Friday, November 18, 2011

Sooty, Sweep & Scampi 7 weeks

I can't keep up with the puppies anymore! Either this litter is very active or I am getting old! I am exhausted just looking after them. They are very fast and one always go different direction to the other two! They get to go out in the garden a lot more, thanks to the mild weather in November. We are very lucky. All pups enjoy the garden so much that I struggled to "catch" them and put them back in the pen. And they don't sleep anymore!!! They can go on and on and on ... for hours!

Licosateria Mai Sunflyer will be called FLY

 Licosateria Mai Sunseeker, will be called SWEEP for now.

Licosateria Mai Sunbeam, will be called SCAMPI for now.

All three of them have great characters, obviously the girls are the boss but Scampi stands up for himself, which is really good. He won't let the girls bully him. He is really cheeky and fun. He responsed to his name the best. His recall is the best, of course :) He is the most inquisitive one, carry him around the High Street or anywhere we go no longer satisfy him, he wants to get down on the floor! He loves the cat just like Sonic. What's wrong with all the boys bred here? I need to try to get a video, it is hard as each time I took the camera out, the cat runs away! She is camera shy!

Fly is crazy ... she probably is the bravest of all of them. She loves any noisy thing. I gave them a "babble ball" to play, Scampi and Sweep weren't too sure about it but she loves it. She used her paw to hit it and chase/roll it and she even pick it up with her mouth and run away with it!

Other than this "babble ball", her other favourite is the empty milk bottle filled with coins. She loves the rattlling noise, that makes her go crazy. She such a funny girl and her tuggy skill is getting stronger each day. OMG! Can she tugs?

Sweep is a sweetheart. She is the cleverest of all of them. She will watch before she approach anything, she is not scared of them but she takes her time to something new. Having say that, she didn't take long, just a quick pause. She is a poser, everytime I take my camera out, she will sit and look pretty.

As they approach 7 week, I can see that Scampi and Fly are Sing juniors and Sweep is Sunny junior.

The pups also get to go out quite a bit this week, they travel well in the car together but not individually. Separation anxiety. They came with me to training, watching the horses in the stable yards and watch some agility as well. They were so excited each time a dog goes. All three are! They want to do agility as well. They've also been to supermarket carpark watching the noisy trolley; also the noisy children at the school gates ... we have visitors most of the times to help taking puppies out which is great too!

 pups travelling in the car with uncle Saturn and big brother Sonic

 Oh Blimey! Not easy to have the Family photo taken with some naughty puppies! There is always one that look away or do something naughty! As you can see, Sing is run out of his patient with his very naughty offsprings who thinking biting his fur is fun!!!

 They are watching their daddy swimming in the pond, hopefully this lots will be another swimmer!
showing his children how to swim :)))
are you learning, kids?

  not that I encourage them but these puppies are pretty agile and they seems to take on their daddy's diving skill :))))

 mama Sunny has gone home and they are doing very well on solid food now. Daddy Sing and big brother Sonic has the responsibility to teach them good manners :D


Diana said...

Aww, they are so cute! I love them all eating out of the red feeder. Very cute.

Vonnie said...

Awwwww :)

corbinwooten said...

They are too sweet! I really love Sweep--such a cutie!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

They are all so adorable! Look at how they fly off agility equipment! Even though it is tiring, it must be so fun to have puppies around!