and jump right in front of their face. Sonic is like their mama. Sunny couldn't care less, she had enough of the puppies! On the other hand, Sonic is nursing and teaching the puppies. I've watched them with a close eye and I have noticed that if one of the pups get too rough or too much, Sonic will interfere by gently lie on top of the pup and lick the pup, many times, it is Scampi the mischievous one! In the previous weeks, it was Fly or Sweep but this week, Scampi is the trouble maker, he is so active that he drain my energy off.

 don't be fool by this cute picture of him snuggle up to his mama ...

 this is the real Scampi, trying to boss around his sister Sweep

 this is how Sonic get involved ... you can just about see Scampi's face in his mouth. He is every so gentle with them, he didn't bite the puppy or harm them.
sisters tug of war ...

 I don't mean to teach Fly to "jump" her A Frame contact LOL
 never too young to learn
 the only think that keep him quiet for a little while
 he is determined to work the treat out while the sisters gone off it. Result: HE WINS!
 he also work out on this one :) clever little boy!
 I am very cute! Give me high-five!
 Miss Sweet-pea Sweep!
 Fly meeting Vindi
 I am very proud!
 I am very sweet
 I full of mischief!


Diana said...

Aww, they look so cute.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Those puppies are the cutest yet! It is great that Brooke and Sonic got to be together again with their Dad. And how cool that Sonic is such a good puppy caretaker!

Priscilla said...

So sweet!!!

I'm so glad Rosie will be there soon to get some puppy kisses for me!

Vonnie said...

They all look like their having a blast! great pics :)

Rhoda said...

What fabulous action shots of Sonic and Brooke!! Thanks for a fun day, we had a great time and we are available for puppy socialising any time!! xx