Saturday, December 31, 2011

Leaving 2011 and Roll On 2012

2011 has been a tough year for me, there were so many sad memories and bad lucks all around, the worst of all is I lost two lovely person that was very close to me, my mum and a good friend Jim. Mum wasn't coping since we lost my brother Patrick in 2008, she had so many strokes in three years but towards the beginning of 2011, she was bed bound. She lost her will to live. She was extremely frail and stop talking altogether when I visited her in March. She chose to leave us on September 10th, 30 years after my father passed away. It was a relief for us as we can't see her suffering all these years and we knew my dad and Patrick will look after her and she will be so happy to be reunited with her beloved husband and son. I miss you all terribly!

Jim, a very good friend of our was diagnosed brain cancer last Christmas and he was gone in June. It was very quick and sudden. Life is too short!

Dog wise, Sing's paw is not getting any better but I was glad to find a new vet that I can trust, Ann, a very good friend highly recommended her vet, New Malden Vets, they have done a good job in securing Sing's paw from going bad to worst. I can't thanks Ann and all the New Malden Vets enough to save my special boy. He's now enjoying his long walks without limping and he is still very active in jumping in the air to catch his tennis ball and diving in the pond!

Poor Saturn has to semi-retire from Agility due to his back injury. Mad Sipzie ran and jump onto his back the week after Crufts when we went for a walk. He never really come back good. Sometimes he is ok and most of the times I saw him suffering from lifting his back legs. He has been to doggy massage to make him better and took time off from Agility. The last time I ran him was at the Club training when Sipzie was in season. He was rather clumsy that he ran into the jump wing and then 2 weeks later, I noticed his back end was very stiff. I am considering a retirement for him but he is only young, so I would like to give him a chance to see if the lower jump heights at UKA is any good for him.

Sizzle had a good and bad year, his upset tummy been a real nuisance from time to time. We have done so many blood test and other test to try to find out what exactly wrong with him, all the results came back normal. Unfortunately, all his tummy upset happened on the weekend, so we missed out a lot of runs with him, especially those qualifiers. I couldn't care less, his welfare is more important than anything to me. The GOOD news and the BEST news of 2011 is that we made it to Team England for WAO 2012 in Belgium. My dream finally comes true. You can imagine how proud and happy I am for my little boy. This is our first International performance, I am really excited about it.

We had the tryout in October but they only announced the Team just before Christmas. To be honest, I nearly forgot all about it. I was impatient waiting for the news until December where Christmas was approaching, I was busy doing this and that and suddenly, I received the email. OMG! That was an extremely good surprised! And from the day I received the email, my diet and fitness starts. I thought I am doing well, I cut down the portion I was eating and also try to eat healthier food and sign up for gym. I go to gym at least 4/5 days a week. I didn't over eat at Christmas either! Mmm ... I don't seems to lose any weight :(((((

Apart from all that, we had two very successful litters bred here. Samber gave us my Super Sonic and his sister Brooke. I am still crying for the two we lost in this litter. Charlie and Angel, we never forget you!

Sunny gave us a super lively litter, all the pups gone to live with their lovely families, hopefully we will see them in the Agility circuit when they are ready. 

Roll On 2012!
Happy New Year everyone!!



Diana said...

That does sound like a tough year. Congrats on making the WAO Team that is sooooo exciting!!
I hope this year is better for you.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Lots of sad things happened for you in 2011. For sure 2012 will be a better year! Happy New Year to you and Colin and all the Knight's Shelties!

Dawn said...

Oh that is a very sad thing, losing your Mom and the friend. I'm so sorry! I hope 2012 is better for you! The dogs are beautiful!

Vonnie said...

You had a tough sad year and some parts were happy too. May 2012 be a brighter and better one.