Friday, November 04, 2011

Team Day

We managed to get back to Leuven around 9pm, had a quick walk around the square with the dogs. It was very crowded and none of them wanted to do toilet. We even witnessed fight in the street. OMG! I quickly picked up Sizzle and run the different direction. Well, Colin and Sipzie just slowly stroll along :D This is the reaction between a man and woman!

One funny thing I have to mention here is ... I think Sipzie is reacting to Flemmish. I was checking with the hotel counter to see if we can get refund from the car park as we were unable to park the car in their carpark on Friday night and Saturday night. On Saturday night, we have to park the car even further! BUT, we insist to bring Sipzie's crate into the hotel room. Well, back to Sipzie. While I was talking to the hotel stuff about the carpark, then the two stuff were discussed in Flemmish (I guess). Sipzie over heard and she got so wound up and jump up and down to get to the counter. I really don't know if she thinks that is Miguel or is the Flemmish that reminds her of her home land? I tried to distract her but she just wouldn't take notice of me!

Thank God we have a good night sleep. Sipzie immediately settled into her crate that night. I didn't even bother to zip it up but she just went in there and lie down for the entire night! Not a twitch! The clock goes back on Saturday too. I wasn't sure my iPhone will automatically change, so I have to set the alarm at 2 different times, just in case! Of course, I was up an hour early! I couldn't go back to sleep because Sizzle asking to go toilet. Oh dear! I am not sure where to find a piece of green so I hope he will do it on the pavement. After 10 minutes walking up and down the square, finally he realised he has to do it there. He is such an easy boy. I can't get Sipzie to do her toilet! Look like I won't be going back to bed after all, so I went to pick up the car and bring to the front of the hotel so we can load our stuff in the car easily. Phew! What a nightmare!

Sunday is a Team day. Sipzie is running for her "Of The Five Colors I-Team" with her brother Ronin, sister Chiqi and mama Ypra; and Sizzle is running in the "International Sheltie Team" with Skye, Digger (Chiqi's big sister) and another sheltie from Czech that has not turn up. There is 4 shelties in a Team and the best 3 runs count. 

Sipzie was working much better on Sunday, although she can't weave the first time but she managed the whole weave in the 2nd attempt and I am really happy with her. Sizzle ran clear in both the Team Jumping and Team Agility. 

Sorry the video camera is playing up early in the morning :(. This is Sipzie's Team Jumping and in fact, this is her best run ever this weekend:

and this is Sizzle in the Team run:
They started with Team Jumping first (Large/Medium/Small) then work out the reverse order of the Team placings for the Agility. Sizzle's Team wasn't doing well, so we were quite early to run and follow by Sipzie's Team. In the Team Agility, as the Team can consist of Small/Medium/Large, so they want to run as a whole Team, so they took very long to run the course as they have to keep moving the jumps up and down! As you can see in Sipzie's Team Agility. While I set her up, the people are putting the jump for her height. I think this is ridiculous idea, so much hassle and trouble, oh and tiring too!!
 Sizzle in the Team Agility:

Sipzie in the Team Agility:

Of all three days competition, I enjoyed Sunday the most. It is quite relaxing, during the break or course change. A group of Agility enthusiastic starts dancing like they did at the World Champ. Oh, I forgot to mention, they played music all day long, even when you are running. I don't think I do hear the music when I run but when you came out and calm down and you know there is music at the background! One thing I like about Belgian Dog Training is all training club has a club house that sells beer/drinks/food and they are dog friendly! I so wish we can have the same facility in the UK. 

Knowing me, I did a lot of shopping at the show, including this, the tyre I mean, not that sheltie :D

and I enjoyed a bit of photography ...
Jolanda and Skye, first competition. I posted this photo on facebook and I like someone's comment: 
Small dog handler go to the edge! LOL
Skye is very tiny, I think she is about the same size as my little Sizzle.
Skye on the A Frame. I am so proud of her. I am so happy to see her again and she hasn't forget me at all. It's very good to see your puppy being so well look after and trained and most of all a beloved family member!

 oh ... and the family photo, almost ...
above: Sipzie, brother Ike, mama Ypra and brother Ronin
below: brother Ronin, Sipzie, mama Ypra and sister Chiqi
sister Chiqi is doing very well at the show. She won everything in the Small Grade 1 category. Watch Out Small dogs handler!

Oh, people who knows me knew how crazy I am over a bi-black sheltie. This is a very young sheltie from Italy, she is a little cracker. One day ... maybe one day I can own a bi-black!

Sadly, we couldn't stay for the closing ceremony as we have to catch the last train back to UK. There were engineering work, so they won't have frequent train on Sunday night. We have to rush off at 6pm the latest. Such a shamed but I've learned my lesson. I will not rush in the future. Next year is in Italy, its a long way to go but hopefully in 2013, if the competition is in Netherlands, we will go! I really enjoyed my experienced, although there were good and bad but seeing all the shelties always made me happy. They are some fantastic shelties and the standard over there is high!I am glad I am up for the challenge :D

Oh, I forgot to mention about their contacts. The surface is made by plastic/pvc with a strong grip. I was expecting to see "carpet" type of contact. The equipment was supplied by "favoriet" from The Netherlands.


Vonnie said...

Phew I'm exhausted reading that :) Great how Sipzie is bi-linguel :) Sizzle still zooming :)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I'm exhausted too ! LOL! I don't know how you do everything and then run so well too. Congrats on a good trip!

Jolanda said...

It was a great weekend. So wonderful to see you all again. I loved the competition. I'm definitely infected with the agility virus. And Skye too!! ;o))) And thanks for all your advice!